Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Elizabeth Lee was born 1654. She married . She was the daughter of Richard (The Emigrant) Lee and Anne Constable.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Richard (The Emigrant) Lee was born ABT 1618 in Shropshire, England, and died ABT 1664 in "Cobbs Hall" Dividing Creek, Northumberland VA. He was buried in Garden "Cobbs Hall".

Anne Constable was born ABT 1622 in London, and died AFT 1663.

Children of Anne /Constable/ and Richard (The Emigrant) /Lee/ are:
  1. John Lee was born 1643, and died 1673 in VA.

  2. Richard Lee was born 1647 in PAradise, Gloucester Co., VA, and died 12 MAR 1713/14 in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. He married Laetitia Corbin on 1674. She was born 1657 in Westmoreland, and died 06 OCT 1706 in Machodoc, Westmoreland.

  3. Francis Lee was born 1648, and died 1714.

  4. William Lee was born 1651, and died 1696.

  5. Hancock Lee was born 1653 in of "Ditchley", Northumberland Co., VA, and died 25 MAY 1729 in "Ditchley", Wicomico, Northumberland, VA. He married Sarah Elizabeth Allerton on 1700. She was born ABT 1670 in Westmoreland, and died 17 MAY 1731 in Wicomico, Northumberland, VA. She was buried AFT 17 MAY 1731 in "Ditchley", Wicomico, Northumberland County, VA.

  6. Elizabeth Lee was born 1654.

  7. Anne Lee was born 1654, and died 1701.

  8. Charles Lee was born 1656, and died 1700. He married Person Not Viewable .

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