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  1. Alfonso Raimundez II King of Aragon: Birth: 4 APR 1152 in Villa Mayor De Valle, Aragon, Spain. Death: 25 APR 1196 in Perpignan, Pyrennes-Orientales, France

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Note:   Ram�n Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona and Ruling Prince of Aragon "The Holy" was born circa 1113 and married 11 Aug 1137. He died 6 Aug 1162 in Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piedmont, Italy. Ram�n married Petronila de Aragon, Queen of Aragon. [Parents]
BIOGRAPHY: Ramon was also known as Ramon Berenguer the Holy, or (in Catalan) Ramon Berenguer el Sant. He was the count of Barcelona from 1131 to 1162, regent of Provence from 1144 to 1157, and ruling prince of Aragon from 1137 to 1162. The elder son of Ramon Berenguer III, he continued his father's crusading wars against the Almoravid Muslims. The kingdom of Aragon soon sought Ramon Berenguer IV's aid against Castile. In the course of their negotiations, he was promised the hand of the Aragonese king Ramiro II's daughter and heir, Petronila (Peronella); they were married on August 11, 1137, and a few months later on November 13, Ramiro II abdicated in favor of his daughter and son-in-law. Ramon Berenguer IV thus became the last count of Barcelona to take this as his principal title, for, from 1137, he was also ruler of Aragon (though he himself never assumed the title of king). From the reign of his son, who in 1162 succeeded him with the title of Alfonso II, the counts of Barcelona styled themselves, in the first place, kings of Aragon. When Ramon Berenguer IV's father had died, he had left the county of Provence to a younger son. When this son died, his brother Ramon Berenguer IV acted as regent (conventionally with the title Ramon Berenguer II of Provence) until the legitimate heir, his young nephew, reached majority in 1157, as Ramon Berenguer III of Provence. When this count of Provence died in 1166 without a male heir, he was succeeded by Ramon Berenguer IV's son Alfonso II, king of Aragon. By his wars and conquests from the Moors - Tortosa in 1148, Lerida, Mequinenza, and Fraga in 1149, and Prades and Siurana in 1153 - Ramon Berenguer IV definitively established the boundaries of the principality of Catalonia. Ramon Berenguer IV. Encyclop�dia Britannica. Retrieved June 26, 2003, from Encyclop�dia Britannica Premium Service. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.