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Marriage: Children:
  1. David Hodgman: Birth: 1768 in Brookfield, Mass. Death: 25 MAR 1842 in Hartland, VT

a. Note:   following from LDS for Vermont
  Family Group Record
  Husband Jonathan Hodgman Birth: 26 JAN 1725 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts Christening: Marriage: 18 DEC 1753 Death: 17 FEB 1801 Hartland, Windsor, Vermont
  Wife Sarah Conant Birth: 29 APR 1732 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts Christening: Marriage: 18 DEC 1753 Father: Lot Conant Family Mother: Susanna Clarke
  1. Lot Hodgman Male Birth: 27 MAY 1756 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts married Zebuth and had son Jonathon born May 17, 1790 Hartland, VT ********ONE OF TWO POSSIBILITIES ????************ Death: 30 MAR 1831
  2. Marcy Hodgman Female Birth: 1759 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts Is this our Jonathan?? from web-site:
  Windsor in the American Revolution
  The following was extracted by Aldrich from the historical address given by Rev. Dr. Cutting, delivered upon the occasion of the Windsor centennial celebration July 4, 1876.
  " The military history of Windsor belongs among the essential themes of this day. The fame of Seth Warner's regiment was shared by men of this town. After the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill, after the capture of Ticonderoga by Allen, Captain John Grant of that regiment came in the summer of 1775 to Windsor for recruits. Among those who enlisted under him were Asahel Smith, John Heath, Zenas Lull, Joshua Slayton, and William Hunter, the last enlisting as a sergeant, and becoming the orderly of the company. Laying down their sickles, -for an old narrative says it was "reaping time"- they proceeded to join their regiment at Crown Point, and descending the Lake to Canada, took part in the brilliant operations which reulted in the capture of St. John's and Montreal, and in the flight of Carlton to Quebec. Young Hunter, then twenty-one years of age, was attached to the person of General Montgomery, and for his good conduct at the seige of St. John's received a commission as first lieutenant. The time for which men had enlisted having expired, Hunter came back to Windsor in December of that year for recruits. There were already militia companies in town, and there is a record of the drill of one of them by Lieutenant Hunter after his return at that time. His mission was successful. Early in January, 1776, on the broad eastern slope of "the Hill", of West Parish, then at the house of Samuel Root, Hunter mustered his recruits, of whom are preserved the names of Ebenezer Hoisington, Phineas Killman, John Heath, Joel Butler, Asa Smead,*** Jonathan Hodgman***, and an 'elderly man named Emmons.' These, with perhaps as many more, he marched away on snow-shoes to Skenesborough, now Whitehall, whence descending the lake on the ice, they reached the army destined to Quebec, and finally encamped on the Plains of Abraham. In the diastrous retreat of the ensuing spring, Warner's regiment was the last on the field, and kept the rear. It was on this retreat that Lieutenant Hunter, discovering a sick Cornish soldier who had laid down to die, inspired with the despairing man heart, and lifting him on his back, carried him three miles to the bateaux and saved his life. During the remainder of the war the militia of Windsor were pertpetually on the alert, and were frequently called into service. Under Captian Benjamin wait and Joab Hoisington they were of the troops who kept back the English and Indians from the northern towns, and when Royalton was attacked and burned, marched in such numbers as to repel and punish the invasion, that most of the woman of Windsor, left unprotected, fled with their children to Cornish until the return of the men. Declining a captaincy in the Continental service, Hunter became lieutenant of the Windsor company, under Captain Samuel Stow Savage, and succeeded him as captain in the year 1789."
  Windsor, Vermont Tax List of 1785
  " A tax of three pence half penny on the pound, made on the list for the year 1785, for the purpose of schools in the several school districts in said town, agreeable to a vote of said town, passed March 7, 1786." ( The names of taxable inhabitants only, and not the list and rate, are copied.)
  East Parish- David Atkins, Perez Antizzle, Israel Aiken, Ebenezer Burnham, Joseph Barret Jr., Solomon Burke, Isaiah Burke, Benjamin Bishop, Briant Brown, Moses Barrett, Stephen Conant, John Cady, Zebediah Coburn, Peter Currier, Benjamin Cady, Zebina Curtis, Ebenezer Curtis, Manassah Cady, Thomas H. Cady, John Curtis, Willard Dean, John Drew, Solomon Emmons, Clark Eastman, John Gill, David Hilton, Daniel Hastings, Jacob Hastings, Ebenezer Hoisington, Ebenezer Hoisington Jr., Elias Hoisington, Matthias Hammond, Jonathan Hammond, David Hammond, William Hilton, Jonathan Hall, Jonathan Hodgman, Elisha Hubbard, Eldad Hubbard, Darius Houghton, George Hough, Josiah Hawley, Elisha Hawley, William Harlow, David Hall, William Jewett, Stephen Jacob, Daniel King, James Langworthy, Isaac Mason, John Marcy, John Marcy Jr., Samuel Messer, Alexander Parmalee, Samuel Patrick, Clothier Prior, Elijah Payne, John Packard, Matthew Patrick, Elisha Perkins, Samuel Ruggles, Eleaser Spaulding, Leonard Spaulding, Zedekiah Stone, Caleb Stone, Elnathan Storey, Jacob Stowell, Jonathan Shepard, Seth Sabin, Ephraim Stone, Simeon Stoddard, Zephaniah Spicer, Joel Smead, Alden Spooner, Steele Smith, Reuben Smith, Nathan Stone, Nathan Stone Jr., Samuel Stone, Nichenor Temple, Hezekiah Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Hezekiah Thompson Jr., Seth Tinkham, Daniel Thurston, Elisha Turner, Nahum Trask, Joseph Willis, Joshua Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Jacob Wilson, Silvanus Watriss, Elijah West, Paul Wood, William Wood, Robert Gandy, David Orvis, Jonathan Russell, James Wilson, Nathaniel Weeks, Tyler Spafford, Joseph Grandy, Robert Whitcomb
  West Parish- Thomas Adams, Abel Adams, William Abbott, Joseph Barrett, Oliver Barrett, Silas Banister, Caleb Blood, John Blood, John Bishop, Jeremiah Bishop, Levi Bishop, Jeremiah Bishop Jr., Frederick Burnham, Elihu Beach, Stephen Beach, Jonathan Burt, John Brown, Andrew Blunt, Joshua Bayley, William Bean, Edmund Capron, John Capron, Abijah Capron, Jerahmeel Cummings, Silvanus Chapin, Zebulon Chandler, Thomas Cooper, Stephen Cooper, John Dake, Joseph Dake, Benjamin Dake, Samuel Danforth, Joel Ely, Joel Ely Jr., James Fletcher, Samuel Fletcher, Joseph Fuller, Nathan Fish, Elnathan Hubbard, Ephraim Hubbard, Jesse Hawley, Silas Hale, Benjamin Hale, David Hale, Israel Hale, Thomas Hunter, William Hunter, David Hunter, Abijah Hurd, Ezekiel Hawley, Phineas Hemenway, John Hulett, Ichabod Hatch, John Lumbard, John Lumbard Jr., Stephen Lumbard, Solomon Lumbard, David Lumbard, Charles Leavens, William Lazell, Zenas Lazell, Nehemiah Lincoln, Joseph Moulton, Aaron Miner, Israel Meacham, Obediah Noble, John Neil, Joseph Powers, Joseph Powers Jr., William Porter, William Parson, William Parson Jr., Samuel Parson, Samuel Parson Jr., Joseph Parmeter, Benoni Patrick, Samuel Root, Rufus Root, Henry Rumrill, Simeon Rumrill, Bela Rogers, Abiah Rice, Jesse Slack, William Slack, George Stow, John Smead, Asa Smead, Samuel Savage, Nathan Savage, Benjamin Stone, Samuel Sawin, Ashel Smith, Roswell Smith, Thomas Sherman, Andrew Spaulding, Elihu Smead, George Stow Jr., Josph Sawyer, Jonas Taylor, Simeon Taylor, Leonard Taylor, Abraham Taylor, Josiah Fooley, Archibald White Jr., William White, Asa Worcester, Josph Woodruff, Benjamin Wait, Joseph Wakefield, Scottaway Whitcomb, Oliver Willard, Daniel Woods. This material on this page was compiled by Mark Felone is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.