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Michael Matthew Barr: Birth: ABT 1868 in Indiana. Death: 20 May 1941 in Illinois
Nancy Helen Barr: Birth: 17 Oct 1909 in Ohio. Death: 25 Feb 1975 in Kalkaska County, Michigan
Nancy Paula Barr: Birth: 14 Jul 1930 in Indiana. Death: 16 Oct 1986 in Campbell County, South Dakota
Paul Charles Barr: Birth: 9 Aug 1931 in Gladwin County, Michigan. Death: 16 Mar 1987 in Clinton County, Ohio
Rebecca S. Barr: Birth: 1879 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Death: 27 Feb 1961 in Delaware County, Ohio
Rufus Alexander Barr: Birth: 1879 in Indiana. Death: 14 Dec 1932 in Allen County, Ohio
Rufus M. Barr: Birth: 5 Oct 1907 in Ohio. Death: 28 Aug 1991 in Williamson County, Illinois
Sally C. Barr: Birth: 31 May 1900 in Ralls County, Missouri. Death: 28 Jan 1979 in Conway County, Arkansas
Stephen Hugh Barr: Birth: 1 Jan 1898 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Death: 20 Mar 1940 in Liberty County, Texas
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Andrew Aaron Barrett: Birth: 1900 in Vermont. Death: 6 Jan 1955 in Pennsylvania
Christina Evelyn Barrett: Birth: 20 Aug 1884 in Virginia. Death: 29 Dec 1944 in Sharp County, Arkansas
Rufus Benjamin Barrett: Birth: 20 Aug 1904 in Mississippi. Death: 1 Mar 1940 in Mississippi
Rufus F. Barrett: Birth: 19 Jan 1933 in Saint John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. Death: 23 Jul 1998 in Texas
Rufus J. Barrett: Birth: 24 Dec 1933 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Death: 19 Jun 1998 in Hamilton County, Tennessee
Susan Paula Barrett: Birth: during 1883 in Ohio. Death: 30 Dec 1974 in Indiana
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Adam J. Barron: Birth: 26 Nov 1931 in Ripley County, Indiana. Death: 23 May 1975 in Posey County, Indiana
Alfred S. Barron: Birth: 1920 in Pike County, Illinois. Death: 9 Mar 2000 in Carbon County, Wyoming
Ann Mildred Barron: Birth: 1915 in Pike County, Illinois. Death: 16 Jul 1965 in Lake County, South Dakota
Arthur Ralph Barron: Birth: 30 Mar 1935 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Death: 7 Jan 1971 in Alabama
Benjamin S. Barron: Birth: 9 Feb 1927 in Ripley County, Indiana. Death: 18 Nov 1957 in White County, Tennessee
Christina C. Barron: Birth: 7 Dec 1939 in Ripley County, Indiana. Death: 29 Jun 1984 in Washington County, Florida
Christina C. Barron: Birth: ABT 1929 in Illinois. Death: 8 May 1965 in Cass County, Iowa
Cora Ann Barron: Birth: 15 Jan 1921 in Indiana. Death: 27 Jul 1988 in Indiana
Florence J. Barron: Birth: 11 Jun 1916 in Vinton County, Ohio. Death: 6 May 1972 in Etowah County, Alabama
Francis Edwin Barron: Birth: 30 Jun 1889 in Ohio. Death: 28 Feb 1956 in Greene County, Arkansas
Frederick Joshua Barron: Birth: 15 Oct 1894 in Indiana. Death: 5 Dec 1975 in Marion County, Missouri
James I. Barron: Birth: 1924 in Indiana. Death: 5 Jan 1975 in Gregg County, Texas
Joseph C. Barron: Birth: 1900 in Randolph County, Georgia. Death: 22 Nov 1973 in Tennessee
Joseph E. Barron: Birth: 27 Jul 1917 in Pike County, Illinois. Death: 20 Nov 1947 in Cherokee County, Oklahoma
Leonard Albert Barron: Birth: 12 Nov 1932 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Death: 11 Dec 1999 in Weakley County, Tennessee
Martin W. Barron: Birth: 16 Sep 1930 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Death: 4 Feb 2005 in Scott County, Tennessee
Mildred B. Barron: Birth: 1902 in North Carolina. Death: 24 Sep 1961 in Wakulla County, Florida
Paula Nancy Barron: Birth: 25 Jan 1962 in Henry County, Indiana. Death: 13 May 2004 in Illinois
Phillip Reuben Barron: Birth: 1 Mar 1934 in Indiana. Death: 12 Mar 1990 in Bullitt County, Kentucky
Richard F. Barron: Birth: 1912 in North Carolina. Death: 18 Jul 1947 in Hyde County, South Dakota
Theodore Reuben Barron: Birth: 1909 in Franklin County, Illinois. Death: 8 Dec 1992 in Douglas County, Nebraska
Virginia E. Barron: Birth: 21 Sep 1937 in Jersey County, Illinois. Death: 24 Oct 1982 in Lyon County, Iowa
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Alice Sally Barry: Birth: 17 Nov 1944 in Fulton County, Indiana. Death: 20 Sep 2003 in Missouri
Clara Catherine Barry: Birth: 1892 in Kentucky. Death: 24 Sep 1965 in Illinois
Laura M. Barry: Birth: 1932 in Vermillion County, Indiana. Death: 8 Mar 1980 in White County, Indiana
Martha E. Barry: Birth: 6 Feb 1901 in Illinois. Death: 17 Jul 1933 in Chautauqua County, Kansas
Ralph Andrew Barry: Birth: 1918 in West Virginia. Death: 18 Jan 1964 in Walker County, Georgia
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Albert Lewis Bartlett: Birth: 12 Sep 1918 in Clay County, Indiana. Death: 8 Dec 1988 in Grant County, Arkansas
Alfred B. Bartlett: Birth: 24 May 1951 in Shelby County, Illinois. Death: 17 Jan 2007 in Bennett County, South Dakota
Arthur Daniel Bartlett: Birth: 1912 in Casey County, Kentucky. Death: 23 May 1956 in Henry County, Indiana
Betty Agnes Bartlett: Birth: ABT 1869 in Indiana. Death: 26 Mar 1939 in Randolph County, Illinois
Betty Frances Bartlett: Birth: 1910 in Kentucky. Death: 26 Apr 1973 in Hughes County, South Dakota
Catherine Julia Bartlett: Birth: 13 Oct 1896 in Surry County, North Carolina. Death: 22 Dec 1967 in Kentucky
Edith Sophia Bartlett: Birth: 1901 in Maryland. Death: 27 Mar 1987 in Michigan
Edward N. Bartlett: Birth: 1 Mar 1954 in Shelby County, Illinois. Death: 4 Feb 2002 in Powder River County, Montana
Esther Sarah Bartlett: Birth: 28 Apr 1940 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Death: 10 Feb 1974 in Atkinson County, Georgia
Florence Charlotte Bartlett: Birth: ABT 1927 in Casey County, Kentucky. Death: 30 Aug 1986 in Tate County, Mississippi
Francis E. Bartlett: Birth: 25 May 1933 in Casey County, Kentucky. Death: 13 Jan 2000 in Hamilton County, Tennessee
Hannah Ann Bartlett: Birth: 4 Apr 1910 in Kentucky. Death: 29 Nov 1981 in Cumberland County, Illinois
Harriet Esther Bartlett: Birth: ABT 1902 in Tennessee. Death: 3 Sep 1967 in Wilbarger County, Texas
Helen Irene Bartlett: Birth: 1878 in Fluvanna County, Virginia. Death: 18 Sep 1938 in Nebraska
Henry Mark Bartlett: Birth: 1884 in Ohio. Death: 26 Jan 1952 in Kentucky
Josephine B. Bartlett: Birth: 1916 in Kentucky. Death: 24 Oct 1986 in Decatur County, Tennessee
Mark H. Bartlett: Birth: 22 Mar 1919 in Kentucky. Death: 11 Dec 1987 in Clark County, Indiana
Martha Sophia Bartlett: Birth: 1912 in Roane County, Tennessee. Death: 4 Oct 1990 in Kentucky
Rachel H. Bartlett: Birth: 10 Dec 1931 in Clark County, Kentucky. Death: 26 May 1984 in Bartow County, Georgia
Rebecca N. Bartlett: Birth: 1902 in Massachusetts. Death: 17 Jan 1978 in Providence County, Rhode Island
Ruth M. Bartlett: Birth: 1921 in Kentucky. Death: 15 Jul 1960 in Iroquois County, Illinois
Sally M. Bartlett: Birth: 1918 in North Carolina. Death: 27 Aug 1992 in Carter County, Tennessee
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Agnes F. Barton: Birth: during 1920 in Ohio. Death: 14 May 1981 in Indiana
Alfred Shoemaker Barton: Birth: 3 Sep 1950 in Alabama. Death: 2 Jul 1999 in Calhoun County, Mississippi
Alice R. Barton: Birth: ABT 1916 in Alabama. Death: 13 Sep 1998 in Mississippi
Christina Florence Barton: Birth: 21 Jul 1903 in Indiana. Death: 10 Jul 1934 in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Christopher P. Barton: Birth: 1 Aug 1955 in Decatur County, Indiana. Death: 3 Nov 2000 in Crawford County, Indiana
Daniel Theodore Barton: Birth: 1927 in Alabama. Death: 14 May 1975 in Harper County, Oklahoma
Ellen C. Barton: Birth: 1913 in Alabama. Death: 14 Sep 1987 in Mississippi
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