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a. Note:   uite few prior to the age of five.
  I recall standing by what must have been a Baptismal Font with a person in a white Robe and a Lady who must have been my mother.They seemed to be conversing. I think that this was the time of my Baptism. This must have been in Fort Wayne Indiana. My age would have been less than four. I recall nothing else earlier than episodes that occurred when we lived at the end of the lane at Alva Swains's farm where we first moved to Little Blue fromFort Wayne, Indiana.
  We lived in a little white house on the north side of the lane where it exited onto the main road which ran north past Genie Macy's house, Lee Macy's house, the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Pressnals, Northums, Bertie Rigsbee's and finally at the nex tcrossroads, The Number Nine School House. All of these were on the east side of the road. The west side was farm land owned by Alva Swain and Bertie Rigsbee. North of Rigsbee's house and barn there was a Beech Grove containing mature Beech Trees. (I remember eating Beech Nuts in the Fall of the year). I believe that now 70 years later, that there are only occasional ancient trees anywhere in that part of Indiana, and that no young trees have existed for some time. Sad. They were beautiful.
  The kitchen was located on the northwest of the house. Just inside the door on the north of the kitchen was the range .It burned coal or wood, or both. Over the range was the warmingoven, on top of which my father located a small egg which he led me to believe was deposited there by our Bantam hen. He may have been teasing me. I wonder! The Bantam Rooster was a handsome fellow. There is a picture somewhere in my collection of me holding the little hen
  One day I was experimenting with a new word that I had learned from some of the "big boys" in the neighborhood. I vividly recall that Aunt Pearl called to me from the window on the east side of the house and gently, but firmly, informed me that the word was not to be used, or words to that affect! I was suitably impressed it seems, as I can recall this very clearly seventy three years later! I cannot however recall the word. Just as well, I expect.
  One day Daddy called me into the yard and pointed to an airplane in the sky. This was the first that I had ever seen. They were rare in those days. I thought that it looked like a leaf from a tree floating in the air.
  I also recall a visit from Uncle Roy Young (LeRoy), he went fishing in Little Blue River, perhaps under the covered bridge which was located south of our house. There were tri-cycles as I recall. Details are faint, but I remember his face and mannerisms quite clearly. He had, as a child, lived just across the road, played in and under the Covered Bridge about one eighth of a mile south so perhaps he did "wet a line" and have recollections of his childhood.
  The Lane extended slightly upward, to the west to the white two storied house of Alva and Mary Swain, around which was a large green lawn. A porch extended around the south, east and north of the house. There was a windmill at the south entrance which lead into the kitchen. This pumped water into a storage tank which supplied water to the house and wherever needed. I recall a table on which were loaves of fresh baked bread covered with white cloths. The aroma was heavenly! Virginia and I were invited to arrive at about this time on Monday mornings, and were rewarded by a slice of warm bread spread with homemade butter! Ummmm. Alva and Mary had no children. They were very kind to our family.
  The second story of this house was a place where I loved to go on a rainy day. There was a dormer window on the south looking out over the trees which grew in considerable number on both sides of Little Blue River which flowed in a westerly direction about an eighth of a mile to the south. The main attraction to me was bookcases which contained National Geographic magazines starting with the first years of publication. I spent hours looking at the pictures. I had not yet learned to read.
  In the front room down stairs was an Edison record player well stocked with those tube like records. I can still hear quite clearly in memory the tremendous bass voice of the man who sang "There once was a man from the town of Mazoula, whose name was Augustus Mile" etc, etc. "Who played on his big bass viol".
  Another fond recollection is the time when Daddy took me with him west of the Swain's house, along the north bank of the river where he cut a christmas tree and we dragged it home through the soft snow.
  The Wall family lived a short distance down the road on the east side. I mention this because I recall that one of my parents asked one day where I had obtained a copper penny. I reported that I had found it on the floor at the Walls. At this point I was instructed that we should respect the property of others, was directed to return the penny, and to confess my wrong doing. This I did. I was ashamed and impressed. My confession was graciously accepted and I was forgiven.
  We have a little black Leather note book of Mother's. Inscribed in the front is "Helen Dougherty, 187 Gordon St., Atlanta Ga." The date Jan 1913, is written at the top of one of the pages near the front. It seems to be a little expense book, in which the costs of groceries are listed for the next 12 months or so. To illustrate: "Tues. Milk .04, nuts 10, cakes .05" etc.
  All of this is of very little import, of course, but in the back of the book in my Father's writing is the date Apr. 8, 1918, and Apr 10, 1918 and a start of a record of some sort about Butter?!?
  In the back of the book in his hand writing is written the following. "March-1918. 1st week at Little Blue. Bought of Alva Swain 2 doz. eggs------.60, 2 lbs butter" etc.
  I document this because we lived in a house at the end of the Lane at Alva and Mary Swain's, and I had no record of when we moved there until I found this. I am sure that we move to Little Blue from Fort Wayne, Indiana at that time..
  I attended Manilla High School only 2 years and then we moved to Boston IN where I completed HS in 1933.
  I then started in Marion College (Marion IN) where I spent 2 years and then went to Earlham 2 years, graduated with AB degree in 1937. Then to Indiana U. School of Medicine at Bloomington for my 1st year of Medical School then to Indianapolis for the next 3 years of medical school (subsequently all 4 years of Med School are at Indianapolis) and subsequent Internship and 2 years of Medical Residency at the Indianapolis Hospital (now Wishard). Then into the US Navy for 3 years, back to City Hospital for 1 year Fellowship in Gastroenterology, then to Eli Lilly and Co. and after a short time in practice in Indianapolis, moved to Phoenix in 1954.
  41-42 intern 42-43 resident at the hospital on the Lilly Lab for Clinical Research - anemia and blood pressure 43-44 - resident in Internal Medicine at the hospital wanted to join the Navy, but Office of Procurement wanted him to stay in the hospital 1944 joined the Navy. LT Jr Grade Went to Great Lakes Naval Training Center in IL. Aug 1944 6 weeks at Normal OK, US naval Hosp Sep 1944 San Francisco to Guam for 1 1/2 years when VJ Day occurred then to DC and the office of the Joint Research and Dev Board, Navy Sec wrote the terms of reference( the rules) for the Committe for Biological Warfare. Camp Dietrich was the location of the Committee. March 1946 he returned and family went to DC; lived at Centerville near Manassas July/Aug 1947 moved to Carthage Indiana Sep 1947 (Warren born) lived in apt on Oakland Spring 1948 brought house on 42nd st - (Mother didn't like it. She was isolated and was too far in the country) Nov 1948 moved to Medford St. Indianapolis July 1954 moved to Phoenix
  Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 01:09:20 EST In my "notes" wrote of hearing from my parents that the President being killed and I sat on a big sack of sugar and cried. This was at Springvale as I recall and I must have been about 6 yrs old. It was in the kitchen and I guess that canning was being done.??!! (Maybe this was Warren G. Harding who died in Aug 1923; WCY would have been about 9)
  written 10/6/2003 You will recall I believe that I spent 1 and 1/2 years on the beautiful Island of Guam, Sept "44 to Mar 45. I then returned to Washington DC, to the Surgeon General's office of the Navy, and stayed in DC until August 1947.
  I liked DC and even explored the possibility of staying there in practice after getting out of the Navy and decided against it, as I needed another year of residency to get my Board requirements. Your mother recalls that while in DC I stated that I really didn't want to go back to Indianapolis
  I returned to Indpls to take an additional year of Fellowship at the Indianapolis City Hospital. During that year I still did not make a decision as to what I wanted to do in Medicine. A friend of mine who worked at Eli Lilly and Company knowing my indecision, said " why don't you join us at Lilly"? I did, and spent about 2 years there. The work was very nice, all in all satisfactory, however I wanted to "practice medicine" so when Doctor Clifford Ernst asked me to join him I did so. (That is another story). I took over his Family Practice in west Indianapolis, and converted it to a practice of Internal Medicine while he took another years residency in Internal Medicine. He then rejoined me and we shared an office with a senior Physician, a friend of Dr. Ernst in the Banker's Trust Building. When Doctor Ernst came back to join us, our practice soon grew so that we had to find another office for Ernst and Young.
  Indianapolis was at that time grossly polluted with coal smoke of many factories and other coal burning heaters. This was particularly true in the winter (one didn't dare to wear a white shirt). Also we made house calls, and sometimes got "stuck" at the curb unable to pull out because of the ice. This happened at night of course! Ernst's children spent the winter with colds and sinus infections. He said lets get out of here and go join our friends the Pflums in Phoenix AZ.! We went to Phoenix, in July of 1953, explored the possibilities, came again to Phoenix in March 1954 to take our Basic Science Examinations in order to get our License and finally with the help of Bob Pflum and his wife Alice, moved to Phoenix in July of 1954.

Note:   I have been searching my memory for earliest recollections. They seem q
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