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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Gerrard Niel Baker: Birth: 16 FEB 1826 in Devon, Stoke Damerel. Death: 1826 in Devon, Plymouth, St Andrews

  2. Maria Eliza Baker: Birth: 1828 in Devon, Stoke Damerel.

  3. Francis Jewell Joseph Baker: Birth: 1829 in Devon, Plymouth, St Andrews. Death: 07 FEB 1880 in Marietta, Georgia, USA

  4. Catherine Isabell Baker: Birth: 17 NOV 1830 in Devon, Plymouth, St Andrews. Death: 04 JAN 1907 in Kent, Brockley

  5. Edward Baker: Birth: 1832. Death: 1832

  6. Edward William Baker: Birth: 1833. Death: 1846 in Maidstone, 3rd qtr, 5, 272

  7. Edmund Baker: Birth: 07 DEC 1834 in Cornwall, Veryan. Death: 25 NOV 1913 in Narioka, Victoria

Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Jane Baker: Birth: 05 JUL 1838 in Cornwall, Veryan.

  2. Mary Louisa Baker: Birth: 23 JAN 1840 in Cornwall, Veryan.

  3. Elizabeth Jane Seccombe Baker: Birth: 16 JUL 1841 in Cornwall, Truro, 4th qtr, 9, 297.

  4. Richard Westbrook Baker: Birth: 1842 in Cornwall, Truro, 1st qtr, 9, 334. Death: 1881 in Nottingham, 2nd qtr, 7b, 197

  5. Charlotte Ann Baker: Birth: 22 MAY 1844 in Cornwall, Veryan. Death: 10 JUN 1844 in Cornwall, Veryan

  6. Joseph Henry Baker: Birth: 18 APR 1845 in Cornwall, Veryan. Death: 1910 in Chelsea, September

  7. Charlotte Baker: Birth: 27 SEP 1846 in Cornwall, Veryan.

  8. Charles George Baker: Birth: 25 MAY 1849 in Cornwall, Veryan. Death: 06 JUL 1849 in Cornwall, Veryan

a. Note:   NAVAL BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY 1849 by William O Briyne,S 923.59A66. BAKER LIEUTANT1828 F-P33;H-P4.[F-P=Half Pay] JOSEPH FRANCIS BAKER born 31 July 1798 at Baldock Co Herts is second son of the late Rich.Baker,Esq by Catherine,only daughter of Wm Richards Esq.MD,;and brother of the present Rich Westbrook Baker Esq of Cottesmore and Langham Co Rutland a distinguished agriculturist. This officer entered the Navy,13 July 1810 as First Class Volunteer on board MACEDONIAN of 48 guns and 254 men,Capts Lord Wm Fitzroy,Hon Wm Walsegrave and John Surman Carden,and was for some time very actively engaged with the batteries on the coast of France.On 25 Oct 1812 he was present and wounded in the brilliant action of two hours and ten minuits which rendered the MACEDONIAN,after losing 36 men killed and 68 wounded,a shattered prize for the American frigate UNITED STATES of 56 guns and 474 men,12 of whom only appear to have been killed and wounded. Mr Baker,next in June 1813,joined the MAIDSTONE 36,Cap Geo Burdett on the North American Station,and on the 24th Dec following,became Midshipman of the SHELBURNE Schooner 12.Lt Cdr David Hope and Wm Hamilton in which vessel he assisted at the capture,20th Apr 1814 of the FROLIC American Sloop of 22 guns and 171 men,and also took part in the expedition to New Orleans and the destruction of the enemys forts at PENSACOLA,He was subsequently employed between Jan 1815 and Aug 1817 in the PLANTAGENET 74 Capt Robt Lloyd FURIEUSE 36 Capt Wm Nounsey and PANDORA 18 Capts Hon Fred Noel and Geo Mathew Jones,on the America Channel and Irish stations,passed his examination 13 Dec 1817;served on the coast Blockade as Admiralty Midshipman of the SEVERN,Capt Wm McCullock,from Oct 1818 to Apr 1822;then joining the RACEHORSE 18 Capt Wm Benj Suckling,under whom he was wrecked in Douglas Bay,Isle of Man,towards the close of the same year and until advanceds to his present rank 22 May 1828 officiated as Admiralty Midshipman and Mate,on the Home,East India and Africa stations of the VIGILANT 12 Lt-Cdr Nich Colthurst,WINDSOR CASTLE 78.Capt Edw Durnford King,JAVA,BOADICEA and Brittania flagships of Admirals Wm Hall,Gage and the Earl of Northesk,ONYX 10 Lt-Cdr Wm John Cole,and SYBILLE 48 Capt Fras Augustus Collier. Lt Baker,who seved for some months subsequently to his promotion in the NORTH STATE 28 Capt Septimus Arabin has been in the Coast Guard since 22 Apr 1831. While in the Coast Blockade at Standgate Creek in 1820,he was on one occasion with only one man to support him,overwhelmed by a band of 300 armed Smugglers,and so desperately wounded as to be left apparently lifeless on the spot. He married Miss Elizabeth S Middlecoat and has issue several children. Agents-Messrs-Halford&Co. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.