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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary McFarland: Birth: 23 FEB 1794 in Tennessee.

  2. William McFarland: Birth: 22 JUN 1795 in Tennessee. Death: BEF 1855 in Missouri

  3. Alexander McFarland: Birth: 06 MAY 1796 in Tennessee. Death: AFT 1850 in Missouri

  4. James McFarland: Birth: 03 FEB 1799 in Tennessee or N.C.. Death: 06 JAN 1863 in Henry Co., Missouri

  5. Elijah McFarland: Birth: 07 DEC 1800 in Buncombe Co., NC. Death: BET 1860 AND 1870 in Missouri

  6. David McFarland: Birth: 12 MAR 1803 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Death: 20 MAR 1885 in Grayson Co., Texas

  7. John McFarland: Birth: 23 OCT 1804 in Buncombe Co., N.C..

  8. Benjamin Franklin McFarland: Birth: 05 MAR 1807 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Death: 20 MAR 1885 in Grayson Co., Texas

  9. George Washington McFarland: Birth: 25 JAN 1809 in Haywood Co., North Carolina. Death: 24 SEP 1892 in Benson Co., Arkansas, USA

  10. Jacob Hunter McFarland: Birth: 30 MAY 1811 in Haywood Co., North Carolina. Death: AFT 1850

  11. Walter Leftwich McFarland: Birth: 07 NOV 1813 in Missouri. Death: 13 FEB 1897 in Benton Co., Missouri

a. Note:   Mary Helen Haines notes:
 Why he is called James "Ray" is not known. Have not run across this middle name yet in any found records.
  The marriage record should be in Jefferson County, TN, but it is not in the county records. The only James McFarland in the Jefferson Co. record for this time period is to Eliz. Carmichael, Oct. 3, 1798.
  There is a deed record in 1792 in Greene Co., Deed Book 2, p. 203, where a James McFarland purchases 114 acres from Joseph McFarland. This land is at the mouth of the Little Chucky River where it flows into the Nolichucky. I now think that this land was purchased not by this James McFarland, age 19 and unmarried, but instead by James McFarland, son of Robert McFarland born in 1730.
  The fact that this James' father deeds him land in 1803 in NC, rather than he purchasing the land, makes me think this land in NC is his first land.
  This particular James (son of John) is in the 1800 census for Buncombe Co.
  1803: Buncombe County, North Carolina Deed Book 9, pp. 31, 34, 36. John Sr. is deeding land to James (253 acres on Jonathan Cr.), to Reuben (175 acres on Jonathan Cr.) William (196 acres on Jonathan Cr.) and David (116 acres Jonathan's Cr.)
  James is mentioned various times in the Haywood Co. NC Minute Book of Court Pleas. On p. 12 to lay out a road from the store to Jonathan Creek, Reuben, James and David are assigned in 1809. In 1812, in Vol. 2 (1812-1815) he serves on a grand jury p. 11, and p. 47, p. 90 in Dec. 1814, he is ordered to appear as a grand juror, along with Jacob McFarland, and Alexander Caldwell.
  Haywood Co. Deed Book B, pp. 364-365. James McFarland of Haywood Co. sells to Malcolm Henry part of his parcel of land on Sept. 18, 1809 for $225. It is described as being on both sides of Jonathan Creek and begins on the south fork on the west side of the Creek. This was not registered until 1826.
  When he arrives in Cooper County, he patented 80 acres on Aug. 1, 1825 on Otter Creek in the southwestern part of the county.
 He is in the Cooper Co. census of 1830 on p. 230 with three sons on the same page: John and Benjamin next to him, Willliam at the bottom of the page. He is on the same page as Carroll George, married to Sarah Hale McFarland, and Reuben A. Ewing, the Weirs and the Kavinaughs.
  The listing of all the children and their birthdates comes from a letter written by Walter Leftwich (copied as Lettwich in 1963) in 1884 to his brother George W. McFarland. Walter was living in Mount View in Benton Co., MO when he wrote the letter, mentions his daughter Jane in Eureka Springs married to George H. Williams, plus two youngest daughters Margret R. and Eliza. He also gives the birthdates of his father and mother, but did not have their dates of death.
  The following are notes from the McFarland genealogy website of Gary Morris: --
  ***** 47 ***** James McFARLAND, son of John McFARLAND and Mary KINDER, was born
 20 Dec 1773 in Bedford County, Virginia, died about 1839/1850 in Morgan(?)
 County, Missouri. Married 9 Apr 1793 to Frances WEBB born 8 May 1772 in
 Virginia, died Mar 1860 in Cass County, Missouri.
  ----- NOTES FOR James McFARLAND:
 CENSUS: 1800 NORTH CAROLINA, Buncombe County 30010-10110. P. 181.
 CENSUS: 1810 NORTH CAROLINA, Haywood County. James McFarland P. 197.
 LAND: Made claim in Cooper county, Missour between 1818 and 1824.
 CENSUS: 1830 MISSOURI, Cooper County.
 RESEARCHER-EMAIL: (1999) Gary Harvey <>
  ===CHILDREN of James McFARLAND and Frances WEBB
  162 Mary McFARLAND b 23 Feb 1794 N.Carolina(?).
 163 William McFARLAND b 22 Jun 1795 Virginia(?).
 + 164 Alexander McFARLAND b 6 May 1796 Buncombe County, North
 Carolina. M (1) Sarah HIX. M (2) Catherine WHITE.
 + 165 James M. McFARLAND b 3 Feb 1799 Buncombe County, North
 Carolina. M Nancy PETERS.
 + 166 Elijah McFARLAND b 7 Dec 1800 Buncombe County, North
 Carolina. M Frances HICKS.
 + 167 David McFARLAND b 12 Mar 1803 Buncombe County, North
 Carolina. M (1) Rebecca HARDWICK. M (2) Susan ROSS.
 168 John McFARLAND b 23 Oct 1804 Buncombe County, North
 169 Benjamin Franklin McFARLAND b 5 Mar 1807 Buncombe
 County, North Carolina, d 20 Mar 1885 Grayson, Texas.
 170 George Washington McFARLAND b 25 Jan 1809 Buncombe
 County, North Carolina.
 + 171 Jacob H. McFARLAND b 30 May 1811 Haywood County, North
 Carolina. M Mary Ann BARNETT.
 + 172 Walter Leftwich McFARLAND b 7 Nov 1813 Haywood County,
 North Carolina. M (1) Permelia Penn BARNETT. M (2)
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