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  1. Dagobert I: Birth: 603. Death: 19 JAN 639

  2. Charibert II: Death: 631

  3. Emma of Aquitaine: Death: 642

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 Bloodline of the Holy Grail, The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed. by Laurence Gardner
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 Research of John Morris, 7525 Tampa Way, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA 71105
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a. Note:   King of Newustria King of Soissons King of France
  From Imperium. Joe Shetler at:, World Wide Web: Available: [Online]: ( [2 December 2002].
  King of Soissons 584-613 King of the Franks 613-629
  When his father, King Chilperic I of Soissons died in 584, Chlotar was not yet even born. Until 597, his kingdom was administered by his mother, Queen Fredegund, but when she died that year he bagan to rule for himself, now 13 years old. In 613, the Austrasian and Burgundian kings, Theudebert II and Theuderic II respectively, had died, and Queen Brunhild had placed the young Sigebert II on the throne of those two kingdoms. That year, the 29 year old Chlotar had Sigebert and Brunhild killed, and became the first king of all the Franks since his grandfather Chlotar I died in 561. In 615, Chlotar passed the Edict of Paris, a sort of French Magna Carta that greatly pleased the nobles across the kingdom. In 623, he gave the kingdom of Austrasia to his young son Dagobert I, which was a political move giving Pepin I, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, and Bishop Arnulf of Metz, the two leading Austrasian nobles, semi-autonomy for their loyalty to Chlotar. In 629, Chlotar died and Dagobert became sole king, moving his capital from Austrasia to Paris.
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