Robert /Harcourt/
B: 1121
P: Beaumont, France
D: 1190-08-31
P: Durazzo Provence, West, Albania

 Robert /De Beaumont/
B: 1104
P: Leicester, Leicestershire, England
M: 1120-11
P: , Brittany, France
D: 1168-04-05
P: Leicester Abbey, Leicester, Leicestershire...

 Amice /De Gael/
B: 1108
P: , Norfolk, England
D: 1168
P: Leicester Abbey, Lcstrs, Leicestershire, E...

 Robert /De Beaumont/
B: 1046
P: Pont Audemer, Beaumont, Normandy, France
M: 1096
P: , Valois, Bretagne, France
D: 1118-06-05
P: , Leicestershire, England

 Isabel /De Vermandois/
B: 1085
P: Valois, Bretagne, France
D: 1131-02-13
P: St Nicaise, Meulan, D-Sens, France

 Ralph /De Waiet/
B: 1078
P: Montfort, Normandy, France
M: 1107
P: , Norfolk, England
D: 1096
P: Montfort, Normandy, France

 Emma /Fitzosborne/
B: 1075
P: , Norfolk, England
D: 1095
P: , Norfolk, England

 Roger /De Beaumont/
B: 1022
P: Pont Audemer, Normandy, France
M: 1040
P: , Ile De France, France
D: 1094
P: Abbey, Preaux, Normandy, France
 Adeliza /Meulent/
B: 1014
P: Ponteaudemer, Normandy, France
D: 1081
P: Abbey Du Bec, France
 Hugues /De France/
B: 1053
P: Vermandois, Normandy, France
M: 1064
P: , France
D: 1102-10-18
P: Tarsus, Cilicie,
 Adelle /Vermandois/
B: 1065
P: Valois, Isle De France, France
D: 1121-09-28
P: Vermandois, France
 Ralph Seigneur /De Gael/
B: 1040
P: Gael, Brittany, France
M: 1075
P: Exning, Cambridgeshire, England
D: 1095
P: Exning, Cambridgeshire, England
 Emma /Fitzosborne/
B: 1059
P: Breteuil, Normandy, France
D: 1095
P: , Ontario, Canada
 William /Fitzosborne/
B: 1056
P: Normandy, France
D: 1070-02-20
P: Hereford, Herfordshire, England
 Adeliza /De Toenry/
B: 1058
P: , Norfolk, England
D: 1066
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