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a. Note:   ssert. Samuel was born in the Middletown Valley and died at Bardstown, Nelson,Kentucky between June 4, 1830, when he wrote his vwill, and May 10, 1832 when his will was probated. After the death of his father, William Beatty was appointed guardian of Samuel, described as the son of Elizabeth Julien. His stepfather, Stephen Julien, was ordered to let him appear in court on February 12, 1783, at that time he was 14 years of age. He was later apprenticed to Michael Troutman, farmer, and shoemaker who was Tobias's I administrator. Samuel probably went to Kentucky when Troutman claimed his lands there. Samuel was married at Bardstown, Ky. to "Polly" Hahn on March 23, 1794; bondsman was Jacob Ambrose. He was apparently in Bardstown as early November 3, 1788, when he signed a petition as an inhabitant, complaining that many people were unable to obtain title to the lots they had purchased from David Baird and John C. Owing and suggested a plan to correct the situation. No deed was found for the purchase of Samuel's lots, but on November 26, 1788, he sold to Jacob Ambrose for 500 pounds, three lots in Bardstown, opposite Charles Broughton and Isaac Morrison, with an outlet of three more acres. Another record lists him among the governing body of the town, with no further details. He also is listedas owing money to Colonel Andrew Hynes, who died owning a general store in Bardstown. Based on his will, Samuel and Polly had no surviving children. In 1810, they appear in Nelson County, and in 1820, a boy under 5 years and two girls under 5 years are listed. Samuel wrote his will June 4,1780, in which he left everything to his wife Mary. It was initially believed he had re-married; as it turns out, "Polly's given name was Mary. She and Jacob Weiser were appointed executors. His will contained the following assertion: " I also have a legacy left me by my grandfather Horine in Germany, which legacy my brother Tobias HorineII of Frederick County, Maryland has taken to collect, which legacy when collected goes to my wife." (Signed by mark.) Witnesses were Jacob Rickmire and William Poor of Missouri. Inventory was exhibited December 10, 1832. Shortly after the execution of the estate, Samuel's wife Mary died by August 4, 1833. Her personal estate was sold at public venue; the papers contain a long list of the names of the purchasers of each item and the price paid. The final blance was $345.39, but the file does not show to whom it was distributed.
Note:   According to Orphans Court Records, Samuel was the youngest son of Tobias I and Elizabeth Pou is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.