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1. Title:   GEDCOM file submitted by Cathy Ann Abernathy

a. Note:   Husband's Name Anthony BUCKNER (AFN:G3DV-FQ) Pedigree Born: 1575 Place: Christened: 6 Jan 1575 Place: St. Aldate, Oxford, England Died: 1643 Place: St Aldate, Oxford, Eng Buried: Place: St Aldate, Oxford, Eng Married: Bef 1613 Place: Father: Hugh BUCKNER (AFN:G3F4-G0) Family Mother: Mrs. (BUCKNER) (AFN:G3F4-H5) Wife's Name Margaret LANE (AFN:G3DV-GW) Pedigree Born: Abt. 1579 Place: Binefield, Berkshire, England Married: Bef 1613 Place: Father: Mother: Children 1. Sex Name M Robert BUCKNER (AFN:G3DV-H3) Pedigree Born: 9 Apr 1615 Place: , , England 2. Sex Name F Jane BUCKNER (AFN:G3DV-KF) Pedigree Born: 3 May 1622 Place: , , England 3. Sex Name M Anthony BUCKNER (AFN:G3DV-J8) Pedigree Born: 7 Nov 1617 Place: , , England source:
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