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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jay W. Clark: Birth: 1850 in , Jefferson, New York, United States.

  2. George F. Clark: Birth: 1858 in , Jefferson, New York, United States.

1. Page:   page 73, 165
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2. Title:   Reginald Wellington Walworth, Walworth-Walsworth Genealogy 1689-1962 Descendants Male & Female of William Walworth & Mary Abigail Seaton 957 Pages (The Queen Anne's Publishing Company, Centerville Maryland 1962) No longer available there, Try Quintin Pu
Page:   page 165
Source:   S1
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a. Note:   ime of their marriag e, were among the children of the early settlers of the town of Adams, New York, and remaine d there until 1855, when they removed to Watertown, New York. For many years Mr. Clark was e ditor of a democratic journal, retiring from that position in 1864. He was always a leadin g democratic politician. Jane possessed real journalistic ability, and was her husband's able assistant during his y ears of editorship.;
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