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a. Note:   Notes on getting fimily information about the MaraHill Cemetery in Missouri From Mark and Kay To R R Adkins Mark and Kay; Greetings, I wanted to let you know that we have fulfilled all the photo request of the Williams you posted for the Mars Hill Cemetery except for Nancy which needs to be requested on the original memorial that was entered in April of 2008. I also wanted to let you know that all of the Williams' buried at Mars Hill have been added to Find A Grave. We have secured photos of all the stones and will post them as request are posted. There are some listed that do not have stones the information posted is from a transcription of the cemetery and cemetery records. I also thought I would let you know that if you are a family member and would like ownership of any of them I will be more than happy to transfer any of the memorials I have added to you. You should also note for your records that Mars Hill Cemetery is not in Stone County. It is actually about 8 miles southwest of Crane Missouri and is in Barry County. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email. Mark & Kay Find A Grave Volunteer Photographers Member # 46832542
  Thank you so much! Were forever greatful and thanks for the Happy Face. I well go ahead tomorrow and start connecting them all and I just added a couple more Tillie Williams and her husband Wiley Re: Mars Hill Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri Mark and kay; Thank you for what you did for us and yes we would like you too transfer ownership of some of the family members to us I am Roy and my sister is Sylvia Williams wife of Ival Rex Williams and daughter inlaw to Clarence (Ike) Williams and Lucille Hudson. Here are the family members we would like you to transfer ownership for and we will make the photo request also. My sister will be pleased Thank you so much Roy
  «b»Mary Adah Smyth Williams«/b» «b»Charles Allen Williams«/b» «b»W. L. Williams«/b» «b»Amanda R Williams«/b» «b»Alman Maybin Williams«/b» «b»Sallie Pearl Hancock Williams«/b» «b»Nancy Nell Williams«/b» «b»James T Williams«/b» «b»Ella F. Williams«/b» «b»Enoch Laris Williams«/b» «b»Emmaline Williams Ellis«/b» «b»Oscar Ellis«/b»
  R.R. We have Emmaline Williams Ellis and Oscar Ellis on our list. We were going to go this weekend but there came this ice storm and snow and will Mars Hill is down south closer to Arkansas and we aren't sure how bad the cemetery is and if the stones are flat we won't be able to see them so we have postponed our trip that way until next weekend. Also, as for the children of Enoch and Nancy. There is a transcription of the cemetery I am going to give you the link to it. I transferred all of the names that are known in that cemetery to Find a Grave. The lady that did this transcription did a fantastic job and you might be able to contact her for more information. If there are other people in that cemetery that you want and you don't have the ability to post a request (I know you are limited to 10 a week) send the names to me in an email and we can get them and then we can work together for you to post request as you get the availability. By the way, just for your information. Mars Hill is not in Crane Missouri Stone County. It is southwest of Crane and over the county line in Barry County. I have contacted Find a Grave to have them correct the information and I work closely with one of the administrators of find a grave. If you have some people that are family members and you are having trouble getting the people that put the memorials on find a grave to transfer them let me know and I'll see if I can help you get them transferred. If I can help in any other way. Let us know. Mark and Kay R R It looks like you have linked a bunch of people in your family. I couldn't tell but have you made a virtual cemetery? If not do you know what they are? On find a grave you can make a virtual cemetery and place the links to all the family in once place even if they are buried in multiple cemeteries. It is a really cool way for family to look at all the members of a family without having to go clicking through all the memorials one at a time. It is on Find a grave. Kay and Mark R R, We are going to try and go to Mars Hill tomorrow to secure more photos. Please check all the names listed there and if there are any other surnames that you think you will need email them back to me before 8 am tomorrow 2/1/2009. We will leave early. Thanks Kay and Mark Find A Grave contributor Mark and Kay has made a suggestion to you regarding your Find A Grave memorial for Theodore Williams. R R, Please correct the cemetery information to show Crane Community Cemetery. The masonic Cemetery is an incorrect name and this needs to be corrected before the photo request can be fulfilled. 2/1/2009 Thank you so much for the correction. I was going by what it said on the death Cert. I will make another Reqest R R Adkins Mark and Kay; I looked threw all that I am known to be direct family with and cant place any at this point. Drive slow and enjoy the ride. R R Adkins I have made the correction for Theodore Williams
  Greetings, Well, it was a fine day and the first time we have taken pictures in the snow we believe. Not sure if we are crazy or what. We made 9 cemeteries and traveled about 75 miles or more round trip. We made it back to Mars Hill and you will see those pictures as soon as we can get them sized and posted. We stopped at the Crane Community Cemetery and walked the entire cemetery but sorry to say we didn't find Theodore. Now don't despair we think he is there we have transcription of the cemetery that shows he has a stone, but the cemetery covers a good 3 to 5 acres and there are several flat stones and we think we may not have been able to see it for the snow and ice. We will keep it on our list and if I get a chance to contact the cemetery caretaker I'll find out where he is and we will go back. We did pretty good, Mark fell down twice and so we finally gave up and figured it would be easier to go back later. Give us a few hours and we will get the pictures posted during the Super bowl. Kay
  I dont know how to make a virtual cemetery but every person in our site is related to us thats the way Ive kept it. but please explain. thank you for your help. hope Mark is walking around okey. So we watched th game while you were out and about in the crisp air. So I will be patient on Theodore. I think I might try to locate Nathan and Timothy tomorrow. I will need some help the cemetery is about 10 acres. so I will need to get in the office. R R Adkins Greetings, Mark is fine, I think we are just getting old ( over 50) anyway we are both fine. Looking forward to a good weekend coming up. To make you a virtual cemetery if you go to the Contributor tools page on the left side it says Customize and below that "my virtual Cemetery's" if you click on it the it will show your name and "add" you can then add a virtual cemetery that list all your family no matter what cemetery they are in. I haven't gotten to make one for my family yet, ( too busy taken photos for others) but there is a person that has some you can look at. Her member # is Maggie #46879408. She has several virtual cemeteries and that will give you an idea of how they work. We have taken several pictures for her. I think this would make it really cool for you because you can link any number of people to a certain Surname. Check out Maggie's member page. You made reference to a Nathan and Timothy that you were going to locate tomorrow. Where are they buried? Hope the weather is good for you. Talk to you soon. Kay Mark and Kay; So thinks for the infor on how to do a virtual cemetery after spending an hour try to figure out how to get to Maggie's cite I think I found it my chance verses an educated guess. Lol. So I saved the site to my freinds along with you and Marks, so now if I have any questions I wont have to find you twice. Over 50s not so bad I will 60 next month. In reference to a Nathan and Timothy, We did find Nathan every one called him Uncle Nate in later years after coming to Calif. "To answer your Ouestion" he got into the lock smith business and did quit well at it and Ival Rex Williams worked with him at that before starting his own lock and door business here in calif. «tab»Nathan Thank you for your help im in your showes now Im have trouble finding Timothy Jr. I think the family added to Clarence's notes we have. I realy do think if we dont find him here he might be in a small town named galt but we will find him. Take care R R Adkins «b»Adkins Family Genealogy «/b»Date: 3/26/2010 6:49:07 AM Pacific Standard Time From: «u» «/u»
  Hi Roy, It was very, very interesting to see that your brother in law, Ival, served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga CVA-14. I am very interested to find out from you what years was he on the "Tico"?? Did he suffer from diabetics from the effects of Agent Orange?? I was on the "Tico" for two years from 1969 to 1970. Before I was transferred, I was with the "Top Gun" school at NAS Miramar in San Diego. I received 12 service medals and two written citations (one from the Captain of NAS North Island and the other from the Captain of the USS Ticonderoga). I was also on various carriers during our squadron deployments. I was on the maiden voyage of the carrier USS John F. Kennedy which now is in mothballs. I think that the Sacramento River had the biggest fleet of mothballed ship for a very long time but I believe that they are now down to about ten. Where were you stationed?? We love to travel so between the two of us we have enough air and sea miles to go around the world a couple of time. We really enjoyed our times in Dayton, Ohio seeing all of the history of the Wright Brothers. Have you ever been to the US Air Force Air Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton?? We have been to it five times over the years. We have also been to the newly formed US Navy Air Museum on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor. I have a lot of family history for Pearl Harbor as two of my cousins went down on the USS Arizona, one on the USS Nevada and one that was on the USS Tennessee. The USS Missouri now makes her home at Ford Island and I served with its sister ship the USS New Jersey in Vietnam while I was on the "Tico". Hope you still live in the Sacramento area as we might be down there in the late summer or early fall for our son's wedding. Hope that I may hear back from you. Cuz, Ken Hi Roy,
  Thank you for the information on Ival. I was on the USS Ticonderoga for two years (1969-1970) so Ival would have been out of the Navy at this point.
  In 1959 to 1961 the military wasn't spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam. The "Blue Water" sailors are still fight over Agent Orange benefits was the VA. This far, only "Brown Water" and land based Vietnam sailors receive disability benefits for Agent Orange. All of the aircraft plus cargo shipments that came from Vietnam were covered by Agent Orange. Thus the blue water sailor came directly in contract with it, had in the drinking or shower waters. Ten of my division shipmates all have diabetes from Agent Orange.
  «b»From:«/b» "" <> «b»To:«/b» «b»Sent:«/b» Tue, March 30, 2010 2:56:03 PM «b»Subject:«/b» Re: Adkins Family Genealogy
  How can I help You All the infor I have on Ival is 2 years[1959-1961] of active duty on the USS Ticonderoga (Air Craft Carrier) He never said any thing about diabetes or any effects of Agent Orange.
  March 30 2010 Hi,Roy You had a long hitch in the Army. Most of our Guard units deploy to Ft. Lewis in WA. I was an Army Brat since my Dad was in the Single Corp. My Dad did his basic training at a Camp in Sacramento and did summer deployment into the Tahoe National Forest to learn how to spot aircraft. He then was sent to OCS then to Supply school and then on to radio school (all of the schools were in the PA area). He spent sometime at the Army Radio station at Two Rock, CA (outside of Petaluma) which is now the home for the US Coast Guard basic training. As WWI was winding down he became inactive. Then he was recalled for Korea so we moved to South Pines, NC since he was stationed at Ft. Bragg. My Dad took me on base all the time with him and my playground were the tanks. He then was stationed in Frankfort in Germany from 1951 to 1952 where I live with his parents in Berkeley, CA. My Dad started out as a private and finished his service as a 1st Lt. I was I finished two years of college before I enlisted in the Navy in 1967. I went to basic training in San Diego where I went in as a seaman recruit but changed to airman recruit since the Navy wanted me to become a Seabee. My first duty station was at NAS Lemoore (outside of Fresno) with Bomber Squadron VA-125 but it seems that the Navy had a paperwork malfunction and had sent all airman recruits to this base during one week. A bunch of us were there for a couple of days before they put us on a bus to report to NAS Miramar (outside of San Diego) with Fighter Squadron VF-126. While I was with VF-126, for a year, I learned out to prep. and service F-9 and TA-4 aircraft for flight. I was then transfer across the flight line to Fighter Squadron VF-121 to learn how to prep. and service F-4's. I got tired of being a grease monkey even with a promotion to E-3 so transferred to our squadron aviation supply. After a couple of months in supply, I finish my book training took and passed my advancement test for E-4. The VF-121 squadron later became know as the Top Gun School. Our ship, the Tico, was also in Korea, when the spy plane went down as part of a flotilla of about 25 ships (USS Enterprise, USS New Jersey, 8 plane guard destroyers, two oiler's, two supply ships and etc.). Our cruise was a big anniversary for the ship so our cruise book (something like a high school year book) was a real big one that showed all of the ship historical photos. You can see one of the photo that I am in (under the Tico's home page) while we manned the rails for President Nixon's visit to NAS North Island. I finished out my enlistment on the "Tico" with 12 service medals and three hand written award citations. Hope you are using all of your veterans benefits. We just had a big open meeting at our VA Hospital with the staff, our senator, our congressman plus all of us vets. We got real tired of the VA cutting our services. The VA has been told that they will no longer cut services but will expand services. Our VA Hospital has really been throwing money out the window. They remodeled a old building to equip it with $1M worth of gym equipment only to staff it for a month before closing it down where the gym sits. I have had to turn to outside doctors for two surgeries because the VA failed to look after me. The VA was going to take off my left leg but the outside doctor fixed it with an hour laser surgery in his office. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.