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a. Note:   oman). She married Francois I Saviore, son of Prince Thomaso Saviore and Marie Princess of Conde.
  Children of Catherine LeJuine and Francois I Saviore are: +Francoise Saviore, b. 1653, Martaize, France, d. December 27, 1711, Port Royal, Acadie, Canada. +Andree Saviore, b. 1667. Catherine Saviore, b. 1656. Germain I Saviore, b. 1654. Marie Saviore, b. 1657. Jeanne Saviore, b. Abt. 1658. Marie Saviore, b. 1669. Francois Jr. Saviore, b. 1663. Barnabe Saviore, b. 1665.
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