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Marriage: Children:
  1. Etienne Demers: Birth: 1626 in Rouen, Dieppe, Normandie, France. Death: 5 Jan 1697 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec, City, Quebec

Marriage: Children:
  1. Andre Dumets: Birth: 3 Feb 1628 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie, France. Death: 23 Nov 1710 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  2. Catherine Demers: Birth: 5 Aug 1629 in St Jacques de Dieppe, Normandie, France. Death: in St Jacques de Dieppe, Normandie, France

  3. Francois Demers: Birth: 14 Sep 1631 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie, France.

  4. Jean Demers: Birth: 1632 in St Jacques de Dieppe, Normandie, France. Death: 3 Jul 1708 in Province of Quebec

  5. Laurent Demers: Birth: 1 Oct 1635 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie, France.

a. Note:   rt monosyllable farmhouse indicating a rural house, but which, in language d?oïl was més. It is resulted from it the patronyms Dumay, Dumet, Dumeiz, Dumez, Dumets, Dumais, Demers, Domme, and Dome. The ancestor Jehan Dumets or Dumays is originating in Dieppe, in Normandy. Jehan A crosses Atlantic in 1644, because on April 10, 1645, he buys a ground with Sillery, having belonged to Claude Étienne. He probably arrived with his son Étienne, born between 1617 and 1626, child of his first wife, Miotte Lecombe. They perhaps also arrived with his two sons born of his second wife, Barbe Mauger. Andre, baptized on February 3, 1628 and Jean, my ancestor, born between 1622 and 1631, originating in the parish of Saint-Jacob de Dieppe, in Normandy, in the current department of Seine-Maritime. C?est on November 9, 1654, in the presence of the sior of Maisonneuve and Lambert Closse, qu?il wife with Our-Lady of Montreal, Jeanne Voidy, 16 years, born about 1637, girl of Michel Voidy and Catherine Dorbelle, originating in St-Germain-of-Valley, the department of the Arrow, in l?évêché d?Angers, in Anjou. Jeanne arrived in company of Marguerite Bourgeois, October 16, 1653, in Montreal. The demersery is composed of twelve children whose, a girl and a son weave us bonds in Demers, in this genealogy. Their daughter, Marguerite Demers, born and baptized on October 21, 1659, with Our-Lady of Montreal, become l?ancêtre maternal of Bergeron, by marrying on July 9, 1673, in St-Nicolas, André Bergeron, originating in Saint-Saturnin of Wood, in Aunis. It was born in 1642, arrived with his father Pierre Bergeron, but, without his mother, Catherine Marchand, who n?est not come to News-France. Two girls of the couple continue the descent which connects to us with the aïeux one. Marie-Louise Bergeron marries in 1719, Jean-François Dupont, wire of ancêtre Guillaume Dupont and Suzanne Métayer. Then the second, Marguerite Bergeron, born in 1687, wife in 1707, François Fréchette, born in 1682, wire of l?ancêtre of the same first name and Anne Lereau. Jean Demers, his wife and his children will settle in the area of Quebec since 1662. Then, the other bond, it is the son Pierre Demers, born on October 8, 1663 in St-Romuald d'Etchemin, and baptized with the mission St-Joseph de Sillery. He marries on November 1, 1691, Jeanne Pouillot, born on October 26, 1672, with River-with-Rocks, St-Augustin, baptized on November 3, girl of l?ancêtre, Antoine Pouillot and of Marguerite Guillebourg. L?aînée of the four children of the couple, Marie-Francoise Demers, born in October and baptized on December 25, 1692, with St-François-of-Dirty in Sault of the boiler, marries in 1713, Jean-baptiste Houde, wire of Jacques Houde, said Desruisseaux and of Marie Beaudet. With the census of 1667, the family of Jean Demers has an animal with horns and 8 arpents of ground in culture. In 1681, Demers its owners of a rifle, 8 animals with horns and 30 arpents the ancestors, Jean Demers and Jeanne Voidy sell their ground of 4 arpents face close to the river Etchemin, November 19, 1693. Called living town of Quebec in 1695, they has a house at the low-city of Quebec. They died in Quebec, in 1708, him it 3 July, buried the 5, and it, December 1, buried the 3, in Quebec.
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