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Bela I of Hungary: Birth: Abt 1015 in Of Esztergom,Esztergom Megye,Hungary. Death: 1063 in Nyitra,Nyitra,Hungary
Bela II "The Blind" of Hungary: Birth: 1109. Death: 1141
Bela III of Hungary: Birth: Abt 1148 in Of Esztergom,Esztergom Megye,Hungary. Death: 23 APR 1196
Bela IV of Hungary: Birth: Abt NOV 1206 in Esztergom,Hungary. Death: 3 MAY 1270
Constantia of Hungary: Birth: 1180. Death: 1240
Elizabeth of Hungary: Death: 1190
Elizabeth of Hungary: Death: 1231
Emeric Imre of Hungary: Birth: 1174 in of Esztergom,Komaron-Esztergom,Hungary. Death: SEP 1204
Geza I Arpad Hungary: Birth: Abt 1040 in of,Krakow,Krakow,Poland. Death: 25 APR 1077
Geza II of Hungary: Birth: 1130 in Tolna,Tolna,Hungary. Death: 31 MAY 1161
Helen of Hungary: Death: 1199
Istavan V (Stephen V) of Hungary: Birth: Abt DEC 1239 in Budapest,Hungary. Death: 1 AUG 1272 in Budapest,Hungary
Klemencia of Hungary: Birth: FEB 1293 in Napoli,Napoli,Italy. Death: 21 OCT 1328 in Paris,Seine,France
Laszlo Hungary: Birth: 1041.
Margareta of Hungary: Death: 1223
Maria (Marie) of Hungary: Birth: Abt 1257 in Budapest,Hungary. Death: 25 MAR 1323
Mihaly Of Hungary: Birth: 955 in Of Esztergom,Komarom Esztergo,Hungary. Death: Abt 978 in ,Hungary
Sinadena of Hungary: Birth: Abt 1040 in of,Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey.
Sophia of Hungary: Birth: WFT EST 1013/1055. Death: WFT EST 1046/1137
St Stephen I of Hungary: Birth: 969. Death: 1038
Stephen of Hungary: Birth: Abt 975 in Hungary. Death: 5 AUG 1038 in Hungary
Szar Laszlo Prince of Hungary: Birth: 977 in of,Esztergom,K-Eszt,Hungary. Death: 1029
Taksany of Hungary: Birth: 931. Death: 972
Vazul Ladislas I of Hungary: Birth: Abt 976 in Of Esztergom,Esztergom Megye,Hungary. Death: 1037
Yolande of Hungary: Birth: 1213. Death: 1251
Yolande of Hungary: Birth: 1219 in Esztergom,Komarom Eszergom,Hungary. Death: 9 OCT 1251 in Huesca,Huesca,Spn
Zoltan of Hungary: Birth: 896. Death: 949
Zsofia of Hungary: Birth: 1044. Death: 1095
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Agnes Hungate: Birth: Abt 1430 in ,Of Kenton,Suffolk,England. Death: Bef 1463 in ,Of Wetherden,Suffolk,England
John Hungate: Birth: Abt 1404 in ,,Of York,England.
Gesa II of Hungay: Birth: 1130. Death: 1161
Elizabeth Hungerford: Birth: Abt 1405 in Hungerford,Somersetshire,England. Death: 14 DEC 1476
Mary Hungerford: Birth: Abt 1467 in Salisbury,Wiltshire,England. Death: 1533 in Leicester,Leicester,England
Thomas Hungerford: Birth: Abt 1330 in Farleigh-Hungerford,Somerset,England. Death: 3 DEC 1397 in Farley Castle,Somerset,England
Walter Hungerford: Birth: 22 JUN 1378 in Farleigh-Hungerford,Somerset,England. Death: 9 AUG 1449 in Cathedral,Salisbury,Wilt,England
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Maria Huning: Birth: 2 FEB 1843. Death: 7 SEP 1915
Martha Hunington (Huntington?): Birth: 9 DEC 1695 in Norwitch,Litchfield,Ct. Death: 26 AUG 1779 in Tolland,Tolland,Ct
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Elies Hunold: Birth: Bef 1747.
Unrouch Hunroch Marquis di: Death: Aft 853
Catherine Hunsinger: Birth: 1802 in Sullivan Co,Pa. Death: NOV 1834 in Overton,Bradford,Pa
Maud de Hunstanton: Birth: Abt 1100.
Amos Hunt: Birth: 28 FEB 1819 in Greenville,Muhlenburg,Ky. Death: 8 SEP 1904 in Teasdale,Wayne,Ut
Asa Hunt: Birth: 1710. Death: 1752
Charity Hunt: Birth: 8 AUG 1755 in Yadkin River,Rowan,Nc. Death: 30 APR 1834 in ,Butler County,Ky
Daniel Hunt: Birth: 1723 in Hopewell,Mercer,Nj. Death: 30 AUG 1789 in ,Newjerseysttlmnt,Rowan County,North Carolina
Deborah Hunt: Birth: 1582 in Wardend,Warwick,England.
Gershom Hunt: Birth: 1728 in Hopewell,Mercer County,New Jersey. Death: 8 APR 1810 in ,Rowan,North Carolina
John Hunt: Birth: 15 MAR 1785 in Huntsville,Rowan,Nc. Death: 10 JAN 1857 in Ogden,Weber,Ut
John Hunt: Birth: 1750/1751 in Hopewell,Hunterdon,Nj. Death: 30 APR 1834 in Huntsville,Butler,Ky
John Hunt: Birth: 1688 in Hopewell,Mercer,Nj. Death: 1748 in ,,Nj
John Hunt: Birth: Abt 1658 in ,Newton,Queen,Long Island. Death: 1726/1733 in ,Hopewell,Hunterdon,New Jersey
Joseph Franklin Hunt: Birth: 22 JUN 1853. Death: 9 APR 1926
Margaret Hunt: Birth: Abt 1804 in Smith,Pa. Death: Abt 1876 in Vinton Co.,Ohio
Mary Hunt: Birth: 24 MAR 1679 in Northampton,,Ma. Death: 1767 in Northampton,,Ma
Rachael Hunt: Death: 1761
Ralph Sr Hunt: Birth: 1613 in London,London,Eng. Death: 26 FEB 1676 in Newtown,Long Island,Queens Co,New York
Richard Hunt: Birth: Abt 1567 in Of,Liecester,Liecestershire,Eng. Death: DEC 1616 in Liecester,Liecestershire,Eng
Samuel Hunt: Birth: Abt 1552 in Wardend,Warwick,England.
Sena Cena Ann Hunt: Birth: 3 OCT 1863 in St. George,Washington,Ut. Death: 5 MAY 1897 in Thurber (Bicknell),Wayne,Ut
Thomas Hunt: Birth: 1581 in London,London,Eng.
Thomas Hunt: Birth: Abt 1532 in Of,Sudborowe,Northampton,Eng. Death: MAY 1582 in Sudborowe,Northampton,Eng
Tryphena Hunt: Birth: 1766. Death: 1858
William Hunt: Birth: Abt 1803 in Smith,Pa.
Ziba Hunt: Birth: 1746. Death: 1820
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Alice Huntemuller: Birth: 1840.
Frederick Huntemuller: Birth: 1846.
Henry William Huntemuller: Birth: 1837.
Henry William Huntemuller: Birth: AUG 1834. Death: 28 DEC 1835
Herman Frederick Huntemuller: Birth: 1832.
Herman Frederick Huntemuller: Birth: 1794 in Germany. Death: 4 JUL 1871

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