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Marriage: Children:
  1. Stephen Burnett: Birth: 1825 in Virginia. Death: 1876 in Hall County, Georgia

  2. Albert Burnett: Birth: 1827 in Virginia. Death: in North Carolina

  3. Paula C. Burnett: Birth: 1831 in Virginia. Death: 1892 in Louisa County, Virginia

  4. Alexander D. Burnett: Birth: 6 Jun 1833 in New Kent County, Virginia. Death: 1885 in Kentucky

  5. Edith L. Burnett: Birth: 1 May 1837 in New Kent County, Virginia. Death: 1921 in Jackson County, Texas

  6. Rufus J. Burnett: Birth: 1839 in Virginia. Death: 21 Jul 1910 in Georgia

  7. Ellen H. Burnett: Birth: circa 1845 in Virginia. Death: 22 Jan 1906 in Virginia

  8. Agnes S. Burnett: Birth: after 1845 in New Kent County, Virginia. Death: 23 Aug 1904 in Portage County, Ohio

  9. Ann E. Burnett: Birth: 15 Apr 1849 in New Kent County, Virginia. Death: about 1905 in Tennessee

  10. Nicholas Ayers Burnett: Birth: 1852 in Virginia. Death: in Kentucky

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