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a. Note:   assidy. Cites: (a) Hemming's Statutes, Vol. 13, p.556. (b) "VA Mag. of History," Vol. 1, p.282, "History of Prince Edward Co." (c) County records. (d) Tyler's Encyclopedia. (e) "Catlett and Baytop Families," by Stubbs. (f) "Early Settlers of Alabama," by Stubbs. (g) "VA Historical Register," Vol. 3, p.23. (h) "VA Historical Mag.," Vol. 4, p.382. (2) "Watts Families of the Southern States," by Charles Brunk Heinemann (Washington D.C., 1934) p.55. FHL #1,429,814, item 10. Cites: (a) "Early Settlers of Alabama," by Col. Jas. Edmonds. (3) "A History of Two Virginia Families," "Catlett Family & Baytop Family," as published in the Genealogical Column of the "Times Dispatch," Richmond, VA, p.110,153-154. FHL #1,065,175, item 13, & #929.273 B3455. (4) Family notes made by Christopher C. Scott, 25 Dec 1848-2 Sep 1854, typed by "N.I.H.B.", 1939. ! Birth: (1,3) d/o Dr. Charles TOMKIES of Gloucester Co., VA. (2a) Catherine TOMKINS. Prince Edward Co., VA. (3) 1733, d/o Dr. Charles TOMKIES/Mary ALEXANDER. Marriage to Thomas SCOTT: (1) 6 Apr 1754. (3) 1754. (4) Death: (3) 1766. (4) From the lower country, Glouceter Co., VA. (4) Her grandson Christopher SCOTT wrote, "My grandmother was originally Catherine TOMKIES, which I have heard some of the old negroes of the family pronounce TONKEY, when they spoke of "Miss Kata TONKEYS" of whom they seemed to be always fond and proud to speak. From this source, and some other things I have heard about her, I always had the impression that she was a lady of great refinement and in her youth surpassing beauty... Her family was doubtless wealthy, she having brought with her to my grandfather on their marriage a number of slaves."
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