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a. Note:   t, sell share to Coart Patrick; 1862 [PP, p. 756/757]
Obit: Joel Patrick died July 22nd 1876 - 9.15 A.M. at La Granger inLeno ir Co.
THE SCUFFLETOWN MURDER. Additional intelligence respec ing the Scuffletown murder has been received here and we learn from a gentleman just from Greene, that the people of that county are still much excited. The whole transaction, so far as the public is concerned, remains a mystery. It appears that an old neighborhood feud, revived since the war, is thought to have produced the atrocious murder. Some years ago a mill was constructed across Little Contentia creek, near the village mentioned, by Mr. Joel Patrick, against the protest of numbers of the citizens in that vicinity. Soon after being completed it was burnt down, but, withunshaken determination, new material was gotten together and every preparationmade for rebuilding. Again the incendiary defeated the scheme, and, disheartened, the owner abandoned the project. As clearly as practicable, however, after the termination of hostilities, the mill was put up and operated. It was on the 3d instant, when returning from the mill to his residence, that Mr P. was fired on, the ball taking effect in his hand, but doing no serious harm. On Thursday night, three days after this occurrence, a party of fourteen or fifteen men, all believed to be white, visited and forcibly entered the house of Mr. Jesse Hart, who lived inthe same vicinity, and after promising not to harm him if he would lay down his bowie knife and pistol, took him from the presence of his wife to the gate leading out of the yard and deliberately shot him. Report says the order to "fire" was given in a military style, but whether this is trueor false, his body was found next morning at a church, about one hundred steps from the abode of the deceased, sixteen balls having perforated the body. This dark deed has agitated the whole community where it was commited.- Two yankees, one employed on the farm of W. Grimsley and the other atwork for Joseph Dixon, left the morning after the night of the murder and have not been heard from since. Our advices say, too, that suspicion attaches to some of the first citizens in Greene county ; indeed, last Saturday, the grand jury having been inquiring into the matter, several persons heretofore deemed to be above suspicion, were arrested for complicity in the diabolical deed. We sincerely hope the guilty outlaws and blood thirsty wretches may be ferreted out and receive the severest punishment known to our laws.-Ral. Progress. Source: Carolina Watchman, 22 October 1866, volume 1, number 42, page 2, column 5.
1870FederalCensusContentneaTownship: Family 377 Patrick, Joel, 61, Machanic Zylphia, 40, Keeping House Eliza F, 14 Emma E, 12 Joel, 9 Sally E, 7 Allen, 5 William H, 3
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