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Margaret N. Moser: Birth: 1916 in Tennessee. Death: 29 Dec 1973 in Hopkins County, Kentucky
Nicholas Mark Moser: Birth: 11 Sep 1942 in Cecil County, Maryland. Death: 30 Mar 1984 in Calhoun County, West Virginia
Paul George Moser: Birth: 1925 in Tennessee. Death: 6 May 1991 in Marion County, Indiana
Rachel Mildred Moser: Birth: 7 Jan 1938 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Death: 9 May 1989 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Ralph B. Moser: Birth: 21 Mar 1951 in Cullman County, Alabama. Death: 24 Nov 1994 in Crawford County, Georgia
Samuel Joseph Moser: Birth: 1923 in Tennessee. Death: 9 May 2002 in Fulton County, Arkansas
Theodore P. Moser: Birth: 17 Jun 1937 in Greene County, New York. Death: 29 Dec 1991 in Stevens County, Washington
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Alexander Spears Moses: Birth: 29 Jan 1948 in Iowa. Death: 17 Oct 1986 in Montague County, Texas
Alfred Albert Moses: Birth: 17 Nov 1922 in Georgia. Death: 24 May 1998 in Alabama
Alfred C. Moses: Birth: 1906 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Death: 19 Sep 1941 in Washington County, Ohio
Barbara Henrietta Moses: Birth: 1928 in Georgia. Death: 28 Jan 1979 in Henderson County, Kentucky
Charles J. Moses: Birth: 30 Aug 1908 in Indiana. Death: 8 Jan 1949 in Saint Francis County, Arkansas
Charlotte H. Moses: Birth: 1924 in Orange County, Indiana. Death: 19 Feb 1978 in Iowa
Christopher James Moses: Birth: 31 Aug 1915 in New York. Death: 19 Apr 1978 in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
Clara Isabella Moses: Birth: 1919 in Iowa. Death: 4 Jul 2001 in Andrew County, Missouri
Cora Josephine Moses: Birth: 14 Apr 1943 in Orange County, Indiana. Death: 8 Jan 2004 in DeKalb County, Indiana
Edward Daniel Moses: Birth: ABT 1899 in Georgia. Death: 20 Apr 1981 in Marshall County, Mississippi
Ellen Amanda Moses: Birth: 1920 in Alabama. Death: 13 Dec 1990 in Franklin County, Tennessee
Florence S. Moses: Birth: 1873 in Summers County, West Virginia. Death: ABT 1915 in Ashe County, North Carolina
Grace A. Moses: Birth: 9 May 1945 in Athens County, Ohio. Death: 15 Mar 1980 in Marion County, Alabama
James P. Moses: Birth: 20 Dec 1930 in West Virginia. Death: 25 May 1991 in Howard County, Indiana
John R. Moses: Birth: 1919 in Iowa. Death: 25 Dec 1975 in Gentry County, Missouri
Joshua J. Moses: Birth: during 1908 in Kentucky. Death: 20 Sep 1964 in Alabama
Leonard R. Moses: Birth: 20 Jun 1940 in Orange County, Indiana. Death: 12 Dec 1991 in Powell County, Montana
Matthew M. Moses: Birth: 1924 in Georgia. Death: 21 Oct 2005 in Escambia County, Florida
Nancy Helen Moses: Birth: 1904 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Death: 8 Dec 1982 in Grundy County, Tennessee
Theodore A. Moses: Birth: 19 Apr 1935 in Union County, Georgia. Death: 24 Jun 1998 in Georgia
Thomas A. Moses: Birth: 25 Nov 1905 in Knox County, Indiana. Death: 25 Aug 1996 in Peoria County, Illinois
Virginia C. Moses: Birth: 23 Oct 1947 in Athens County, Ohio. Death: 13 Jan 1978 in Clinton County, Ohio
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Adam Bowen Mosley: Birth: ABT 1921 in Michigan. Death: 11 Apr 2005 in Delaware County, Indiana
Agnes Caroline Mosley: Birth: 1909 in Ohio. Death: 17 Aug 1977 in Missouri
Agnes Catherine Mosley: Birth: 1871 in New Jersey. Death: 1922 in Ohio
Alfred Hiram Mosley: Birth: 1900 in Pennsylvania. Death: 6 Feb 1959 in West Virginia
Andrew R. Mosley: Birth: 1882 in Virginia.
Ann Caroline Mosley: Birth: ABT 1874 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Death: 3 Nov 1949 in Fremont County, Colorado
Ann Ellen Mosley: Birth: 1 Nov 1890 in Pennsylvania. Death: 29 Aug 1930 in Oldham County, Texas
Ann Laura Mosley: Birth: ABT 1926 in Michigan. Death: 17 Oct 1979 in Grundy County, Iowa
Arthur David Mosley: Birth: 26 Feb 1911 in New York. Death: 14 Oct 1987 in Prince George County, Virginia
Benjamin Coleman Mosley: Birth: 11 Feb 1931 in Mason County, Michigan. Death: 9 May 2003 in Davis County, Iowa
Betty Martha Mosley: Birth: 13 Jun 1897 in Champaign County, Illinois. Death: 19 Sep 1962 in Texas County, Missouri
Caroline Barbara Mosley: Birth: 1886 in Champaign County, Illinois. Death: 11 Apr 1979 in Waupaca County, Wisconsin
Charles Lowe Mosley: Birth: ABT 1853 in New Jersey. Death: 23 Oct 1914 in North Carolina
Charles M. Mosley: Birth: 5 Feb 1911 in Ohio. Death: 19 Jul 1981 in Effingham County, Illinois
Charles Mosley: Birth: 2 Mar 1828 in Saratoga County, New York. Death: 1914 in Wayne County, Ohio
Christopher Andrew Mosley: Birth: 22 Oct 1891 in Michigan. Death: 31 Mar 1935 in Mecosta County, Michigan
Christopher E. Mosley: Birth: ABT 1913 in Virginia. Death: 15 May 1977 in Michigan
Christopher Joseph Mosley: Birth: 1898 in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. Death: 5 Sep 1962 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Christopher Lewis Mosley: Birth: 18 Feb 1899 in New Jersey. Death: 24 Jan 1955 in Throckmorton County, Texas
Cora Emily Mosley: Birth: 11 Oct 1894 in Pennsylvania. Death: 21 Jul 1975 in Lake County, Ohio
Cora G. Mosley: Birth: ABT 1878 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Death: 3 Jun 1942 in Marion County, South Carolina
Cora R. Mosley: Birth: ABT 1919 in West Virginia. Death: 16 Apr 1975 in Monroe County, Michigan
Edith H. Mosley: Birth: 18 Jan 1939 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Death: 7 Jul 1999 in DeWitt County, Illinois
Edward Carson Mosley: Birth: 1927 in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 Dec 1983 in Minnesota
Elizabeth H. Mosley: Birth: 11 May 1888 in Illinois. Death: 29 May 1938 in Crittenden County, Kentucky
Ellen Evelyn Mosley: Birth: 3 Feb 1914 in Alabama. Death: 29 May 1995 in Louisiana
Ellen H. Mosley: Birth: 1906 in Ross County, Ohio. Death: 1 Aug 1993 in Marshall County, Tennessee
Ellen V. Mosley: Birth: 17 Mar 1931 in Noble County, Indiana. Death: 21 Jul 1995 in Edgar County, Illinois
Frederick Griffin Mosley: Birth: 14 Apr 1941 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Death: 23 Apr 2000 in Missouri
Hannah E. Mosley: Birth: 21 Nov 1928 in Mason County, Michigan. Death: 11 May 1970 in Indiana
Hannah I. Mosley: Birth: 1904 in Pennsylvania. Death: 5 Feb 1992 in Montague County, Texas
Henrietta E. Mosley: Birth: 1868 in New York.
Henrietta Florence Mosley: Birth: 29 Dec 1886 in Pennsylvania. Death: 23 Jul 1932 in Cameron County, Pennsylvania
Henrietta M. Mosley: Birth: 1920 in Virginia. Death: 21 Mar 1977 in Fountain County, Indiana
Henry R. Mosley: Birth: ABT 1861 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Death: 1915 in Missouri
Hiram Reuben Mosley: Birth: 1923 in Virginia. Death: 3 Aug 1997 in Cabell County, West Virginia
Irene B. Mosley: Birth: 6 Aug 1929 in Pennsylvania. Death: 11 May 1997 in Mathews County, Virginia
Isabella S. Mosley: Birth: 1921 in Indiana. Death: 26 Sep 1973 in Michigan
Jane Josephine Mosley: Birth: 1903 in Ohio. Death: 1934 in Anderson County, South Carolina
Jesse Perkins Mosley: Birth: 1926 in Virginia. Death: 29 Mar 1974 in Laurens County, South Carolina
John Valentine Mosley: Birth: 1913 in Virginia. Death: 12 Jan 1986 in North Carolina
Joseph Adam Mosley: Birth: ABT 1867 in New Jersey.
Josephine Mosley: Birth: 19 Nov 1883 in Pennsylvania. Death: 6 Sep 1935 in Page County, Virginia
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