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a. Note:   N321 Riggsdale Property Dubbo (approx 110 acres) in Narromine Rd was owned by William Jobson - reference Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser.
  William Jobson (1835 ? 1902) - my great great grandfather ? acquired considerable wealth and property during his life, and was in a position to employ servants. He is recorded as having owned sale yards and abattoirs; he discovered slate at Towrang, established a quarry, and persuaded the State government to set up a railway siding at there to more easily transport the slate to Sydney; he is listed as one of the more enterprising entrepreneurs of Goulburn. While the suggestion by the Goulburn Historical Society that William used his licence to manage the Sale Yards as a front to sell the cattle his brothers stole cannot be disregarded, it remains speculation. It is equally possible that William could have considered assisting his brothers in such a way as being counter-productive for his business interests. As the family dispute over the payment of upkeep for his mother indicates, he was not averse to challenging the claims his family might make of him.
b. Note:   NSW BDM V18351145 20/1835 F John M Eliza
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