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a. Note:   Othnial Tripp to son Benjamin Tripp [MM, p. 321] 1657. Othineil Tripp to son Benj. F. Tripp [MM, p. 339]
He was a farmer, living in Haddock's Dist, Pitt Co, NC, in 1850.
Benjamin Tripp lived where Horse Swamp enters Swift Creek. His father,Ophnial Tripp, deede d part of it to him and he bought other tracts fromHillary Cannon and James R. Hoyle in 1839 . Benjamin eventually owned 500acres or more in that section.
In the 1850 Agricultural Census, he was listed as owning: 100 improved acres, 347 unimproved acres; value of farm--$894 $20 of farm implements 3 horses, 3 milk cows, 6 other cattle, 18 sheep, 44 hogs; value oflivestock--$226 $148 of animals slaughtered $41 of homemade articles
In the year 1849-50, he harvested 18 bushels of wheat, 500 bushels ofIndian corn, 45 lbs. o f rice, 2/3 bale of cotton, 25 lbs. of wool, 100bushels of peas and beans, 4 bushels of Iris h potatoes, and 100 bushelsof sweet potatoes. He also produced 100 lbs. of butter and sheare d 25lbs. of wool.
In 1860, he was listed in Coxville, Pitt Co, NC.
Benjamin and Jutry had 9 children and remarkably gave all 6 of their sonsto the Confederacy.
Benjamin Tripp died intestate in Pitt Co by September 4, 1869, when hiswidow, Jutry Tripp, re nounced administration to his estate to her son,Caleb B. Tripp, he giving $500 security.
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