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a. Note:   N1701 summer 1815- emigrated to Quebec. Settled prob Ontario. Farmer and labourer. Wife Margaret McRae, with him and 8 ch, incl John b ca 1794
  1815 Eliza passenger list [] Alexander McRAE age 46/ 1769 Farmer of Glenelg Margaret wife age 39 / 1776 of Glenelg John McRAE, son age 21/ 1794 of Glenelg Kenneth McRAE, son age 15/ 1800 of Glenelg Finlay McRAE son age 13/ 1802 of Glenelg <check this against photocopy Archibald McRAE son age 10/ 1805 of Glenelg Roderick McRAE son age 6 mos/ 1814 of Glenelg Margaret McRAE dau age 8 / 1807 of Glenelg Catherine McRAE dau of 6/ 1809 of Glenelg Ann McRAE dau age 3/ 1812 of Glenelg
  The other Alex McRae & Margaret McRae Settled W H R1/2 Lot 4 Con 4  -- John MacRae 2/23/03
  Concessions were large areas of land .  Con 1 in W H [West Hawksbury] Started at the Ottawa River, Con 2 was South of 1 etc etc. They were ~ 3 miles wide In most of W H they were divided into 19 lots ,these in turn were divided into front (F) and rear (R) Each ending up as 100 acres of land. -- John MacRae 2/23/03 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.