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  1. Denis Boucher: Birth: 6 APR 1660 in Quebec, P.Q.. Death: 17 NOV 1723 in St-Nicolas, Levis, P.Q.

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a. Note:   See note under father
  came with parents from France
  confirmed living in Quebec City on 8 Oct 1659, 30 years old
  23 July 1686 taken by the Iroquois
  died between 23 July 1686 and 21 Nov 1686 (Les Grandes Familles, Jette, Internet)
  She and her brother, Charles Gareman " dit pris par les Iroquois Oneiouts a Cap-Rouge 10-06-1653 avec son pere (Pierre)". Census of 1666 - she was 37 ; 1667 - 38 yrs; 1681 - 60 yrs.
  cf. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families du Quebec d'origines a 1730 - Rene Jette 1983 - Vol 1
  following from Pelletier Family Genealogy web-site
  "Story of Gareman Family
  Florence Gareman, daughter of Pierre Gareman-Lepicard & Madeleine Charlot, was born about 1629 in France.
  Pierre Gareman and his son, Charles, were captured by the Iroquois Oneiouts at Cap-Rouge, June 10, 1653. Pierre probably died that same year. Was he killed in captivity or while trying to escape? His son, Charles, only ten years old at the time, was raised by the Iroquois. He was a habitant du bourg d�Oneiout, pays d�en haut. His Iroquois name was Gannonchiase. He married Marie Gonnentenne, an Iroquois Oneiout, about 1677 at Quebec. She died September 6, 1683, a pensionnaire chez les Ursulines.
  Florence Gareman was also captured by the Iroquois. However, it appears that she was released or escaped as she had eleven children between 1643 and 1664. She was at least 57 years old when she died at Sillery between 1686 and 1689. " is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.