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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catherine McFarland: Birth: 12 FEB 1801.

  2. Sarah McFarland: Birth: 13 JAN 1802 in North Carolina. Death: 06 NOV 1873 in Cooper Co., MO

  3. Reuben A. McFarland: Birth: 17 OCT 1804 in North Carolina. Death: 26 JAN 1882 in Boonville, Cooper Co., Missouri

  4. Ann McFarland: Birth: 26 APR 1806 in Buncombe Co., NC. Death: 27 JAN 1884 in Pleasant Hill, Cass Co., MO

  5. George W. McFarland: Birth: 18 OCT 1809 in North Carolina.

  6. Jacob McFarland: Birth: 30 OCT 1811 in Haywood Co., NC. Death: 1836 in Missouri, USA

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth McFarland: Birth: 06 FEB 1795 in Tennessee.

1. Source:   S765

a. Note:   Mary Helen Haines notes: Jacob McFarland's first marriage would have taken place in Tennesee in Greene/Jefferson County. Jefferson County was created in 1782 and its marriage records start in 1798. I assume his first, and or second wife died and he then married Nancy Cathey in 1804 when he purchased land from George Cathey. The McFarlands did not move to Buncombe County before 1799.
Regarding the children: the son George W. McFarland born Oct. 18, 1809 may be incorrect, or he has become mixed up with George W. McFarland, born Jan. 25, 1809, son of James Ray McFarland.
Also, the marriage to Elizabeth Webb, and then the marriage to Nancy Cathey...yet there are children born before that marriage.
Buncombe County Deed Records: On April 20, 1804 Jacob McFarland purchases 65 acres on the east side of the Pigeon River from George Cathey. Vol. 8, p. 271. Haywood Co. is created out of Buncombe Co. in 1808.
Haywood Co. NC, County Court Pleas, Vol. C, p. 11, in June 15, 1812, Jacob McFarland was foreman of the Grand Jury, James McFarland served, and John McFarland, Esq. was a Justice. Dec. 1814, Jacob and James McFarland serving as grand jurors (p. 90). March session, 1815, Jacob is serving again, John McFarland Esq. is Justice.( p. 103)
Haywood County N.C. Deed Records: Book A, p. 363. On Sept. 19, 1815, Jacob McFarland sold to Daniel McDowell 67 acres on the east side of the Pigeon River, where he lives, for $700. The land intersects the said McFarland spring branch. George Cathey witnessed. This must have been shortly before the move to Missouri. (Daniel McDowell is the son of James McDowell, therefore a brother to Margaret McDowell who married David McFarland, Jacob's brother.)
Cooper County, Missouri, Cemetery Records, Vol. 1-12 Collection of cemetery records from Cooper County, Missouri. More information below (MHH note: mistake in the records below: the Jacob married to Matilda Fleming is Jacob Jr., not the Jacob born in 1772.)
Name: Jacob McFarland Birth Date: 21 Feb 1772 Death Date: 13 Oct 1846 hus. of Matilda (Fleming) McFarland; hus. of Nancy (Cathey) McFarland; (buried?) Note: Nancy Cathey was a dau. of George Cathey, a Revolutionary Soldier. These families came to St. Genevieve Co., Mo., in about 1816; lived there for two years; and in 1819 came to Cooper Co., where they lived out their lives. Cemetery: Reid Cemetery Description: Number 1 Also, called McFarland Cemetery Location: T-48-N; R-17-W; Section 25 About a mile from the new bridge on Route B, south, out of Boonville on a country lane not far from the Petite Saline Creek on the farm once owned by Ed (Jack) Melkersman is a cemetery about twenty feet square with an iron fence around it. On the gate is the name "McFarland". The farm is now owned by Henry Grathwohl. There are no visible tombstones inside this enclosure but on the outside was found one foot marker with the initials, J. McF. on it. It is our thinking that this is a marker for the grave of John S. or Jessie McFarland who had come to Cooper County between 1815 and 1820 after William McFarland, the first sheriff of Cooper County, who resided on the Byler farm now owned by Larry Lymer of the Rankin Mill Community. Other markers scattered around over an area of some fifty by seventy five feet were found that had not been broken beyond reading and these were: Cemetery Records of Cooper County, Missouri Volume VI
Location: T-48-N; R-17-W; Section 25 on the Charles Grathroohl land. p. 15, correction Bousfield: Henry Crawford: George; b. March 8, 1795 d. July 29, 1852. p. 16, correction Mcfarland: Jacob; b. Feb. 21, 1772 d. 1843; hus. of Matilda (Fleming) McFarland (deceased 1846). Atlas Survey: 1877 land atlas - no cemetery symbol on the William A. Reed land. 1915 land atlas - no cemetery symbol on the Ed. Melkersmann land. 1978 plat book - no cemetery symbol on the Charles Grathwohl land. 1991 plat book - no cemetery symbol on the Charles Grathwohl land. Note: Grathwohl land was 4-5 miles south of Boonville, on Route "B". Inquire and Please, ask permission to enter Private Property. Missouri Cemetery Records Volume XI Addendum to the Volumes I to X of the records Part Two Reed Cemetery #1 Volume VIA, pp. 15-16
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The following are notes from the McFarland genealogy website of Gary Morris: --
***** 46 ***** Jacob McFARLAND, son of John McFARLAND and Mary KINDER, was born 21 Feb 1772 in Bedford County, Virginia, died 13 Oct 1846 in Cooper-Moniteau County, Missouri. Jacob married (1) to Elizabeth (Betsey) WEBB born about 1770 in Virginia(?), died 1796/1798 in Virginia. Jacob married (2) 1796/1799 in Pigeon Valley, Buncombe County, North Carolina to Nancy CATHEY daughter of George CATHEY and Margaret CHAMBERLAIN, born 1 Jan 1780 in Burke County, North Carolina, died 29 Aug 1870 in Booneville, Cooper County, Missouri.
----- NOTES FOR Jacob McFARLAND: SOURCE: World Family Tree #9 and #10 and #12. CENSUS: 1800 NORTH CAROLINA, Buncombe County 00010-10100. P. 177. RESIDENCE: Lived 1806 Buncombe County,North Carolina. CENSUS: 1810 NORTH CAROLINA, Buncombe County. Jacob McFarland P. 197.
----- NOTES FOR Nancy CATHEY: PARENTS: George CATHEY and Margaret CHAMBERLAIN. DEATH: Also listed as Pettis Co, MO 24 Aug 1870.
154 Elizabeth (Betsy) McFARLAND b 6 Feb 1795 Buncombe County, North Carolina. + 155 Catherine McFARLAND b 12 Feb 1800/1801 Buncombe County, North Carolina. M Nicholas McCARTHY. + 156 Sarah McFARLAND b 8 Aug 1802 Buncombe County, North Carolina. M Reuben GEORGE. + 157 Reuben McFARLAND b 17 Oct 1804 Buncombe County, North Carolina. M Eunice RICE. + 158 Ann McFARLAND b 26 Apr 1806 Buncombe County, North Carolina. M Jesse McFARLAND. + 159 William McFARLAND b 26 Jan 1808 Haywood County, North Carolina. M Martha A. ROBERTS. 160 George McFARLAND b 18 Oct 1809 Haywood County, North Carolina. + 161 Jacob McFARLAND b 30 Oct 1811 Haywood County, North Carolina. M Matilda FLEMING. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.