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John of Salem, Mass and Monhegan Island, Maine. The militia of Devonshire Sargent of Monhegan 1674-78 Purchased land in Bristol Maine 1677 Justice of the Pease in Pemequid Fisherman in 1672 and 1699 Lived in Monhegan, Salem and Danvers. John Darling was also called Dollen The records I have say born before 1672 and died before 1713 This information was found at the Bangor Public Library, Bangor, Maine Book 929 -2-D249M or 929-2-d249d Under THE DARLING FAMILY IN AMERICA PAGES 10,11,12,13 AND 14. JOHN DARLING appears frequently in the records of his time. In 1672 we find a petition of John Dollen of Monhegan. He was a justice of the Pease in Pemquid. "York Deeds" contain an allusion of lots held by John Dollen and John Palmer at Demaris Cove in a sale, 1686. In Salem is recorded his renewed lease of land on Monhegan the same year, used for planting "where he now dwelleth with a house, warehouse and barn, orchard, etc for a yearly rent of a bushel of wehat." The MAINE HISTORICAL RECORDER gives a paper dated August 7, 1717 of Hannah Mander of Boston, to her nephew Richard Welch, of a tract on Monhegan which formerly belonged to a first husband, Ronald Kelly "adjoining the land of her honored father, Mr. John Dollin. In the "Book of Eastern Claims" held in the archives room of the Boston state house is a record of the rights of John Dollen, sometimes of Monhegan now resident in Salem on land once held by Thomas Webbser, late of Kennebsec, now resident of Charlestown on the Kennebec near Arrowstick Island, secured to Dollen's heirs and refers to a date of 1677. Another paper, 1715 refers to the Round Point Parcel, sold by John Eldridge to John Dollen of Mohegan, fisherman, August 1699. John Dollen, alias Darling(rin 625( died before 1713 when his son Thomas(rin 652) brought in an inventory which however gave no clue to his estate. Before his death his wife, Mary Bishop(rin 655) had died upon the Danvers farm, and he married a second, in 1709. Bethis Meacham,(rin(691) widow of George Hacker,(rin692) of Danvers, and she was still alive in 1717. Thomas Darling (rin 652) sold the farm in 1734 and left for Framingham, Mass. He married Sara Baxton (rin 665) and his history is well recorded in Middlesex County, Mass. John Darling (rin 657) was probably, by the best accounts, the son baptized by Sister Dolling in Salem, Mass, a babe in 1681. He married Lois Gowing (rin669) of Lynnfield, Mass 1722, lived in Westford, a carpenter in 1740 and in 1741 removed to Lunenburg, Mass. where he died about 1769 at age 88. Concerning his whereabouts between 1699 and 1709 there is only speculation. Perhaps he was with his father on the island as a trader and fisherman and it has been suggested that he may have taken over the fisherman's share of old Dollin's venture, leaving Thomas the farm in Danvers. The fate of Mary Darling (rin658) who sold Bishop lots with the consent of her parents given her by the grandparents is not known. Hannah Darling (rin656) married Ronald Kelly(667) and lived on Monhegan. Abigail Darling (rin659) died single in 1725, administration given to her brother Thomas. Martha Darling (rin661) probably married James Ross and returned to Falmouth. Perhaps he also had a husband who was father to Richard Welch, called nephew by Hannah (rin656) The children of John Darling (rin )belong to Lunenburg records. The line of John Darling (rin657) is found in New Hampshire. Benjamin Darling (rin670) was born in Lynnfield in 1728, became a mariner, then a carpenter, came home to live with his father and married Mary Holt (rin679) of Andover in 1766, and inherited the Lunenburg homestead. Timothy Darling (rin671) was of Princeton and Winchendon, marrying ----- Blood (rin680) of Groton, Joseph Darling (rin672) we find a trace of in a witness to a deed,, then he is lost. The children of Thomas Darling (rin652) of Framingham include Jonathan of Andover, who married Sarah Wardwell (rin660) and fell in the French War 1746 at Louisburg. Jonathan Darling (rin_677) born in Salem 1742 married Hannah Holt (rin681) of Andover 1763, and helped settle Blue Hill, Maine with his wife's relatives. This information was found at Bangor Public Library, Bangor Maine Book 929 -2 D249M or 929 -2 d249d under THE DARLING FAMILY IN AMERICA pages 10 11 12 13 and 14.´┐Że[charlotte.FTW] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.