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Mary Ann Rodd: Birth: 1803 in Bishops Nympton, Devon. Death: 1829 in Bishops Nympton, Devon
Mary Rodd: Birth: 1832 in Bishops Nympton, Devon.
Philip Tapp Rodd: Birth: 1798 in Bishops Nympton, Devon.
Thomas Rodd: Birth: 1767 in Bishops Nympton, Devon. Death: 1848 in Bishops Nympton, Devon
Thomas Rodd
Thomas Rodd: Birth: 1796 in Bishops Nympton, Devon. Death: 10 MAR 1877 in Bishops Nympton, Devon
William Rodd: Birth: 1840 in Bishops Nympton, Devon.
William Rodd: Birth: 1771 in Bishops Nympton, Devon.
Albert Rodman: Death: 1913 in Eton,Berks
Charles J Rodman: Birth: 1893 in Hackney.
Charles R Rodman: Birth: 1866 in Hackney.
Eliza Kate Rodman: Birth: 1871 in Hackney. Death: 1874 in West Ham
Ellen Rodman: Birth: 1895 in Hackney.
Emily Jane Rodman: Birth: 1863 in Hackney. Death: 1912 in Maidstone,Kent
James William Tiley Rodman: Birth: 1858 in Hackney. Death: 1894 in Bristol
James Rodman: Birth: 1827 in Middlesex. Death: 12 JAN 1878 in 3,Winnington Rd,Bethnal Green
James Rodman: Birth: 1811.
Jesse Plant Rodman: Birth: 04 MAY 1874 in 10,Wharf Rd,West Ham. Death: 1925 in Before 8/10/1925
John E Rodman: Birth: 1897 in Hackney.
Mary Jane Plant Rodman: Birth: 1860 in Hackney. Death: 12 JAN 1926 in Southwater,Sussex
Thomas Rodman: Birth: 1876 in Bethnal Green.
William Plant C Rodman: Birth: 1862 in Hackney. Death: 1919 in Kingston,Surrey
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Alice Roe: Death: 1985
Anna Maria "Hannah" Roe: Death: 15 APR 1844 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire
Annie Blanche Roe: Death: 1915
Annie Maria Roe: Death: 1863 in Clunes,Victoria,Australia
Arthur Debney Roe: Death: 22 MAY 1938 in North Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Augusta Caleb Roe: Death: 12 SEP 1915 in Greenwich
Caleb Augustus Roe: Birth: 1920 in Hackney. Death: 1982
Caleb Augustus Roe: Birth: 1890 in Homerton. Death: 27 NOV 1985 in London
Caleb Roe: Birth: 1833 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire. Death: 27 SEP 1890 in 113,Rushmore Rd,Clapton,Middx
Catherine Mary Jane Roe: Birth: 04 JUL 1861 in Clunes,Victoria,Australia. Death: 15 SEP 1943 in Wungham,Victoria,Australia
Charles Caleb Roe: Birth: 20 JAN 1869 in Hoxton,Middlesex. Death: 25 JAN 1953 in Tottenham
Charles Edward Roe: Birth: 1888 in Homerton. Death: 1970
Daniel Ellis Roe: Birth: 07 MAR 1853 in St James,Westminster. Death: 25 JAN 1890 in Chelsea,1st Qtr,1a,282
Daniel Roe: Birth: 1829 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire.
Daniel Roe: Birth: 1800 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire. Death: 1836 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire
Edith Lilian Roe: Birth: 1898 in Hackney.
Eleanor Sophia Roe: Birth: 11 MAR 1861 in 5,Grange Place,Shoreditch.
Eliza Sabina Roe: Birth: 1857 in Shoreditch. Death: 1949 in Romford,2nd Qtr,5a,445
Eliza Roe: Birth: 1833 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire. Death: 1902 in Croydon
Elizabeth Roe: Birth: 1891 in East Ham.
Elizabeth Roe: Birth: 1799 in Hertford.
Ellen Edith Roe: Birth: 1878 in Walworth,Surrey.
Elsie Alice Roe: Birth: 1893 in Peckham,.
Emily Anne Roe: Birth: 1850 in Langston,Herts. Death: 03 NOV 1921 in Shepparton,Victoria,Australia
Emily Constance Roe: Birth: 1860 in Hackney.
Emily Roe: Birth: 1877 in Walworth,Surrey.
Emma Kezia Roe: Birth: 1887 in East Ham.
Eveline K Roe: Birth: 1882 in Walworth,Surrey.
Fanny E Roe: Birth: 1880 in Walworth,Surrey.
Fanny Elizabeth Roe: Birth: 28 APR 1858 in Heidelberg,Victoria,Australia. Death: 1936 in Wungham,Victoria,Australia
Flora Eliza Roe: Birth: 1889 in East Ham.
Florence Emily Roe: Birth: 1894 in Hackney.
Frederick William Debney Roe: Birth: 1853 in Possibly at Sea. Death: 1853 in Possibly at Sea off Indonesia
Henry Ernest Roe: Birth: 1887 in Peckham,.
Henry Roe: Birth: 1850 in Newington,Surrey. Death: 1922 in Christchurch,2nd Qtr,2b,841
Henry Roe: Birth: 1824.
Herbert Augustus Somerville Roe: Birth: 1896 in Hackney.
Horace Roe: Birth: 01 JAN 1870 in 41,Shepherdess Walk,Shoreditch.
John Richard Roe: Birth: 1859 in St James,Westminster. Death: 1875 in Westminster,2nd Qtr,1a,317
John Roe: Birth: 1895 in East Ham.
John Roe: Death: 1835 in Hertford Union Workhouse
Joseph Priestley Roe: Birth: 1862 in St James,Westminster. Death: 1947 in East Ham,1st Qtr,5a,58
Joseph William Roe: Birth: 1885 in East Ham.
Kezia Eliza Roe: Birth: 07 OCT 1850 in St Thomas Sq.Hackney. Death: 1906 in Westminster,4th Qtr,1a,333
Lillian E "Lily" Roe: Birth: 1894 in Hackney Wick,London. Death: 1951
Louisa Amy Roe: Birth: 1873 in Walworth,Surrey.
Louisa Jane Roe: Birth: 1872 in Shoreditch.
Martha Roe: Birth: 1798 in Hertfordshire. Death: 24 MAY 1845 in Barkway,Hertford
Mary Ann Blanch Roe: Birth: 1856 in St James,Westminster.
Mary Elizabeth Roe: Birth: 1885 in East Ham.
Maud Ellen Roe: Birth: 1896 in Homerton. Death: 1898 in Homerton
Minnie Louisa Roe: Birth: 1903 in East Ham. Death: 1987
Phoebe Mildred Roe: Birth: 1882 in St Saviour,Southwark. Death: 1968 in Devizes,Wiltshire
Richard John Roe: Birth: 1829 in Biggleswade,Bedfordshire. Death: 21 SEP 1915 in Wungham,Victoria,Australia
Richard John Roe: Birth: 23 SEP 1870 in Clunes,Victoria,Australia. Death: 1925 in Drouin,Victoria,Australia
Richard Roe: Birth: 1888 in East Ham.
Rosetta Roe: Birth: 1862 in Shoreditch. Death: 1898 in 2,Robinson Rd,Bethnal Green
Rosina Roe: Birth: 1892 in Homerton. Death: 1978
Somerville Roe: Birth: 1897 in Southend,Essex.
Walter Ellis Roe: Birth: 1888 in East Ham.
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