/Ludwig Friedrich I, Prince of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
        /Ludwig Gunther IV, Prince of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
       |    \Anna Sofie, Princess of Saxe Gotha
    /Friedrich, Prince of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt
   |   |    /Heinrich XIII, Count of Reuss Untergreiz
   |    \Sofie Henriette, Countess of Reuss Untergreiz
   |        \Sofie Elisabeth, Countess of Stolberg Wernigerode
Henriette, Princess of Schwarzburg
   |    /Johann Friedrich, Prince of Schwarzburg
    \Friederike Sofie Auguste, Princess of Schwarzburg
       |    /Ernst August I, Duke of Saxe Weimar Eisenach
        \Bernhardine Christine Sofie, Princess of Saxe
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