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(6) The will of Joseph Temple of Bristol, England, proved 16 May 1699, names his wife Hannah, son William, daughter Mary, and an expected child. This baby, born posthumously, was christened Joseph. He was a member of the Stowe branch of the family, and his lineage can be traced to Temple Hall where all early Temples originated. (4) William Temple of Hacksbury Parish, Warminster, England, s/o John and Mary Temple of Bishopstowe, Wilshire, England, had a son Joseph, who was born in 1666 and came to VA and left descendants there. (NOTE: Source says John Temple's will was dtd 1655/6 and proved 1637/8, which is impossible.) (8,9b) An Englishman, descendant of Sir William Temple. (NOTE: Source 9 & others say he could not have been descended from Sir William. Seems to have descended from A William, but not THE William.) (9b) England. Marriage to Anne Arnold: (1,2,3,4,6,8) (9b) Ann Arnal. (10a) Before 10 Feb 1737, newspaper issue date. Death: (6) Estate probated 16 Jun 1749, King William Co., VA. (4f) Will proved at King William Courthouse prior to 1760. (1) A merchant of Bristol. (9b) A wealthy merchant. (4,6) 1722, Oct: Came to VA as an attorney for certain Bristol merchants who had established iron works in Essex Co., as recorded in a deed dated 22 Oct 1722. (1) A 1722 deed in Essex Co., VA shows certain Bristol merchants establishing an iron works and making Joseph Temple their attorney. (9a) By deed dated 22 Oct 1722, recorded in Essex Co., VA, certain Bristol merchants, who had established an iron works in VA, appointed as their attorney Joseph Temple of Bristol, merchant, &c., "now resident at said iron works." (9b) A merchant at Ayletts, King William Co., VA. (9) 1728, 1 Sep: Joseph Temple of King William, Gent., granted 250 acres on the north side of Northanna, in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Regranted 31 Jan 1732. (9) 1728, 14 Sep: Joseph Temple of King William Co., VA, merchant, granted 1,000 acres on the north side of Northanna River, Spotsylvania Co., VA. Regranted 31 Jan 1732. (6) 1726, 14 Sep: A land grant was made to Joseph Temple, merchant of King William, for 1000 acres in Spotsylvania Co., VA. (4b,d) The s/o Joseph Temple, King William Co. merchant, was granted land in Spotsylvania Co. in 1728 on the North Anna River. (1) Lived on the north side of the North Anna River in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA. (6) By subsequent patents, he owned some 10,000 acres in Northern Virginia. (3) Of "Chatham Hill," King and Queen Co., VA. (5) "Chatham Hill" was across the Mattapony River from "Presque Isle," adjoining "North Bank." (4e) Resided at "Pres Qu'ile" prior to 1729 when the plat of Ring's Quarters plantation was made by Robert Brooke, the surveyor, on which the residence of Mrs. Temple was positioned at or near the site of the Pres Qu'ile home. (4d) It is surmised that there were two Joseph Temples and the younger was the patentee of lands in Spotsylvania and Hanover Cos., the elder having died by 1729 when the home of Mrs. Temple was placed on the plat. (2) Joseph Temple lived at "Presqu'Isle" about two miles below Aylett's Warehouse. This tract of land is formed into an "almost island" by the Mattapony River and a small stream known by the name of Spirit Run. After feeding Aylett's mill pond, Spirit Run flows into the river just above Pointer's Landing, thus cutting off a deep bend in the Mattapony and enclosing one of the most fertile farms on the north side of the county. "Presqu'Isle" was Arnold property and it is likely that Joseph Temple acquired it by his marriage with Ann Arnold, daughter of Benjamin Arnold. (4a,7a) 1729: Joseph and Ann Temple, Richard Gwathmey, Ann Aylett Jr. stood "gossips" (godparents) at the baptism of Elizabeth, d/o John Camm/Mary Bullock, b. 12 Feb 1729. (7a) 1731: Humphrey Hill, his wife, Joseph Temple and Francis Orrill were godparents to John (b. 4 May), s/o John Camm/Mary Bullock of King & Queen Co., VA. (1) 1731, 28 Jul: George Woodruff deeded 180 acres to Joseph Temple of St. Margaret's parish, King William Co., VA, merchant, part of the grant Woodruff received 17 Apr 1728. Martin Davenport, Frank and Rachel Arnold, Benjamin Arnold were subscribing witnesses. (9) 1731, 5 Aug: Joseph Temple of King William, Gent., was granted 1,390 acres in Hanover Co., VA, adjoining lands of John Harris, Thomas Walsh, Maj. Thomas Carr, Richard Bullock Jr., and Mr. Benjamin Brown. (4b) 1732: Joseph Temple granted 1,390 acres in Hanover Co., VA, now Louisa Co. (4a,7a) 1732: Joseph and Ann Temple, Benjamin Hubbard, and Frances Hill stood "gossips" at the baptism of John, s/o John Camm/Mary Bullock, b. 30 May 1732. (4,9) 1732: Col. Joseph Temple was named in the Commission of Justices, King William Co., VA. (2) 1737, 10 Feb: A notice in newspaper reads, "Strayed from the Subscriber in King William County a large gray mare... Whoever brings the said mare to George Woodroofe in Spotsylvania County or to me the Subscriber in King William shall have two shillings reward. Joseph Temple." (4) 1738: Was Sheriff and Coroner, King William Co., VA. (9) Sheriff. (9) 1744: Bought land in Spotsylvania Co., VA. (4c) 1748: The Act of the General Assembly that established ferries called the ferry at Pres Qu'ile Temple's Ferry, and set the rates. (6) 1749, 16 Jun: At a King William Co., VA court, Ann Temple presented three writings, A, B and C, each purporting to be the will of Joseph Temple. William Temple, Gent., son and heir of Joseph, appeared and consented to enter immediately on the contestation of the wills. Ann swore that "A" was published at the date therof, 1744, and that "B" was not published before witnesses; after "B" was written, his daughter Hannah married, and he wished to make changes, which his son William transcribed. This transcription was "C" with which the testator was not satisfied, and a few days before he died he received news of the death of his brother, William of Bristol, England, and that his brother's estate had fallen to him. He planned to make a new will as soon as he got an account but if any accident happened to him, he had a will by him, and Ann Temple, his widow, believed that "A" was that will. William Temple declared that he knew nothing of "A"; however, Elizabeth Jones, a witness, swore to "A" and it was received as the testator's will. (4f) The land which Col. Temple had patented in Spotsylvania Co. was devised to his sons, Joseph Temple and Benjamin Temple. (9) 1760: Joseph Temple and Mary his wife and Benjamin Temple of King William sold lands in Spotsylvania which had been formerly granted to their father, Joseph Temple, dec'd, and by him, in his will, devised to them. (9) 1762: Joseph Temple and Mary his wife and Benjamin Temple of King William sold lands in Spotsylvania which had been formerly granted to their father, Joseph Temple, dec'd, and by him, in his will, devised to them.
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