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James Henry Carne: Birth: 1869 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
James Carne: Birth: 1837 in St Austell, Cornwall. Death: 1925 in Falmouth, Cornwall;2nd Qtr, 5c, 175
John Dunn Carne: Birth: 1826 in Falmouth, Cornwall. Death: 1888 in St Austell, 3rd Qtr, 5c, 68a
John Carne: Birth: 1891 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
John Carne: Birth: 1862 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
Laura Carne: Birth: 1867 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Lily Carne: Birth: 1885 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
Maria Carne: Birth: 1809 in St Columb, Cornwall.
Maria Carne: Birth: 1858 in Mevagissey,Cornwall. Death: 1863 in St Austell, 3rd Qtr, 5c, 93
Mary Carne: Birth: 1840 in Mevagissey,Cornwall.
Robert Carne: Birth: 1833 in Falmouth, Cornwall. Death: 1843 in St Austell, 4th Qtr, 9, 18
Robert Carne: Birth: 1874 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Sophia Carne: Birth: 1875 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Thomas George Carne: Birth: 1868 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
William J Carne: Birth: 1862 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
William Carne: Birth: 1831 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
William Carne: Birth: 1793 in Penzance, Cornwall. Death: 1874 in St Austell, 3rd Qtr, 5c, 90
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Caroline: Birth: 1822 in London.
Caroline: Birth: 1829 in Great Yarmouth,Norfolk.
Caroline: Birth: 1818 in Shoreditch, Middlesex.
Caroline: Birth: 1829 in Newington, Surrey.
Caroline: Birth: 1812 in St Helena, At Sea.
Caroline: Birth: 1840 in City of London.
Caroline: Birth: 1851 in Bethnal Green.
Caroline: Birth: 1814 in Ardwick,Lancashire.
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Ann Carpenter: Death: 30 AUG 1699
Ann Carpenter: Death: 1680
Beatrice Ada Ellen Carpenter: Death: 06 AUG 2009 in Austin Hospital,Melbourne,Australia
Benjamin Carpenter: Death: 07 NOV 1689
Benjamin Carpenter: Death: 07 DEC 1687
Benjamin Carpenter: Death: 24 NOV 1786
Caroline Carpenter: Birth: 1851 in St Georges,Surrey.
Charles Carpenter: Birth: 1877 in Peckham,Surrey.
Dennis Carpenter: Birth: 26 MAY 1941. Death: 04 JUL 1988
Edward Carpenter: Birth: 1859 in St Georges,Surrey.
Eileen Carpenter: Birth: 07 AUG 1937. Death: 26 JAN 2010 in Walworth,London
Eliza Carpenter: Birth: 1891 in Dulwich,London.
Elizabeth Jane Carpenter: Birth: 19 MAR 1811.
Elizabeth Carpenter: Birth: 1872 in Southwark,Surrey.
Elizabeth Carpenter: Birth: 1870 in Peckham,Surrey.
Emma Carpenter: Birth: 1892 in Camberwell,London.
Florence Carpenter: Birth: 1886 in Dulwich,London.
George Carpenter: Birth: 28 JUL 1879 in Southwark St Saviour Surrey. Death: 1927 in Southwark,London
George Carpenter: Birth: 1857 in St Georges,Surrey.
George Carpenter: Birth: 1882 in Camberwell,London.
George Carpenter: Birth: 1876 in Peckham,Surrey.
George Carpenter: Birth: 01 SEP 1816.
Hannah Carpenter: Birth: 1760.
Harriet Carpenter: Birth: 1855 in St Georges,Surrey.
Harriett Carpenter: Birth: 1874 in Peckham,Surrey.
Henry "Harry" C Carpenter: Birth: 1870 in St Olave Southwark.
Henry E Carpenter: Birth: 1887 in Dulwich,London.
Henry J Carpenter: Birth: 1840 in St Georges,Surrey.
Henry Carpenter: Birth: 01 JAN 1813 in St Saviour,Bermondsey,Surrey.
Henry Carpenter: Birth: 31 JAN 1779 in Putney,Surrey.
Henry Carpenter: Birth: 1755 in Merton,Surrey.
Henry Carpenter: Birth: 1863 in Peckham,Surrey.
James Henry Carpenter: Birth: 28 JUL 1905 in St George in East Middlesex. Death: 07 APR 1976 in Mottingham,Kent
James Carpenter: Birth: 1681 in Kingston on Thames,Surrey.
James Carpenter: Birth: 1650 in Kingston on Thames,Surrey. Death: 02 OCT 1718 in Kingston on Thames,Surrey
James Carpenter: Birth: 19 SEP 1930. Death: 1932
James Carpenter: Birth: 02 AUG 1883 in Southwark,Surrey.
James Carpenter: Birth: 1843 in St Georges,Surrey.
James Carpenter: Birth: 1884 in Borough,Southwark,Surrey.
James Carpenter: Birth: 1865 in Peckham,Surrey.
James Carpenter: Birth: 1748.
James Carpenter: Birth: OCT 1709.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1624 in Kingston on Thames,Surrey. Death: 05 FEB 1691 in Kingston on Thames,Surrey
John Carpenter: Birth: 19 NOV 1873 in Southwark,Surrey.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1846 in St Georges,Surrey.
John Carpenter: Birth: 14 NOV 1814.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1758.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1715.
John Carpenter: Birth: APR 1693.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1696.
John Carpenter: Birth: 1661. Death: 14 DEC 1665
Joseph Carpenter: Birth: 1721 in Merton,Surrey. Death: APR 1797 in Putney,Surrey
Joseph Carpenter: Birth: 1747.
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