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Thomas J Bunning: Birth: 1855 in Northants, Oundle.
Ann Bunt: Death: 1885 in Liskeard,3rd Qtr,5c,43
James Bunt: Birth: 1764. Death: 1846
John Bunt: Birth: 07 JUN 1778 in St Mewan,Cornwall. Death: 25 DEC 1848 in Cornwall, St Blazey
William Bunt: Birth: 1821.
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Edward Charles Burchatt: Birth: 1854 in Rochester, Kent. Death: 1879 in Islington, 2nd Qtr, 1b, 250
Edward Burchatt: Birth: 1821 in Godalming, Surrey. Death: 1898 in Medway, 4th Qtr, 2a, 338
Ernest Edward Burchatt: Birth: 1877 in Shoreditch, 4th Qtr, 1c, 110.
John Henry Burchatt: Birth: 1864 in Medway, 2nd Qtr, 2a, 367. Death: 1886 in Grantham, 3rd Qtr, 7a, 308
Matilda Eliza Burchatt: Birth: 1862 in Medway, 2nd Qtr, 2a, 348.
Selina Elizabeth Jane Burchatt: Birth: 1857 in Medway, 1st Qtr, 2a, 319. Death: 1924 in Medway, 3rd Qtr, 2a, 675
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Alfred Burchfield: Death: 1871 in Brighton, 2nd Qtr, 2b, 143
Eliza Burchfield: Birth: 1858 in Slaugham, Sussex. Death: 1900 in Islington, 2nd Qtr, 1b, 197
Elizabeth Burchfield: Birth: 1860 in Slaugham, Sussex. Death: 1936 in Cuckfield, 4th Qtr, 2b, 208
Fanny Burchfield: Birth: 1875 in Slaugham, Sussex.
Frederick Burchfield: Birth: 1840 in Surrey.
Henry Burchfield: Birth: 1870 in Slaugham, Sussex.
James A Burchfield: Birth: 1876 in Slaugham, Sussex.
James Burchfield: Birth: 1839 in Slaugham, Sussex.
Joseph Burchfield: Birth: 1863 in Slaugham, Sussex.
Joseph Burchfield: Birth: 1811 in Sussex. Death: 1844 in Cuckfield, Sussex, 4th Qtr, 7, 246
Joseph Burchfield: Birth: 1832 in Leigh, Surrey. Death: 1906 in Cuckfield, Sussex, 1st Qtr, 2b, 108
Louisa Burchfield: Birth: 1868 in Slaugham, Sussex.
Mary Ann Burchfield: Birth: 1857 in Slaugham, Sussex. Death: 1925 in Cuckfield, 3rd Qtr, 2b, 160
Rhoda Burchfield: Birth: 1837 in Leigh, Surrey. Death: 1927 in Reading, 4th Qtr, 2a, 416
Walter Burchfield: Birth: 1834 in Reigate, Surrey.
William Burchfield: Birth: 1836 in Surrey.
Catherine Burchill: Birth: 1821 in Shadwell.
Eleanor Florence Burchmore: Birth: 10 MAR 1896 in Bengeo,Hertfordshire.
Madeline Emily Burchmore: Birth: 1895 in Bengeo,Hertfordshire.
Walter Allen Burchmore: Birth: 1861 in Luton,Bedfordshire. Death: 1943 in Dartford,1st Qtr,2a,1330
Walter Frederick Burchmore: Birth: 05 AUG 1897 in Bengeo,Hertfordshire.
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Sarah Ann Burdaky: Birth: 1865 in Prestwich, Lancs. Death: 1907 in Oldham, 2nd Qtr, 8d, 417
Lettice Burdon: Birth: 1900 in Chelsea.
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Susan Burgen: Birth: 1840 in Truro,Cornwall.
Charlotte A Burgess: Birth: 1856 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Edwin Henry Burgess: Birth: 1850 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Emma Louisa Burgess: Birth: 1854 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
John Burgess: Birth: 1842 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Kate Burgess: Birth: 1848 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Mary R Burgess: Birth: 1857 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Thomas Burgess: Birth: 1844 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend.
Thomas Burgess: Birth: 1815 in Kent, Newington. Death: 1882 in Gravesend, 4th qtr, 2a, 266, age 65
William Frederick Burgess: Birth: 1847 in Kent, Milton, Gravesend. Death: 1899 in Gravesend, June, 2a, 336
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Elizabeth Burgh: Birth: 1466 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
Henry Burgh: Birth: 1491 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Death: 1531 in London
Honora Burgh: Birth: 1610. Death: 1662
Honora Burgh: Birth: 19 AUG 1610 in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland. Death: 10 MAR 1662 in Basing, Hampshire
Margaret Burgh: Birth: 1470 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Death: 1492 in Kyme, Lincolnshire
Sir Edward Burgh Lord Burgh: Birth: 1464 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Death: 20 AUG 1528 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Sir Edward Burgh: Birth: 1508 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Death: APR 1533 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Sir Thomas Burgh Lord Burgh: Birth: 1484 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Death: 28 FEB 1550 in Lingfield, Surrey
Sir Thomas Burgh: Birth: 1401 in Hackforth, North Riding, Yorkshire. Death: 1431 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Thomas Burgh: Birth: 1468 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
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Elizabeth de Burghersh 3rd Baroness Burghersh: Birth: 1342. Death: AUG 1402
Matilda or Maud Burghersh: Birth: 1379. Death: 1436
Richard le Despenser 4th Baron Burghersh: Birth: 1396. Death: 1414
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Sir William Cecil Lord Burghley: Birth: 1521. Death: 1598
Mary Burgin: Birth: 1771. Death: 1847
Helen Eliza Burgon: Birth: 1824 in London. Death: 1902 in Bedford, 1st Qtr, 3b, 189
John William Burgon: Birth: 21 AUG 1813 in Smyna, Turkey. Death: 04 AUG 1888 in Chichester, Sussex
Thomas Burgon: Birth: 1787. Death: 1859 in Oxford
Blanche of France Burgundy: Death: 1358
Daughter Burgundy: Birth: 1322.
Isabelle Burgundy: Birth: 1312. Death: 1348
Jeanne 11 Countess of Burgundy: Birth: 1291. Death: 1330
Joan 111 Countess of Burgundy: Birth: 1308. Death: 1349
Louis Burgundy: Birth: 1316. Death: 1317
Margaret 1 Countess of Burgundy: Birth: 1310. Death: 1382
Margaret of Burgundy: Birth: 1290. Death: 1315 in Executed
Philip Burgundy: Birth: 1313. Death: 1317
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Clara Burkman: Birth: 1867 in London, Bermondsey.
Frank Edwin Burkmar: Birth: 1893 in London, Bermondsey.
Frederick Burkmar: Birth: 1891 in London, Bermondsey.
Frederick Burkmar: Birth: 1867 in London, Bermondsey. Death: 1895 in St Olave, 2nd qtr, 1d, 136, age 28
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Sir Richard Boyle Earl of Burlington: Birth: 20 OCT 1612 in Youghal, Cork, Ireland. Death: 15 JAN 1698 in Londesborough, East Riding, Yorkshire
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