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Mathias D: Birth: 25 Feb 1819 in St Luc, St Jean. Quebec. Death: 16 Dec 1820 in St Mathias, Rouville, Quebec
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La Caille D'Abancourt: Birth: 1618 in Picardie, France. Death: 1680 in Quebec City, Quebec
Adrien D'Abancourt-La Caille: Birth: ABT 1586 in Picardie, France. Death: 2 May 1640 in Quebec City, Canada
Anastasie D'Abbadie: Birth: 1685 in Pentagoet, Acadie.
Bernard Anselme D'Abbadie: Birth: 1689 in Pentagoet, Acadie. Death: 1720 in France
Jean Vincent D'Abbadie: Birth: 1652 in Escout, conton d'Oloron, Bearn, France. Death: Feb 1707 in Pau, Bearn, France
Ursule D'Abbadie: Birth: 1700 in Pentagoet, Acadie.
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Anne d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1724 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Antoine Louis d'Ailleboust: Birth: 19 Jul 1656.
Antoine d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1562.
Barbe d'Ailleboust: Birth: 12 Nov 1653 in Province de Quebec. Death: 3 Aug 1716 in Montreal, Quebec
Catherine d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1669 in Montreal, Quebec.
Catherine d'Ailleboust: Birth: Sep 1691.
Charles Joseph d'Ailleboust: Birth: 5 Dec 1688 in Montreal, Quebec.
Charles Joseph d'Ailleboust: Birth: Jul 1621 in Champagne, France. Death: 19 Nov 1700 in Montreal, Quebec
Charlotte d'Ailleboust: Birth: 15 Oct 1706 in Montreal, Quebec.
Charlotte d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1731.
Claude Daniel d'Ailleboust: Birth: 18 Sep 1701 in Notre Dame de la Prairie de la Madeleine, Quebec.
Elizabeth Isabelle d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1670 in Montreal, Quebec.
Elizabeth Therese d'Ailleboust: Birth: 6 Dec 1700 in Montreal, Quebec.
Hector Pierre d'Ailleboust: Birth: 26 Sep 1691 in Montreal, Quebec.
Jean Baptiste d'Ailleboust: Birth: Mar 1666 in Montreal, Quebec.
Jean d'Ailleboust: Birth: 8 May 1694 in Montreal, Quebec.
Joseph Charles d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1677 in Montreal, Quebec.
Josephe d'Ailleboust: Birth: 13 Feb 1701 in Montreal, Quebec.
Louis Hector d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1693. Death: 1 Nov 1756
Louis d'Ailleboust: Birth: 23 Aug 1690 in Montreal, Quebec.
Louise Angelique d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1679 in Montreal, Quebec.
Louise Catherine d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1 Jul 1697 in Montreal, Quebec.
Louise Charlotte d'Ailleboust: Birth: 29 Dec 1704 in Montreal, Quebec.
Madeleine Francoise d'Ailleboust: Birth: 19 Apr 1703 in Montreal, Quebec.
Madeleine d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1673 in Montreal, Quebec.
Marguerite d'ailleboust: Birth: ABT 1714 in St Denis, Quebec, Canada.
Marguerite d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1675 in Montreal, Quebec.
Marie d'Ailleboust: Birth: 2 Jul 1698 in Montreal, Quebec.
Nicholas d'Ailleboust: Birth: 12 Apr 1663 in Montreal, Quebec.
Nicolas d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1594 in Champagne, France.
Paul Alexandre d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1696 in Montreal, Quebec.
Paul d'Ailleboust: Birth: 31 Mar 1661 in Montreal, Quebec.
Philippe Marie d'Ailleboust: Birth: Oct 1702 in Montreal, Quebec.
Pierre d'Ailleboust: Birth: 21 Jun 1659 in Province de Quebec. Death: 16 Mar 1711 in Montreal, Quebec
Suzanne d'Ailleboust: Birth: 1611 in France. Death: 1671 in France
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Louis d'Ailleboust-de-Coulonge: Birth: 1612. Death: 31 May 1660
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Mathilde D'Albon: Death: Jan 1145
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Marie D'Allon: Birth: 1642 in Saintonge, France. Death: 7 Jul 1716 in St Michel, Bellechasse, Quebec
Michel D'Allon: Birth: 1625 in St Pierre, Saintes, France.
Wido (Guy) De D'Alsace: Birth: 0725.
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Ambroise D'Amours: Birth: 24 May 1740 in St Roch des Aulnaies, Province de Quebec.
Anne D'Amours: Birth: 25 Mar 1751 in St Roch des Aulnaies, Quebec.
Anne D'Amours: Birth: 1708.
Bernard D'Amours: Birth: 15 Dec 1667 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Bernard D'Amours: Birth: 27 May 1739 in St Roch des Aulnaies, Quebec. Death: 28 May 1739 in St Roch des Aulnaies, Quebec
Catherine D'Amours: Birth: 22 Sep 1613 in Paris, France.
Charles D'Amours: Birth: 4 Mar 1662 in Province de Queberc. Death: Nov 1716
Charlotte D'Amours: Birth: 1696 in Acadie. Death: 27 Feb 1734 in Pau, Bearn, France
Claude Louis D'Amours: Birth: 19 Jan 1665 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Daniel D'Amours: Birth: 2 Dec 1669 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Elisabeth Demoiselle D'Amours: Birth: 1612 in Paris, France. Death: 11 Sep 1690 in Province of Quebec
Elizabeth D'Amours: Birth: 1 Dec 1658 in Province of Quebec. Death: 9 Jan 1724 in Montreal, Quebec
Francois D'Amours: Birth: 1692.
Francoise D'Amours: Birth: 16 Mar 1736 in Berthier sur Mer, Montmagny, Quebec.
Gabriel D'Amours: Birth: 1510 in Paris, France.
Genevieve D'Amours: Birth: 22 Aug 1673 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Genevieve D'Amours: Birth: 21 Sep 1614 in Paris, France.
Helene D'Amours: Birth: 1646. Death: 24 Jul 1699
Jacquette Marie D'Amours: Birth: 13 Oct 1675 in Quebec City, Quebec.
Jean Baptiste Jr de Louviere D'Amours: Birth: 1735. Death: 24 Oct 1777 in Lislet sur Mer, Quebec
Jean Baptiste D'Amours: Birth: 23 Oct 1694 in Province de Queberc. Death: 10 Sep 1759
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