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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hylos (Hylas) B. Cole: Birth: ABT 1802 in Cayuga Co., New York ??.

  2. Edward Payne Cole: Birth: 22 APR 1807 in Cayuga Co., New York. Death: 9 JUN 1877 in Woodville, Liberty Twp., Porter Co., Indiana

  3. Cartharette Cole: Birth: 1 JAN 1810 in Cayuga Co., New York.

  4. Lavina Cole: Birth: 1820 in Ohio.

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a. Note:   Other records evidently show the birth year as 1780, but 1782 isrecorded with the Shakers and I'll go with that as that was probablyDavid's recollection. Father of Edward Payne Cole from Firelands History and Ohio taxrecords. Verified through land deed transaction of Ohio property toEdward Cole, found by efforts of Lewis Cole, Millston, WI. Son,Hylos/Hylas, was killed by a tree 5Jan1825 on Lot 16, Sec. 3, Bronson. From the Internet: "Details can be seen in the History of the Fire Lands, ComprisingHuron and Erie Counties, Ohio, by W.W. Williams, 1879. Page 113. Under Personal Property Tax for 1819, Norwalk Township, isthe name of David COLE with 4 cattle and a tax of $0.40. Page 114. Same as the above, but for 1820, 2 cattle, and a tax of$0.20. Page 118. Lists David COLE as an elector in the Township of Norwalkfor the election held October 13, 1818. Page 119. Included in the male inhabitants over age 21, in the town ofNorwalk for the Census of 1819, is the name of David COLE. Page 134. Listed as a male inhabitant over age 21 in Bronson Township,Huron County, Ohio, for the Census of 1827, is David COLE. Page 231. In the section on Bronson Township. "The first settlers onthe old State road in this township were David COLE, Abijah Rundelland Nathan Tanner. They came to Ohio from Cayuga County, New York,with their families, in the spring of 1815 and remained in thetownship of Avery (now Milan) until 1817, when they moved to Bronson.COLE made his location on lot sixteen in section three. He residedhere some eight or nine years, and then, his wife having previouslydied, he returned to New York and joined the Shakers, and his childrenbecame scattered. His oldest son Hylas was killed in 1825, by the fallof a tree. He was in the woods cutting down a tree, from which, infalling, a large limb was broken off, striking him on the head, andcausing instant death." Note: This same David COLE was mentioned several paragraphs later(page 231) as the brother of Bethuel COLE, previously reported to you. Hope this helps with your research. Ken Shute, Silver Spring, MD ( ************** The Firelands Pioneer" says that David's wife died; he sold his landto his son and left to join the Shakers. No date, no forwardingaddress. His oldest son, Hylas, died when a tree he was cutting fellon him. Family burials are in a family plot on his land. Onetombstone, recently erected, says, simply, "Seven members of theCole-Parker family." Lewis L. Cole, Millston, WI, found records for David Cole in the"Small Notebook" which was kept by the Shakers and is in Pittsfield,MA: He first appears in their records on 26 November 1827 and wasaccepted as a member on 24 December 1827. Records of the South Familyindicate that Edward Cole, age 21, visited on 22 May 1828, possibly toarrange for the transfer of the property in Huron Co., OH. Ahandwritten deed for the property was dated 6 August 1828. David Colewent to the Hellaberg settlement (about 15 - 20 miles fromWaterviliet) on 4 June 1830. Their records record his birth as 2April 1782, contrary to a reported date of 21 April 1780 and 1782 isprobably the correct date. His death is recorded as 15 May 1866. Acensus in 1850 shows him to be 70 years old and a blacksmith. Records in Ohio indicate that David left Norwalk in June 1826,and his whereabouts from that time until he appeared in Watervliet(about a year and a half) is unknown -- perhaps he visited old haunts,friends, or relatives on his way back to New York. ******* MEMOIRS OF TOWNSHIPS -- BRONSON. (Continued from Vol. 1, No. 3.) By Martin Kellogg "In addition to my report, made last December [1858,] of the earlysettlement of Bronson township, I present the following items: "David CONGER was born, August 28, 1790, in Berne Township, Albanycountry, New York; Sally PARKER, his wife, was born in Scipio, CayugaCounty, New York, April 1st, 1795 -- settled on the south part of loteighteen, section three, July 7, 1819 where they now reside, [1859.]Mr. CONGER was a soldier in the War of 1812 (a militia man;) was takenprisoner by the British at the battle of Queenstown -- was released onparole. "Abijah RUNDLE was born in Dutchess county, New York, June 19,1776; Betsey PARKER, his wife, was born in Cayuga county, New York,September 22, 1791. They settled on the north half of lot seventeen,section three in 1817. "Nathan TANNER and Sally RUNDLE, his wife, settled on the southhalf of lot seventeen, section three, in 1817. "David COLE settled on lot sixteen, section three in 1817. "A. RUNDLE, N. TANNER and David COLE and their families came in thespring of 1815 and stopped in the township of Avery, a mile or twoabove the Indian village (now Milan) on the west side of the river, onor near the place of Capt. Charles PARKER. Here they lived till theirremoval to Bronson as above stated. Abijah RUNDLE died June 19, 1842. N. TANNER and wife deceased some years ago." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.