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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean Jacques Pelletier: Birth: 1633 in St Pierre, Gallardon, Beauce, France. Death: 2 Nov 1692 in Sorel, Quebec

  2. Francois Antaya Pelletier: Birth: 1635 in Gaillardon, Beauce, France. Death: 9 Jul 1697 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  3. Anne Marie Pelletier: Birth: 3 Apr 1638 in St Anne de la Pocatiere, Kamouraska, Quebec. Death: 9 Mar 1711 in Cote St Francois, Quebec

  4. Louise Pelletier: Birth: 10 May 1640 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Death: 9 Nov 1713 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  5. Francoise Pelletier: Birth: 13 Apr 1642 in Quebec City, Quebec. Death: 17 Jul 1707 in Ste Foye, Quebec

  6. Jeanne Pelletier: Birth: 19 Mar 1644 in Quebec City, Quebec. Death: 7 Jan 1715 in Quebec City, Quebec

  7. Genevieve Pelletier: Birth: 6 Apr 1646 in Sillery, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Death: 16 Dec 1717 in Sillery, Quebec

  8. Nicholas Jr Pelletier: Birth: 30 Apr 1649 in Sillery, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

a. Note:   Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes, L'Abbe Cyprien Tanguay; by Province of Quebec 1924; Vol 1 Page 391, Volume 5 Page 410.
 Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec; by Universite de Montreal & Rene Jette; Page 735.
  The Pelletier patronym comes from trade, that of lapprêt and the trade of the furs, a trade extremely respected if l?on dream that the draft of the fur skins was a long time the spearhead of economy of News-France. Most prolific of the Furrier is Nicolas, born in 1590, originating in Gallardon, St-Pierre de Chartes, Beauce (Eure-and-Dormouse) he marries about 1632, in this same borough, a fellow-countrywoman, Jeanne DeVouzy, born about 1614, in l?arrondissement of Chartres, of the canton of Maintenon. The couple Nicolas Furrier and Jeanne DeVouzy arrives early to Quebec. Nicolas is the Master-carpenter of l?habitation of 1637 to 1640. His ground is located in the concession of the savages on the Coast of St-François-Xavier, in the parish of Sillery. In the area of Quebec, the Pelletier/DeVouzy couple has at least eight children, including three boys and five girls d?affilée. Two of these girls of the couple have descent binding us to this ancestor. All d?abord, l?aînée of the girls, Marie, born in 1637, in Quebec, marries Nicolas Goupil, in 1650, in first wedding, then, in a second marriage, celebrated on August 30, 1655, with l?ancêtre Denis Jean, said Denis, born about 1646, originating in Taillebourg in Saintonge. The second girl, the junior by the girls of Nicolas Furrier, Genevieve Furrier, born in 1646, wife on November 5, 1663, l?ancêtre Vincent the Verdon, of St-Martin of l?Île of D, in Aunis. Their daughter, Genevieve the Verdon, born in 1666, become the wife of Jean Côté, February 25, 1686, wire of l?ancêtre Jean Côté and d?Anne Martin. After the death of Vincent the Verdon, Genevieve Furrier, wife in second weddings, Thomas Lefebvre, in 1669. L?ancêtre Nicolas Pelletier, which is said 67 years, with the census of 1667, living with the Cape-Red, is deceased before the census of 1681. Jeanne DeVouzy is 53 years old, with the census of 1667 and is widowed 70 years, in that of 1681, in Dautray. She is buried on December 12, 1689, in Sorel, in the cradle of the Pelletier family. Sorel, located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and the Richelieu river, is the fourth older city of Quebec. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.