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  1. Jacques Girouard: Birth: ABT 1648 in Port Royal, Acadie. Death: 27 OCT 1703 in Port Royal, Acadie

a. Note:   Francois emigrated to Acadia ca. 1632 with the group brought by governor Isaac de Razilly. Francois' first wife was an Amerindian of the Micmac nation who is only known by her Christian name, Marie. She died ca. 1640. Francois and his family settled in Port Royal, Acadia where he died before 1693. Edmee is said to have been born 1623 in Acadia (probably in a Micmac village close to the first fort at Port Royal) and that her father, who probably came to Acadia in 1611 with Poutrincourt and Biencourt, is said to have married a Micmac woman. That Edmee's mother was a Micmac has not been established as fact, but subsequent Lejeune generations were documented as having married Micmacs.
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  Fran�ois Gauterot (b.1613) came originally from Martaiz� in the region of Loudun, department of Vienne, and arrived at Acadia around 1636. Fran�ois, as a 23 year old, likely took his young wife, Edm�e Lejeune (b.1624), along with him from France; their first born came along in 1636.12 Fran�ois Gauterot family was to establish themselves at Port Royal. 12. From what I can determine from Arsenault there were, in 1636, no Lejeunes in Acadia; two brothers by the name of Lejeune did show up in Acadia, but that was well after 1636. above from Peter Landry`s web-site: My Canadian Connection
  Francois Gauterot was born 1613 in Martaize, Loudun, Vienne, France1, and died Bef. 1693 in Port Royal, Acadia2. He married (1) Marie Abt. 16353. He married (2) Edmee LeJeune 1646 in Port Royal, Acadia4, daughter of Pierre LeJeune.
  Notes for Francois Gauterot: DEATH: before 1693 census.
  Francois arrived in Acadia from France in 1636. He was recruited from the Seigneury of Aulnay as a colonist for Acadia.
  Children of Francois Gauterot and Marie are: Marie Gauterot, born 1636 in Port Royal, Acadia. Charles Gauterot, born 16375.
  Children of Francois Gauterot and Edmee LeJeune are: Marie Francoise Louise Gauterot, born 1647 in Port Royal, Acadia; died November 29, 1732 in Port Royal, Acadia. Jean Gauterot, born 16486,7. Francois Gauterot, born 16528. Renee Gauterot, born 16529,10. Marguerite Gauterot, born 1655 in Port Royal, Acadia; died August 02, 1727 in Port Royal, Acadia. Claude Gauterot, born 1659 in Port Royal, Acadia; died March 23, 1732/33 in Grand Pre, Acadia. Charles Gauterot, born 1661. Jeanne Gauterot, born 166411 Germain Gauterot, born 166812,13
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  Gautreau Family
  Telegraph-Journal, Wednesday, August 3, 1994; p. A6
  The founder of this family in Acadia was Francois Gautreau, a young Frenchman from the Poitou region of France who migrated to Acadia around 1632 with the group brought by governor Issac de Razilly. His first wife was an Amerindian of the Micmac nation who is known only by her Christian name, Marie. She died around 1640, leaving two children, Marie and Charles, born around 1636 and 1638.
  Charles moved to Charlesbourg, Quebec, where he married Fran?oise Cousin in 1665. There were other Gautreau families, from other lines, who settled in Quebec during the 17th century including those of Gilles Gotereau and of Nicolas Gautreau, bot h from the diocese of La Rochelle in France.
  Around 1645 Francois Gautreau remarried Edmee Lejeune. She was originally from the Poitou region and was twelve years old when she accompanied her parents to Acadia. Edmee gave a second family of nine children to Francois. He had settled at Port-R oyal where his children married into the oldest Acadian families.
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  1671 census:
  Gauterot, Francois 58, his wife Edmee Lejeune 47, their children eleven, 4 married: Marie 35, Charle 34, Marie 24, Renee 19, Marguerite 16. Unmarried ones: Jehan 23; Francois 14; Claude 12; Charle 10; Jeanne 7; Germain 3.
  Horned animals 16; 6 sheep; plowed land 6 acres (1671 census of Acadie)
  Note: Francois having two wives is deduced from Edmee's age; she would have been 12 at time of birth of the oldest child Marie in 1636. Thomas Gautreau in "Sur l'Empremier" vol 3 no. 2 1992 p.38-9 gives Francois' first wife as Marie, last name unknown, and his marriage to Edmee around 1645. He also assignes Edmee as the daughter of Pierre Lejeune, who arrived in Acadia about 1636. He cites as his source "Ancetre", p. 244 April 1979 by Jean-Yves Godreau.
  Marriage 1 Marie ? Married: c1635 Children Marie GAUTEROT b: C1636 in prob France Charles GAUTEROT b: C1637 in France or Acadie
  Marriage 2 Edmee LEJEUNE b: C1624 in France Married: c1645 in France 2 Children Marie GAUTEROT b: C1647 in Port Royal Jean GAUTEROT b: C1648 in Port Royal Francois GAUTEROT b: C1652 in Port Royal Renee GAUTEROT b: C1652 in Port Royal Marguerite GAUTROT b: in Port Royal Claude GAUTEROT b: C1659 in Port Royal Charles GAUTEROT b: C1661 in Port Royal Jeanne GAUTEROT b: C1664 in Port Royal Germain GAUTEROT b: C1668 in Port Royal
  Sources: 1671 census of Acadia (transcription in author's possession) Bona Arsenault, "Histoire et Genealogie des Acadiens", chau-tv, 1988 edition
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  Gautherot (Gaut(h)reau(x) The Family History, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana Submitted by Jim Conway
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  From La Voix des Praries: Evangeline Genealogical and Historical Society, October 1997, Vol. 18 No. 71, pages 76 & 77. Contributor unspecified.
  Francois Gautherot was born in France, most likely in the province of Touraine, in 1612 or 1613. He came to Acadia in 1632 with Commander de Razilly. In 1664, he married Edmee Lejeune, a union of two of the earliest Acadian families. Edmee was his second wife, the first was named Marie although her family name is unknown. Edmee Lejeune, born in 1623 near Port-Royal, was one of the first Acadian children born in Acadia. Her father came to Acadia in 1611 with Pointrincourt and Biencourt and married a woman of the Micmac tribe.
  Francois Gautherot and his two wives had at least eleven children for whom at least some record has survived. The five girls Mariel'aisnee, Marie la cadette, Renee, Marguerite, and Jeanne, married into well known Acadian families like Dupuis, Theriault,(Theriot), Giroir, and Lanoue. The six boys were Charles l'aisne, Jehan(Jean), Francois, Claude, Charles le cadet, and Germain. Of these six boys, three became coureures de bois (wood-runners) with Micmac cousins and disappeared from the Acadian censuses.
  Charles l'aisne married Francoise Cousin in Quebec in 1665 and lived the rest of his life there. He died in 1714 at the age of 76.
  Claude married Marie Therriot, the daughter of Bonaventure Therriot and Jeanne Boudrot (Boudreaux) in 1685 at Port Royal. He and his family were participants in the founding of the community of Riviereaux-Gaspereaux near Grand-Pre. Claude and Marie had at least four boysand five girls. One of these sons, Charles, married Marie-Josephe LeBlane, the daughter of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Landry on Oct. 8, 1725 at Grand-Pre. It is known that one of his sons, also named Charles was made prisoner during the deportation era but was held at Fort Beausejour rather than deported. He married Marie Marguerite Bourgeois in captivity at the fort on Sept. 4, 1762. They eventually moved to the French North Atlantic island of Miquelon but later returned to Acadia, thus helping to re-establish the Gautreau name there.
  Charles le cadet also married in 1685 to Francoise Rimbaultand and also participated in the founding of Riviere-aux-Gaspereaux. They had eleven children. There oldest son, Francois, married Marie Vincent, the daught of Michel Vincent and Marie-Josephe Richard in 1709 at Grand-Pre. They were among the Acadians who went to live on the Ile St-Jean (prince Edward Island) during the mid 1700s in order to avoid English rule. In 1758, t English took the island and a second wave of deportations began from the island. Francois and Marie were caught up in the deportation and perish at sea en route to exile in Europe. The youngest son of Charles le cadet and Francoise Rimbault, Pierre-Mathurin married Anne-Rosalie Daigle, the daughter of Jean Daigle and Marie Anne Beau sometime around 1755. They managed to escape the deportation and fled to Quebec. Twenty years later he and his family moved to the banks of the St. Jean River in New Brunswick, but with the arrival of the Loyalists fleeing the aftermath of the American Revolution, Pierre-Mathurin was again expelled from his land by the British and had to flee north. He moved to the north-east coast of New Brunswick near Tracadie where he died between 1795 and 1798. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.