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a. Note:   NI4380
Note:   Thomas Brandon 240 acres Fair Forest Creek 96th Dist. Oct. 5, 1784 Thomas Brandon 257 acres and 167acres in 96 Dist. Feb. 1, 1790 Thomas Brandon 246 acres Fair Forest Creek 96 Dist. Aug. 5, 1793 Thomas Brandon with Isaac Edwards 110 acres Fairforest Creek. June 2, 1794 Thomas Brandon 218 acres Dutchman Creek Union Co. July 5, 1794 Thomas Brandon 793 acres and 794 acres 96 Dist. Jan. 6, 1796 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Organized the SC Militia in Rev. War. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ July 1783: Lease and release, John Berwick, Thomas Waring and John Ewing Calhoun, Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, to THOMAS BRANDON, Esqr., of Ninety Six District, SC, for �507 sterling, tract being part of lands late the property of Thomas Fletchall on both sides of Fair Forrest Creek of Tygar River, 150 acres adjoining the land of Bellew, James Hansworth and Turner Roundtree. Witnessed by John Cart, Junr, James O'Hear. Proved in Charleston District by the oath of James O'Hear on 16 Feb 1787 before D. Mazyck, J.P. Recorded on 16 Feb 1787. [See Charleston SC Deed Book W-5, pages 344-347.]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ WILL: Recorded in Will Book A Page 144 Recorded 8th March 1802 Box 4 Package 51
In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Brandon General a citizen of the United American States & Living at this time in the State of South Carolina Union District--Begin Sick in body but Blessed be God of Sound memory Knowing that ALL men must die do make my Last will and Testament in manner and form following first I Recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who give it and as suching Such worldly Goods & Lands and Chattels it hath Been please God to Bless me with I depos & Bequeith in the following Manner first that all my Just Debts be paid & to my Loving wife Rebecka Brandon I give all the property that was bequethed to her by her Leat husband George Harland to her and her heirs forever. Item I Give and Bequesth to my three Sons Thomas Brandon and William Brandon & James Brandon all my Estate Real and Personal of whatsoever Nature or kind to them adn their heirs forever.---------------------------- Itim All my Neagroes and Stock to Remain on my plantation till my Son James Come to the Age of twentyone and at that time an Eazual Divison be made among my three sons aforesaid it is further my will that George Brandon Son of my Brother John of Browns Creek & George Young of Duncans Creek to be my Sole Executors of this my Last will and Testament and I the said Thomas Do hereby Revoak and Disanull all and Evry will & Testament by me made hereto fore Declairing this and No other to be my Last will and Testament. Witness my Hand this 14th Day of December Anno Dommini 1801 & in the twenty sixth year of American Independence. Tests-it is my will that my loving wife Rebekah live on my Plantation Dureing her Natural Life.
Thomas Brandon {Seal} Arthur Brandon Miles Sumner {his X mark} Jesse Howard
I Thomas Brandon of the District of Union being in perfect sence and memory do direct this to be received as an addition to my last Will & Testament, that is to say, after the arrival of my son James to the age of Twenty one years, I direct my Executors to raise out of my Estate in the most convenient way they may think proper Fifty pounds current money & divide the Same equally between my five Daughters viz. Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Martha & Anna, & that at the same time I also give my Said Daughters each of them one feather Bed & furniture, including those that have already received one. Witness my hand & Seal this second day of February on thousand eight hundred & two. The above delivered to us by the Testator, who also signed Sealed & acknowledged in our presence Thos Brandon {Seal} John Sanders, Joseph Hughes, John Savage Recorded in Will Book A Page 144 the 8th March 1802, Ben Haile Ordy, Box 4, package 51 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.