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  From the Philadelphia Inquirer of October 17, 1885
  Two Brothers Brutally Murdered by Robbers
  Shocking Affair in a Mountain Village of Luceerne County Cold Blooded Fratricide in the West
  [Special Dispatch to the Inquirer]
  Wilkesbarre, PA, Oct. 16 -- A horrible double tragedy occurred last night at Seybertville, a little mining hamlet in the west of the mountains eight miles from Hazleton. John and William Lester (sic) brothers and bachelors, aged 45 and 48 years respectively, worked a farm of forty acres which they cleared from the wilderness twelve years ago. They were of thrifty habits, cooked their own meals and lived like hermits. It was known to all the neighbors that they had considerable money in the house. Last night between the hours of twelve and one the brothers were brutally murdered.
  this morning a neighbor living some distance away went to the farm for the purpose of purchasing some potatoes. Finding the front door locked he went to the rear and half over the threshold of the back door lay the body of John Kester, his head smashed to a jelly. One eye gouged out, the last arm broken and a knife stab in the breast, he must have fought desperately with his assailants. The other brother, William, was found in the attic. A bullet hole pierced his head. The presumption is that the two brothers, who slept alone, were commanded by the assassins to give up their money and that John resisted, when he was murdered; William, seeing the fate of his brother, led the way to the garret for the purpose of giving the robbers the money in hiding , and that after it was given to them they shot him to hide all traces of their crime. The whole surrounding country is wild with excitement, and if the murderers are caught they will be lynched. Four tramps, among whom was a printer, were seen making their way across fields, going in the direction of Freeland at an early hour this morning. It is the belief that they are the murderers. A posse of 45 men is now in pursuit.
  {The murders were never solved}
  {A reward of $500 went unclaimed}
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