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Obadiah Holmes: Birth: 9 Jun 1644 in Salem,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: 1728
Obediah Holmes: Birth: 18 Mar 1609/1610 in Didsbury,Lancaster,England. Death: 15 Oct 1682 in Newport,Newport,Rhode Island
Phebe Holmes: Birth: ABT 1684.
Phebe Holmes: Birth: 1695 in Groton,New London,Connecticut. Death: 31 Mar 1734
Robert Hulme or Holmes: Birth: 25 Mar 1621 in Stockport,Cheshire,England.
Samuel Hulme or Holmes: Birth: 1613 in Didsbury,Lancashire,England.
Samuel Hulme or Holmes: Birth: 23 Feb 1616/1617 in Didsbury,Lancashire,England. Death: 17 May 1636
Samuel Holmes: Birth: 1642 in Gravesend,,New York. Death: 29 May 1679
Sarah Holmes: Birth: 1651 in Salem,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: ABT 1740
Susannah Holmes: Birth: ABT 1682 in Newport,Newport,Rhode Island. Death: in Groton,New London,Connecticut
William Holmes: Birth: ABT 1674.
William Holmes: Birth: ABT 1684 in Newport,Newport,Ri. Death: 1720 in Newport,Newport,Ri
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Amos Hooker: Birth: 30 Sep 1743 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts. Death: 1776
Amy Hooker: Birth: 7 Apr 1790 in Stockbridge,,Mass.. Death: 17 Mar 1818 in Westfprd,Crottemdem,Vermont
Catherine Hooker: Birth: 7 Jun 1773 in ,West Stockbridge,Berkshire,Massachusetts.
Elizabeth Hooker: Death: 3 Jul 1780
Henry Hooker: Birth: ABT 1709 in <Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts>. Death: 21 Jan 1776 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts
Henry Hooker: Birth: 2 May 1746 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts. Death: 11 Mar 1825 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts
Henry Hooker: Birth: ABT 1683.
Hulda Hooker: Birth: 17 Aug 1780 in ,West Stockbridge,Berkshire,Massachusetts.
John Hooker: Birth: 14 Sep 1713 in ,Medfield,Norfolk,Massachusetts.
Lois Hooker: Birth: 24 Jun 1736 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts.
Mary Hooker: Birth: 12 Nov 1777 in ,West Stockbridge,Berkshire,Massachusetts.
Mary Hooker: Birth: 7 Dec 1752 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts. Death: 19 Apr 1801
Olive Hooker: Birth: 28 Jul 1734 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts.
Oliver Hooker: Birth: 20 Nov 1737 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts.
Philip Hooker: Birth: 12 Jan 1718 in ,Medfield,Norfolk,Massachusetts.
Samuel Hooker: Birth: 6 May 1745 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts. Death: 30 Jun 1822 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts
Samuel Hooker: Birth: 10 Jun 1725 in ,Medfield,Norfolk,Massachusetts.
Silas Hooker: Birth: 17 Mar 1741 in ,Sturbridge,Worchester,Massachusetts. Death: 16 Oct 1770
Simeon Hooker: Birth: 14 Apr 1739 in Sturbridge, Worchester, Mass, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Feb 1841 in Westford, Vermont, , Vermont
William Hooker: Birth: 1716 in ,Medfield,Norfolk,Massachusetts. Death: 15 Mar 1806
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Margaret Horry: Birth: 1771 in ,,Sc. Death: in ,,Sc
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Nathaniel Houey (Hovey): Birth: 29 Jun 1691 in ,Hampton,Windham,Connecticut. Death: 26 Jun 1761 in Windham,Windham,Connecticut
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Thomas House (Hulse) (H: Birth: ABT 1545 in Of,Moxbury,Kent,England. Death: 1580
House: Birth: 31 Aug 1607 in Eastwell,Kent,Eng.
Drusilla House: Birth: 1601 in Eastwell,Kent,Eng.
Samuel House: Birth: 1636 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.
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Abigail Hovey: Birth: 1684 in Ipswich,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: 19 Jun 1724
Elizabeth Hovey: Birth: 25 Mar 1681 in Ipswick,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: 10 Sep 1754 in Hampton,Windham,Connecticut
Margaret Hovey: Birth: 1686 in Ipswich,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: 19 Jun 1724
Nathaniel Hovey: Birth: 20 Mar 1657 in ,Hampton,Windham,Connecticut. Death: 24 Mar 1692 in Ipswich,Essex,Ma
Sarah Hovey: Birth: 19 Sep 1680 in Ipswich,Essex,Massachusetts. Death: 18 Oct 1716 in Suffield,Hartford,Conn
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Ebenezer Howe: Birth: 1711 in Greenwich,Fairfield,Ct.
Hannah Howe: Birth: 3 Apr 1716 in Greenwich,Fairfield,Ct.
Isaac Howe: Birth: 20 Sep 1669 in New Haven,New Haven,Ct. Death: 7 May 1733
Isaac Howe: Birth: ABT 1683.
Isaac Howe: Birth: 1628 in ,,Eng.. Death: 1688
John Howe: Birth: 4 Jun 1719 in Greenwich,Fairfield,Ct. Death: 10 Mar 1778 in Florida,Montgomery,New York
John Howe: Birth: 1681 in New Haven,New Haven,Ct.
Mrs. Isaac Howe: Birth: ABT 1632 in Of Lynn,Essex,Ma.
Nathaniel Howe: Birth: 27 Jun 1713 in Greenwich,Fairfield,Ct. Death: 1759
Nathaniel Howe: Birth: 1653 in Lynn, Essex, Ma. Death: 29 Jun 1692 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut
Phoebe Howe: Birth: 21 Feb 1763 in , Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Death: 9 Sep 1842 in Pike, Il
Sylvanus Howe: Birth: ABT 1721 in Greenwich,Fairfield,Ct.
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Elizabeth Elizabeth Howell: Birth: 1541.
John Howell: Birth: ABT 1515.
Mary Howell: Birth: 1556 in Yoxall, Stafford, England. Death: 6 Jan 1588 in Etton, Yorks, England
Mrs. John Howell: Birth: ABT 1518.
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Hannah Howse (House): Birth: ABT 1594 in Eastwell,Kent,Engl. Death: 16 Feb 1633/1634 in London,England
Henry Howse (House): Birth: 28 Jun 1612 in Eastwell,Kent,Eng..
Samuel Howse (House): Birth: 10 Jun 1610 in Eastwell,Eastwell,Kent,England. Death: 1661 in Eng
Drusilla Howse: Birth: ABT 1601 in Eastwell,Kent,Eng..
Elizabeth Howse: Birth: ABT 1615 in Of Ashford,Kent,England.
John Howse: Birth: ABT 1569 in Of Eastwell, Kent, Eng.. Death: 3 Aug 1630 in Eastwell, Kent, England
John Howse: Birth: 19 Jun 1603 in Eastwell,Kent,Eng.. Death: 1634 in Eng
Peninah Howse: Birth: 1599 in Of Ashford,Kent,England.
Priscilla Howse: Birth: 25 Aug 1605 in Of,Ashford,Kent,England. Death: 28 Nov 1618 in ,,England
Thomas Howse: Birth: 31 Aug 1607 in Of,Ashford,Kent,England. Death: 23 Dec 1644
Pinninah\ Penninah Howse\house: Birth: ABT 1599 in ,Of Ashford,Kent,England.
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