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Marriage: Children:
  1. female McFarland: Birth: BET 1793 AND 1800.

  2. female McFarland: Birth: BET 1793 AND 1800.

  3. George McFarland: Birth: 1793 in Tennessee. Death: 23 APR 1863 in Post Oak, Johnson, Missouri, USA

  4. female McFarland: Birth: BET 1800 AND 1810.

  5. Samuel Arthur McFarland: Birth: 1800 in Cocke Co., TN. Death: 11 MAR 1861 in Burnet Co., TX

  6. John W. McFarland: Birth: 1804 in Tennessee. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860 in Missouri

  7. Lucinda McFarland: Birth: 1805 in Tennessee. Death: BET 1860 AND 1870 in Pettis Co., MO

  8. male McFarland: Birth: BET 1815 AND 1820.

1. Title:   1800 Federal Census Buncombe Co., NC
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2. Title:   1810 Federal Census Knox Co. KY
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3. Title:   1820 Federal Census for Knox Co., KY
4. Title:   Marriages of Jefferson County, Tennessee
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a. Note:   Mary Helen Haines notes:
  This George McFarland, son of John and Mary Kinder, has been confused at times with the George McFarland who married Nancy Golden in 1801 in Knox Co. TN. Some contend that Sally Jack died and he then married Nancy Golden. They contend that there were three children from this first marriage: George, Frances, and Nancy. If this is so, then that George Sr. would have to be living in two places at the same time.
  A George McFarland married Betsey Maddux March 16, 1812 in Greene Co. TN. (This appears to be George Jr., son of the George who moved to Knox Co. KY). There are two other children who seem to be the children of George Sr. who moves to Knox Co. KY: Frances McF. born 1795 in TN, married to James Helton on Nov. 16, 1820 in Knox Co. KY, and Nancy McF. born 1797 in TN, married to Thomas Mattox in 1820 in Knox Co. KY.
  Nancy Golden was born 1771 in Lincoln, Wilkes Co. GA (?). The family is in Knox Co. KY in 1810 as George McFarlin (26-45), next to Duncan McFarlin. In 1820 in Lynncamp Creek, Knox Co, on same page as Duncan McFarland and Rachael McFarland is George McFarland (26-44). In 1830 George (40-49) is still present along with a George McFarland Jr. (30-39) It seems likely that the George McFarland of Knox Co. KY could be associated with the Duncan McFarland family of Knox/Whitley Co. KY who had once lived in Greene Co. TN. The ages of the George McFarland of Knox Co. KY in the various census records do not always fit with the age of George McFarland born 1769.
  The George McFarland who is the son of John and Mary Kinder is in the 1800 census in Buncombe Co. NC and appears to be the George McFarland who purchased land in Morgan Co. MO in 1825. See below.
  The Jefferson Co. TN marriage records reveal that a George McFarland married Sally Jack Jan. 5, 1793. The McFarland family was neighbors with the Jack family in that area that became Cocke Co. when it was created in 1797 from Jefferson Co.
  Samuel Jack was a neighbor of John and Mary Kinder: Samuel Jack entered several tracks of land in Greene County, Tenn. in 1784 and qualified for them in 1794 and 1797. They were located on the French Broad River. This could possibly be the father of the Jack daughters that marry George and Benjamin McFarland. Samuel Jack and John McFarland appear on various records together. They were neighbors in the area of the Big Pigeon and the French Broad, along with the Wards and the Evans. John McFarland, husband of Mary Kinder, moved to Buncombe Co. NC abt. 1799 with most of his children.
  On July 8, 1795, a George McFarland was made a Lt. in a Regiment of Infantry for Jefferson Co., Territory South of Ohio. It is not clear which George McFarland this is referring to. It could be the one who later moves to Knox Co. KY
  North Carolina:
  George McFarland is listed in the 1800 census in Buncombe Co. NC. He is bet. 26 and 45. , his wife the same. He has two boys under 11, two girls under 11.
  Deed Records for Buncombe Co., NC show a purchase of 100 acres on the West side of the Pigeon R. by George McFarland on April 20, 1802 from John McFarland, Jr (husband of Rebecca Bell) for $120 , (Buncombe Deed Book 7, p. 160-161) Then on November 18, 1804, George McFarlin is selling the same land back to John McFarlin Jr. on Nov. 18, 1804 for $230. ( Deed Book 9, p. 323-324)
  Some researchers believe that George McFarland was the first of this family to go to Missouri, and it was his messages back that led to the rest of the family moving.
  Cooper County Tax List 1819 - 22. McFarlands: Alex, David, Elijah, George (two), Jacob, James Sr., James Jr., Jesse, John, Samuel, William (two). One William would be William son of John and Mary Kinder, and the other would be William Bell McFarland, son of John and Rebecca Bell McF. (This would be George Sr. and Jr.)
  A George McFarland patents 80 acres on Aug. 1, 1825 in Morgan Co. , just south of the patent made by his brother James McFarland on Otter Creek in Cooper Co.
  The next two patents by George McFarland, must be his son, made in 1835 and in 1838 in Lafayette Co. for a total of 80 acres in the same location 49N, 28 W, sect. 13, and 12. In the same township and range: 49 N-28 W, in sec. 13, 11, and 14 are patents issued to John W., Samuel, and William from the years 1827 to 1838.
  There are several George McFarlands in the earliest records in Cooper County MO. As Cooper Co. gets divided, in the 1830 census there is a younger George Mc. in Lafayette County, along with a Samuel and a Sarah, which could be referring to Sally Jack McFarland, possible widow of George McFarland, Sr. This seems to be the son of George Sr. and Sally Jack McFarland.
  I believe Sally Jack's father to be Samuel Jack of Jefferson Co. TN, and that Samuel Arthur is named for him, and the Sarah McFarland, living near George and Samuel households in Lafayette County Missouri in 1830 census, is the widow of George McFarland family.
  In 1840 census in Lafayette Co. there are Samuel, George, and John McFarland families. In 1850 they are all gone. Samuel Arthur McF. has moved to Texas but his brothers stayed behind. George, born 1793, son of this George Sr., is now living in Post Oak township, Johnson Co. along with his brother John W.
  There is another George McFarland family in nearby Johnson Co. MO in the 1830 census in Warrensburg. This George is between 20 and 30, and an Alexander McFarland is between 30 and 40. These two brothers are the sons of John McFarland, b. 1780, son of Robert and Margaret McNutt of Jefferson Co. TN. Therefore these families are cousins. George moves back home to Jefferson/Hamblen Co. TN before the 1850 census. His brother Alexander goes to California but dies the next year. George leaves behind a young son William who moves in with the Barton family, and they move to Texas also.
  James G. Morrow, supposed father of Jane Morrow is living in Jackson township of Johnson Co. at this time. In the 1850 census, John W. McFarlan, 46, born TN, is living in same Post Oak township as Robert McF. 23, born MO, who is living with his father George 56, born TN.
  Alexander 45 TN is living in Johnson Co. still, and also a Samuel, age 27 MO is present.
  In 1860 Robert 35 is still present with his father George now 66. Samuel is not present, but his wife Milly and children are.
  Concerning the other possible children; there are several marriages that take place in Cooper County in the early years that indicate children who could be from George and Sally.
  Lucinda McFarland marries Samuel Glass Nov. 28, 1822.
 Polly McFarland marries James Hill Oct. 11, 1821
 Elly McFarland marries William Tucker Aug. 31, 1826
  The following are notes from the McFarland genealogy website of Gary Morris: THEY SHOW HOW THE TWO GEORGE MCFARLANDS HAVE BEEN MIXED TOGETHER --
  ***** 45 ***** George McFARLAND, son of John McFARLAND and Mary KINDER, was born
 7 Dec 1769 in Bedford County, Virginia, died 1837 in Knox County, Kentucky.
 George married (1) 6 Jan 1793 in Jefferson County, Tennessee to Sarah (Sally)
 JACK born about 1775 in Virginia(?), died about 1797/1800 in Tennessee(?).
 George married (2) 20 Apr 1801 in Knox County, Tennessee to Nancy GOLDEN daughter
 of Richard GOLDEN and Mary Francis LOWE, born 1771 in Georgia, died 20 Feb 1855
 in Knox County, Kentucky.
  ----- NOTES FOR George McFARLAND:
 SOURCE: GENDEX: George McFarland, born 7 Dec 1769 Botetout Co, VA, md 6 Jan
 1793 Jefferson, Co, TN to Sally Jack.
 SOURCE: See Family Group Sheet at
 MARRIAGE: 1793 TENNESSEE, Jefferson County. George McFarland and Sally Jack,
 5 Jan 1793. SOURCE: IGI.
 CENSUS: 1800 NORTH CAROLINA, Buncombe County 20010-20010.
 MARRIAGE: 1801 TENNESSEE, Knox County. George McFarlane to Nancy Golden,
 April 20, 1801. SOURCE: "Marriage Records of Knox County, TN" in Tennessee
 Records: Bible Records and Marriage Records by Jeanette Tillotson Acklen 1974.
 page 372.
 TAXLIST: 1809 KENTUCKY, Knox county. George McFarland
 CENSUS: 1810 KENTUCKY, Knox county. George McFarlin 10020 - 30210 - 00. Page
 CENSUS: 1820 KENTUCKY, Knox county, Lynn Camp Creek. George McFarland p308.
 Duncan McFarland p 308. Rachael McFarland. Page 308. Jos. McFarland Page 310.
 CENSUS: 1830 KENTUCKY, Knox county. George McFarland. 1F 0-5, 2F 10-15, 1F
 20-30, 1F 50-60. Page 236. George McFarland Jr. P.239.
 CENSUS: 1840 KENTUCKY, Knox County (Nancy? age 70-80) with Thomas Golding
 CENSUS: 1850 KENTUCKY, Knox County Nancy McFarlan age 79, with family of
 Thomas Golding age 42 and wife Mary.
  ----- NOTES FOR Nancy GOLDEN:
 PARENTS: Richard GOLDEN and Mary Francis LOWE.
 MOTHER: Also listed as nancy or Franky Lowe.
 BIRTH: In Wilkes or Lincoln, GA.
 DEATH: "History of Knox co, KY & SE KY" by Elmer Decker 1855 Vital Records,
 Nancy McFarland 90, parents Rich and Franky Gilder (golden), died 20 Feb 1855,
 dropsy, b. Georgia.
  ===CHILDREN of George McFARLAND and Sarah (Sally) JACK
  + 144 George McFARLAND b abt 1794 Tennessee(?). M Elizabeth
 (Betsy) MADDOX.
 + 145 Frances (Franky) McFARLAND b abt 1795 Tennessee. M
 James HELTON.
 + 146 Nancy McFARLAND b abt 1797 Tennessee(?). M (1) Thomas
 MATTOX. M (2) Benjamin WHEELER.
 + 147 Samuel McFARLAND b 1800 Cocke County, Tennessee. M Jane
 Priscilla MORROW.
  ===CHILDREN of George McFARLAND and Nancy GOLDEN
  + 148 Arthur McFARLAND b abt 1802 Knox County, Kentucky. M
 Peggy McCARVER.
 + 149 John McFARLAND b 1802/1804 Knox County, Tennessee. M
 Silvania _____.
 + 150 Jane McFARLAND b abt 1805 Knox County, Tennessee. M
 George Thomas HUBBARD.
 + 151 Margaret (Peggy) McFARLAND b abt 1807 Knox County,
 Kentucky. M Moses HUBBARD.
 + 152 Hannah McFARLAND b abt 1809 Knox County, Kentucky(?). M
 Reuben MUNCY.
 + 153 Mary Ann McFARLAND b abt 1817 Knox County, Kentucky. M
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