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Elizabeth Jane Draper: Birth: 1853 in St Pancras. Death: 1893 in Hackney,1st Qtr,1b,341
Elizabeth Draper: Birth: 1763 in Isle of Wight. Death: 1805 in Isle of Wight
Harry Draper: Birth: 1870 in St Lukes,London.
Herbert Mawdesley Draper: Birth: 1868 in Sheperdess Walk,London.
James Wise Draper: Birth: 1857 in St Pancras.
Mary Ann Draper: Birth: 1860 in St Pancras.
Mawdsley Lancaster Draper: Birth: 1830 in London. Death: 1901 in Hackney,2nd Qtr,1b,320
Mawdsley Draper
Robert Draper: Birth: 1872 in St Lukes,London.
Alice Drapper: Death: 1889 in St Saviour Southwark,4th Qtr,1d,20
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Ralph Basset 3rd Lord Basset of Drayton: Birth: 1335. Death: 1390
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Ann Drew: Death: 1887 in Mevagissey,Cornwall
Edith A Drew: Birth: 1895 in Sheerness,Kent.
Edward J Drew: Birth: 1851 in Islington,Middlesex.
Edward J Drew: Birth: 1885 in Chelmsford,Essex.
Edward Drew: Birth: 1787 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
Eliza Drew: Birth: 1820 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
Florence J Drew: Birth: 1887 in Beermondsey,Surrey.
Florrie Drew: Birth: 1884 in Chelmsford,Essex.
Frank Oliver Drew: Birth: 1883 in Bermondsey,Surrey.
Frank Drew: Birth: 1889 in Sheerness,Kent.
Frederick E Drew: Birth: 1898 in Kennington,London.
Gertrude A Drew: Birth: 1878 in Peckham,Surrey.
Hannah H Drew: Birth: 1860 in Islington,Middlesex.
Harry Drew: Birth: 1879 in Bermondsey,Surrey.
Helen Drew: Birth: 1860 in Islington,Middlesex.
Henry Edward Drew: Birth: 1849 in St Saviours Southwark.
Henry Thomas Drew: Birth: 1819 in Newington,Surrey. Death: 1883 in St Olave Southwark
Herbert J Drew: Birth: 1900 in Camberwell,London.
Jane Drew: Birth: 1823 in Mevagissey,Cornwall. Death: 03 APR 1896 in Mevagissey,Cornwall
Jessie Drew: Birth: 1856 in Islington,Middlesex.
Martha Drew: Birth: 08 JAN 1823 in Newington,Surrey. Death: in Newington,Surrey
Mary Drew: Birth: 1811 in Mevagissey,Cornwall. Death: 1901 in St Austell, 2nd Qtr, 5c, 75
Nellie Drew: Birth: 1892 in Sheerness,Kent.
Pattie Drew: Birth: 1882 in Chesteron,Cambridgeshire.
Rosina Drew: Birth: 1817 in Mevagissey,Cornwall. Death: 1849 in St Austell, 4th Qtr, 9, 17
Sarah Fanny Drew: Birth: 1853 in Islington,Middlesex.
Susan Drew: Birth: 1798 in Pascals Court,Mevagissey, Cornwall. Death: 1854 in St Austell, 4th Qtr, 5c, 94
Sydney Drew: Birth: 1885 in Bermondsey,Surrey.
Thomas Francis Drew: Birth: 1786. Death: 1843 in Newington,Surrey
William P Drew: Birth: 1852 in Islington,Middlesex.
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Henry Hamilton Moore 3rd Earl of Drgheda: Death: 1714
Bartholomew Driscoll: Death: 1852 in St Saviour, 3rd Qtr, 1d, 15
Catherine Driscoll: Birth: 1852 in Bermondsey.
Mary Driscoll: Birth: 1850 in Bermondsey.
George Driver: Birth: 1868 in Middlesex, Twickenham.
Nellie E Driver: Birth: 1898 in London, Mile End.
Samuel Driver: Birth: 1881 in Lancashire, Colne.
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Alice Spencer Countess of Drogheda: Death: 1675
Charles Moore 2nd Earl of Drogheda: Birth: 18 JUN 1679 in Drogheda,Lough,Ireland.
Henry Moore 1st Earl of Drogheda: Birth: 1625. Death: 11 JAN 1675
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Agnes Priscilla Drummond: Death: 1902 in Chelsea,4th Qtr,1a,258
Agnes Priscilla Drummond: Birth: 1815. Death: 13 NOV 1902
Andrew Mortimer Drummond: Birth: 09 NOV 1786 in Charing Cross, London. Death: 01 JUN 1864
Catherine Elizabeth Drummond: Birth: 1797. Death: 1873
Cecil Elizabeth Drummond: Birth: 1814. Death: 16 MAR 1897
Charles Drummond: Birth: 1790. Death: 1858
Eleanor Charlotte Drummond: Birth: 1811. Death: 27 MAR 1888
Ellen Drummond: Birth: 1849 in Bermondsey,Surrey.
Hannah Drummond: Birth: 1830.
Mary Selina Drummond: Birth: 1869 in Watford.
Mortimer Percy Drummond: Birth: 07 SEP 1816. Death: 05 OCT 1893
Susan Caroline Drummond: Birth: 1818. Death: 03 FEB 1905
Walter Drummond: Birth: 1830. Death: 1883
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Anne Drury: Death: 05 SEP 1561 in Baconsthorpe, Norfolk
Anne Drury: Death: 07 JUN 1572 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk
Diana Drury: Birth: 1580 in London. Death: MAY 1631 in Wimbledon
Dorothy Drury: Birth: 1557 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: 18 FEB 1599 in Soham, Cambridgeshire
Dorothy Drury: Birth: 04 MAR 1537 in Hawstead, Suffolk.
Dorothy Drury: Birth: 1594 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: in Died when young
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 1497 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: 11 DEC 1574 in Watton Woodhall, Hertfordshire
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 08 FEB 1548 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: AFT 18 MAY 1582
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 04 JAN 1579 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: 26 FEB 1654 in Exeter House,Strand,London
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 09 NOV 1544 in Hawstead, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 1529 in Hawstead, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Drury: Birth: 1596 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: DEC 1610 in Hawstead, Suffolk
Etheldreda Drury: Birth: 1558 in Hawstead, Suffolk.
Frances Drury: Birth: 29 JUN 1532 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: 12 JUN 1621
Frances Drury: Birth: 08 JUN 1576 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Death: JAN 1642 in Ashby,Lincolnshire
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