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Marriage: Children:
  1. Andrew Jackson McFarland: Birth: 03 SEP 1817 in Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. Death: 14 AUG 1883 in Fannin Co. Texas

  2. John Ewing McFarland: Birth: 04 JUL 1819 in Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. Death: BEF 1845 in Texas

  3. Sarah Jane McFarland: Birth: 03 APR 1821 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 30 NOV 1903 in Fannin Co., Texas

  4. Anna McFarland: Birth: 29 MAR 1823 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: BEF 1880 in Fannin Co., Texas

  5. Albert McFarland: Birth: 10 NOV 1824 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 13 APR 1862 in during Civil War service in Indian Territory

  6. Rebecca McFarland: Birth: 03 OCT 1826 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 19 OCT 1888 in Porum, Muskogee Co., Oklahoma

  7. Jasper McFarland: Birth: 10 AUG 1828 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 07 FEB 1888 in near Caddo Mills, Hunt Co., Texas

  8. Cynthia Ann McFarland: Birth: 21 JUN 1830 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: BEF 1867

  9. James R. McFarland: Birth: 25 AUG 1832 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: ABT 1865 in The Civil War

  10. William M. McFarland: Birth: 17 MAY 1834 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 29 OCT 1852 in Fannin Co., Texas

  11. Mary Jane McFarland: Birth: 30 MAY 1836 in St Francois Co., MO. Death: 14 FEB 1878 in Fannin Co., Texas

  12. Newton M. McFarland: Birth: 11 OCT 1839 in Fannin Co., Texas. Death: 02 SEP 1872 in Fannin Co., Texas

  13. Arthur Rodney McFarland: Birth: 14 AUG 1844 in Fannin Co., Texas. Death: ABT 1899 in Chickasha, Grady Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

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a. Note:   Mary Helen Haines research and notes:
  I just bet that James E. stands for James Ewing.
  Missouri Records:
  Land: Deed Book A: pp. 234-235 Oct. 20, 1826 Elliott Jackson gives to daughter Jane and her husband James McFarland 151 acre tract on the waters of St. Francis River, on northwest corner of James Davis's 400 arpen tract.
 On pp. 442-443. James McFarland purchased 340 acres for $960. on northwest corner of Nathaniel Cook's 800 arpen track from Elliott Jackson.
  On p. 456 James McF.and wife Jane sells to Ambrose Willliams 225 acres for $650. on Aug. 23, 1831.
 On p. 498 James and wife Jane sells to Wm Brewer 170 acres for $500. on Nov. 5. 1832.
 On. Oct. 10, 1836 James and wife Jane sells 340 acres of Davis Survey to Samuel P. Harris for $1050 (Twnship 35, section 24, 25, Range 6 east)
  Not sure where this record is, but Lola McFarland Hill was informed by the St. Francois County Clerk of a record I missed where on Nov. 1, 1832, Elliott Jackson, as attorney for Rucker Jackson of Hempstead Co. Arkansas sold 170 acres to James McFarland. This is probably in Book A as well. The family probably stopped in Arkansas for a short time before moving on in to Texas in 1837.
 Credited as a founder, with Daniel Davis, of the Ladonia community. Daniel Davis was the earliest settler, arriving in 1836, therefore receiving a Class 1 land grant. Because of his early death in Nov. 1837, his family sold his land and moved away. James McFarland purchased much of it that connected to his own land grant, and his grandchild James Franklin McFarland's homestead was on Daniel Davis land.
  Southwestern Historical Quarterly: History of Fannin County, Texas, 1836-1843, p. 297 is discussing the Indian attack on the home of Daniel Davis in Nov. 1837 "Davis, less fortunate, had one arm broken and received a ball through his breast that killed him instantly. During that night a heavy rain had fallen forcing a scouting party of twelve or fourteen men from Lyday's Fort to seek shelter at the Davis house. This proved a fortunate thing for the remainder of the family, for no sooner had the Indians fired upon the two at the gate than they charged the house. They were swarming over the fences when the rangers opened the door. The sight of their unexpectedly large numbers caused the savages to retire in spite of the fact that the scouts were caught unarmed by the sudden attack and did not fire a shot. The rangers moved the dead man and his family from the scene of the tragedy to James McFarland's place three miles to the eastward, and it was there that Andrew Davis, the son, learned of his father's death, at ten o'clock in the morning, as he was returning fom the fort where he had been sent the night before with an old slave to obtain some hogs."
  If this account is accurate, then it might be that Daniel Davis is buried in the McFarland cemetery, and was its first burial.
  See "Our McFarland Family's History and Migrations" for more history about the settlement of Texas. More information on land titles, wills, probates, etc. can be found in the document "Land Issues Concerning James McFarland and his Children" written by Mary Helen Haines. Note: in some places his middle initial is shown as an M. This is a typo deriving from the Mc in McFarland, I believe. It is possible that his middle name is Ewing, since this name appears several times in this family.
  Patent #264 for 1280 acres. 2nd class grant. February 23, 1845. In the original survey James' land includes the North Sulphur River, but in a survey dating from the 1870s it stops short of the river and two plots that include the river are in the names of a Cunningham and a Fulton.
  James makes a few other purchases. In 1847 he buys from Morgan Mullens part of the Rice Smith survey for $9.75. (Book G. p. 368) Then in 1853 he buys land in the Davis Creek area from Allen Tilly. (Book G. p. 442)
  In the 1850 census James and Jane are fam. #217 living with James, 17, Wm, 16, Mary Jane, 14, Newton, 10, and Arthur, 5. James land is valued at $1000. Land is valued at approximately $1.00 an acre. Fam. #216 is Anna McF. Etheridge with husband Howard on land valued at $100. Fam. #218 is Sarah McF. Sebastian with husband Elijah on land valued at $30. Jackson is living with his family #221 on land valued at $1500. Living not too far away is John McFarland, James older brother, fam. #229 living with his wife Mary, daughter Eliza and her husband Francois Deguire. Jasper McFarland is fam. #225 living next to Andrew White, Thomas P. Ratton, and John and Nancy Pence (Artemissa's father and mother). Jasper's land is only worth $89. Cintha A. McF. Tucker is living with husband James C. Tucker, but they have no land. Fam. #176 is Rebecca McF. and husband Hezekiah Blankenship, with no land, living next to Albert, fam. #175 who has land valued at $240.
  Unaccounted for is John Ewing McFarland. On July 7, 1845 James and Jane appear at the Fannin County court to claim a land certificate for 640 acres in the name of their deceased son, John Ewing McFarland. They are issued certificate #152- a 2nd class headright. I assume he is the McFarland son who died in the Indian raid that led to the establishment of the McFarland cemetery. James and Jane hold on to this certificate until February, 1871 when they sell it to O.P. Richardson for $320.00, or .50 cents an acre. The document reads "the land certificate issued by the Board of land Commissioners of Fannin Co. to our deceased legitimate son John Ewing McFarland." (Book T, p. 199). When this land was finally surveyed in 1874, it was located in Hunt County along the Caddo Fork of the Sabine River, near present day Caddo Mills. In 1875 the formal land grants, #636 and #637, were issued by the State of Texas to the Heirs of John Ewing McFarland. (certified copies of both documents)
  James then proceeds to give grants to his daughters and sons-in-law. In 1853 he gives Mary Jane and her husband Wm. R. Terry 130 acres of land from Daniel Davis survey, and Allen Tilley purchase. (Deed Book G, p. 444) He gives Elijah Sebastian, his son-in-law, and his daughter Sarah, a deed of 44 acres, July 28, 1855 (Book L, p. 84.) Hezekiah Blankenship dies in 1852, leaving Rebecca a widow and Jackson McFarland is the executor of his estate (Box 3, Case #114).
  In the 1860 census, James and Jane are fam. #598 living with Newton and Arthur R. on land valued at $4000, with personal property valued at $2000. Fam. #598 is L. Cunningham, married to Mary Jane McF. Cunningham, who has already buried 2 husbands. They are living on land valued at $300, personal property at $600. Fam. #599 is Elijah Sebastian and Sarah McF. with land valued at $400 and personal property at $200. The Moses Cunningham and John Hulsey families have moved in and bought big chunks of land near by. Jackson is Fam. #586 on land valued at $3000, with personal property of $2000.
  James and Jane sell 200 acres of their headright to son Newton McFarland for $100 on May 23, 1870. Deed Book T, p. 275
  Starting in May, 1870, filed for record Oct. 27, 1871, In Deed Book U, pp. 50, 51, 52
 All three documents are the conveyance of land titles to Anna Ethridge, Sarah Sebastian and Arthur McFarland. It seems that James and Jane McFarland wanted to disperse most of their land to their children while they were still alive, knowing that they would not be living much longer.
 Sarah is given 156 acres, Anna is given 160 acres, Sarah gives to Arthur 44 acres that she had been given previously in 1855 (part of Rice Smith survey). is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.