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Paula E. Burnett: Birth: 1917 in Tennessee. Death: 3 May 1990 in Hickman County, Tennessee
Phillip Adam Burnett: Birth: 7 Jun 1910 in Georgia. Death: 24 Sep 1983 in Indiana
Rachel E. Burnett: Birth: circa 1870 in Virginia. Death: in Henry County, Ohio
Rachel Rebecca Burnett: Birth: 1863 in Hancock County, Georgia. Death: 1928 in Georgia
Reuben Holloway Burnett: Birth: 1867 in Virginia. Death: 9 Dec 1927 in Missouri
Reuben Burnett: Birth: 1 Jul 1892 in Virginia. Death: in Person County, North Carolina
Rose M. Burnett: Birth: 1870 in Virginia. Death: 1928 in North Carolina
Rose Burnett: Birth: circa 1850 in Pennsylvania. Death: 17 Nov 1914 in North Carolina
Rufus J. Burnett: Birth: 1839 in Virginia. Death: 21 Jul 1910 in Georgia
Rufus R. Burnett: Birth: circa 1850 in Calhoun County, Illinois. Death: 1928 in Iowa
Sally E. Burnett: Birth: 1877 in Missouri. Death: 14 Nov 1932 in Jefferson County, Iowa
Sally Matilda Burnett: Birth: 1915 in Kansas. Death: 5 Feb 1967 in Hood River County, Oregon
Samuel Hiram Burnett: Birth: 29 Oct 1888 in Virginia. Death: 24 May 1956 in Richmond County, North Carolina
Sophia Ellen Burnett: Birth: 6 May 1917 in Virginia. Death: 25 Feb 1992 in Pike County, Georgia
Stephen Burnett: Birth: 1825 in Virginia. Death: 1876 in Hall County, Georgia
Thomas A. Burnett: Birth: 1911 in Virginia. Death: 25 Jan 1977 in Barnwell County, South Carolina
Thomas C. Burnett: Birth: 1898 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Death: 31 Mar 1973 in Macon County, Tennessee
Thomas Frazier Burnett: Birth: after 1905 in Goochland County, Virginia. Death: 9 Jan 1969 in Saint Clair County, Michigan
Thomas Stephen Burnett: Birth: 12 Jun 1906 in Monroe County, Kentucky. Death: 5 Sep 1983 in Lawrence County, Illinois
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Adam Paul Burns: Birth: 1903 in Florida. Death: 4 Jul 1986 in Alabama
Ann Sophia Burns: Birth: 1895 in Kentucky. Death: 29 Sep 1964 in Paulding County, Ohio
Barbara Alice Burns: Birth: 25 Dec 1902 in Kentucky. Death: 2 Oct 1985 in Oklahoma
Caroline H. Burns: Birth: 1898 in Kentucky. Death: 27 Nov 1951 in Phelps County, Missouri
Charles Cook Burns: Birth: 1892 in Kentucky. Death: 8 May 1949 in Lauderdale County, Alabama
Christopher Daniel Burns: Birth: 23 May 1882 in Kentucky. Death: 2 Jul 1966 in Georgia
David Robert Burns: Birth: 5 Mar 1906 in Florida. Death: 4 Jun 1969 in Coffee County, Tennessee
Elizabeth Hannah Burns: Birth: 24 Oct 1900 in Washington County, Florida. Death: 25 Mar 1977 in Grenada County, Mississippi
Elizabeth L. Burns: Birth: 1880 in Adair County, Kentucky. Death: 31 Dec 1936 in Kentucky
Esther Barbara Burns: Birth: 1884 in Maryland. Death: 10 Aug 1934 in Gilmer County, West Virginia
Frederick D. Burns: Birth: before 1860 in Alabama. Death: 1911 in Alabama
James N. Burns: Birth: 1894 in Florida. Death: 21 Jun 1945 in Arkansas
Jesse M. Burns: Birth: 31 Mar 1885 in Adair County, Kentucky. Death: 29 Nov 1937 in Wayne County, Iowa
Matthew Logan Burns: Birth: 17 Dec 1888 in Kentucky. Death: 17 Jul 1954 in Chariton County, Missouri
Mildred Helen Burns: Birth: 1887 in Florida. Death: in Mississippi
Nicholas J. Burns: Birth: 5 Sep 1908 in Florida. Death: 21 Aug 1962 in Columbia County, Arkansas
Peter Michael Burns: Birth: 1890 in Florida. Death: 13 May 1965 in Arkansas
Reuben R. Burns: Birth: circa 1855 in Pike County, Kentucky. Death: 1904 in Indiana
Ruth A. Burns: Birth: 1897 in Washington County, Florida. Death: in Arkansas
Sally C. Burns: Birth: 1906 in Adair County, Kentucky. Death: 3 Dec 1973 in Mississippi
Sarah M. Burns: Birth: 1880 in Alabama. Death: 25 May 1943 in Santa Rosa County, Florida
Sophia Josephine Burns: Birth: circa 1915 in Florida. Death: 23 May 1985 in Franklin County, Mississippi
Susan Laura Burns: Birth: 1915 in Washington County, Florida. Death: 2 Aug 1966 in Franklin Parish, Louisiana
Irene S. Burton: Birth: 25 Feb 1866 in Illinois. Death: 1928 in Missouri
Abraham Samuel Bush: Birth: 1895 in North Carolina. Death: 14 Mar 1962 in Wayne County, Tennessee
Barbara A. Bush: Birth: 1868 in North Carolina. Death: 1923 in Kentucky
Christina Agnes Bush: Birth: 30 Aug 1886 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Death: 20 Jan 1943 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Emily B. Bush: Birth: 1874 in North Carolina. Death: 30 Jul 1938 in Wythe County, Virginia
Esther C. Bush: Birth: 9 Nov 1892 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Death: 10 Apr 1962 in Carter County, Kentucky
Helen Catherine Bush: Birth: 31 Aug 1881 in North Carolina. Death: in Isabella County, Michigan
Hiram G. Bush: Birth: 1842 in Maryland. Death: 23 Mar 1913 in Washington County, Virginia
Isaac Frost Bush: Birth: 25 Nov 1883 in North Carolina. Death: 24 Jan 1956 in Bedford County, Tennessee
Mary Edith Bush: Birth: 15 Dec 1877 in North Carolina. Death: 24 Apr 1957 in Marion County, West Virginia
Matthew Bush: Birth: 1870 in North Carolina. Death: 18 Mar 1932 in Marion County, Alabama
Thomas King Bush: Birth: about 1890 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Death: 5 Aug 1969 in Vigo County, Indiana
Abraham J. Butler: Birth: about 1840 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Death: 1921 in Barren County, Kentucky
Alfred B. Butler: Birth: about 1865 in Virginia. Death: 1 Nov 1939 in Elkhart County, Indiana
Christina Butler: Birth: circa 1880 in Virginia. Death: 31 Mar 1961 in Kosciusko County, Indiana
Lucy Butler: Birth: 1872 in Virginia. Death: 26 Jun 1951 in Burke County, Georgia
Martha M. Butler: Birth: circa 1870 in Virginia. Death: 27 Aug 1949 in Darlington County, South Carolina
Paul Tyler Butler: Birth: 1874 in Cumberland County, Virginia. Death: 11 Apr 1957 in Holmes County, Ohio
Phillip Butler: Birth: 28 Aug 1867 in Cumberland County, Virginia. Death: 1919 in West Virginia
Rose Laura Butler: Birth: 1877 in Cumberland County, Virginia. Death: 9 Mar 1956 in Giles County, Virginia

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