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Marriage: Children:
  1. Daniel Neal: Birth: 1817. Death: 13 Jun 1879

  2. William J. Neal: Birth: 1 Dec 1823. Death: 25 Sep 1904 in Liberty Twp., Tioga County, PA

  3. Elizabeth Neal: Birth: 1825.

  4. Mary Ann Neal: Birth: 1826. Death: 7 Jun 1912 in Corning, Steuben Co., NY

  5. Susan Neal: Birth: Abt 1829 in PA. Death: 20 May 1901 in Rockfield, IN

  6. Margaret Neal: Birth: 16 Dec 1830. Death: 20 Dec 1919 in Blossburg, Tioga County, PA

  7. Samuel Neal: Birth: 8 Mar 1833 in Liberty Twp., Tioga County, PA. Death: 25 Jul 1918 in Corning, Steuben Co., NY

  8. Charlotte Neal: Birth: 23 Jul 1838. Death: 26 Dec 1912 in Muncy, PA

  9. Matilda Neal: Birth: Jan 1840 in Liberty Twp., Tioga County, PA. Death: 16 Feb 1923 in Los Angeles Co., CA

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Note:   1974 - The first written material (I found) pertaining to John Neal is in "The Annals of Jackson Township, 1768-1875, by Francis H. Maneval, printed in 1974. (Jackson Township, Lycoming County) When this territory of the northern tier of Pennsylvania was to be opened up for settlers, there needed to be a road and district lines established. In 1781, John Neal was commissioned by the new United States Government to establish a north and south district line through this new territory. It ran through the center of Blockhouse (Liberty, Tioga County, Pa) starting in Maryland running in a straight line to Painted Post, New York. All surveys started from this straight line. John was a surveyor and acted in the capacity of a Cruiser while surveying in this area. John surveyed for himself a plot of land which is now located in Tioga County. John died before he could claim the land so his son, John Jr. settled on it in 1820. The book also states that this John Neal was a great grandfather to Francis Neal, of Liberty, and that John was in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in the Battle of Brandywine and discharged in 1781. According to Elizabeth Hartman Neal's depositions of 1883 through 1885 for application to entitlement of bounty land earned by her husband, John Neal - soldier in the War of 1812, she states they did not move to Liberty Twp. until 1830. John Jr. was born near Philadelphia, PA. His trade was shoemaker and he was in the War of 1812. He married Elizabeth Hartman in 1815 and moved to Liberty Twp., Tioga County, PA, about 1822 and settled near the Jackson Twp., Lycoming County, Pa, line, on 115 acres. (from another historical book of the northern tier) My search on property deeds: First of all, I could find no property deeds earlier than 1842 for John Neal although that doesn't mean there wasn't any. Tioga and Lycoming Counties used to be in Northumberland County - back when the north and south district line was surveyed - and I could find no deed for him there. There were several John Neals with variations of the spelling of Neal in Lycoming County but no way of telling if the land that the first John Neal might have surveyed out for himself might have been in a different location than Liberty, PA, such as Muncy. The 1842 deed was for Samuel Hartman' s property in Tioga Co. that bordered Lycoming Co. My search on John Neal 1st and war activity: There were too many John Neals listed for the Revolutionary War. Without knowing the 1st John Neal's wife's name or the names of all their children, it is impossible to know which John is ours. 1814 - Sept. 12 - John Neal enlisted as a private in the War of 1812 in Horsham Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. He served in Captain James Robinson's Co., under commandment of Col. Thomas Humphrey. Bean's 1884 History of Montgomery County - First Regt. PA Vol Militi a - "A True List of Capt. James Robinson's Co., of the Eighteenth section of Riflemen, Commanded by Col. Thomas Humphrey" lists two John Neills. Elizabeth swears John Neal's brother, Spencer Neal, enlisted at the same time in the same Co. so possibly one of the John Neals should have read "Spencer" Neill. Elizabeth also stated she remembers making clothing for the both of them at that time. Elizabeth states at the time of John's enlistment, he was a farmer, 5'10", light complected, eyes were blue and hair color was light. 1814 - Dec. 12 - John Neal was honorably discharged at Philadelphia for reason that the war was over. *other sections of Elizabeth's records gives the year as being 1815" 1815 - May 1 - marriage of John Neal and Elizabeth Hartman in Montgomer y Co., performed by Hoff - minister and doctor *one date given in Elizabeth's pension records* 1816 - June 4 - another date given for marriage of John and Elizabeth but in Bucks Co., PA - also found in her pension records Elizabeth stated that since John's discharge, they lived about 1 year in Montgomery Co., Somerset Co. about 5 years, Westmoreland Co. about 4 years and in Liberty Twp. since 1830. 1823 - Dec. 1 - birth of William J. Neal in Westmoreland Co., PA, son of John and Elizabeth Neal *found in William J. Neal's death record at Tioga County Courthouse in Wellsboro* 1830 - census - Jackson Twp. - Lycoming Co.: John Neal. (John lived next to his wife's brother, Samuel Hartman) 1 male and 1 female under the age of 5; 1 male age 5 but under 10 - no females no males or females age 10 but under 15; no males or females age 15 but under 20; 1 male age 20 but under 30 - no females no males age 30 but under 40 - and 1 female age 30 but under 40 1840 - census - Liberty Twp. - Tioga Co.: John Neal no males under 5 - and 2 females under 5; 1 male and 1 female age 5 but under 10; no males age 10 but under 15 - and 2 females age 10 but under 15; 1 male and 1 female age 15 but under 20; no males or females age 20 but under 30; no males or females age 30 but under 40; no males age 40 but under 50 - and 1 female age 40 but under 50; 1 male age 50 but under 60 - and no females age 50 but under 60 1842 - Elizabeth and John bought Samuel Hartman's property located on the border of Jackson Twp., Lycoming Co. and Liberty Twp., Tioga Co.
1850 - Nov. 2 - census - Liberty, Tioga County:
John Neal, age 60, farmer, b. PA
Elizabeth, age 55, b. PA
Eliza, age 25, b. PA
William, age 23, farmer, b. PA
Margaret, age 20, b. PA
Samuel, age 15, b. PA
Charlotte, age 13, b. PA
Matilda, age 11, b. PA
1860 - June 22 - census for Liberty Twp., Tioga County: John lived next to Freeman Brady. John Neal, age 66, farmer, b. PA
Eliza, age 64, b. PA
Samuel, age 24, farm laborer, b. PA
Matilda, age 19, b. PA
Jane, age 4, b. PA
1869 - Feb. 13 - John died at the age of 78, buried in Union Church Cemetery, Liberty, Tioga County, PA.
1869 - Will bk. C, page 20, recorded 31 May 1869, John Neal, deceased:
exec. Daniel Neal, son, and Harrison Rutty, son-in-law of Liberty Twp . - to son, Samuel, the farm with condition he care for Elizabeth and daus, Charlotte and Matilda as long as they remain on homestead. Also Samuel to get one span of horses. Samuel cannot sell farm. After Samuel's death, farm to go to Samuel's family or if none, to John's remaining heirs. A codicil stating daus Charlotte and Matilda be stricken out as they have married. A codicil that dau. Susanna, on account of ill treatment of John and disobedience by her and husband, James Newell, only receive $4.00. Inventory was filed in amount of $1595. 34.
1878 - June 10 - Elizabeth Neal applies for and receives widow's pension . She is age 83, resides in Liberty. There is no reference of John receiving pension before his death or that she was on the pension role before 1878. She states that neither she or John received any bounty land. 1883 - June 18 - deposition of Elizabeth Neal of right to claim bounty land; witnesses were Nathan and Harrison Ridge that her statements are true. They lived within 1/4 mile of the Neal home.
1883 - Oct. 16 - Tues. - The Agitator - Wellsboro: Article - Tioga County 's Role of Honor. Full List Of Tioga County Pensionsers Borne On The National Records On The First Of Last January: *the list was made to show all pensioners and the raise of monthly pension called for by Senate resolution on December 8, 1882* Liberty - Elizabeth Neal - widow - $8.00
1885 - May 12 - Elizabeth receives entitlement to 160 acres land bounty under the Act of March 3, 1855 by Congress - Elizabeth's bounty land file no. was 114805 - 160 - 55 *114805 = warrant no.; 160 = acres; 55 = act of 1855*
1887 - April 13 - death of Elizabeth Hartman Neal; deposition dated oct. 10, 1887 by Margaret Rutty to pension board - Margaret is age 56, residing in Jackson Twp., Lycoming Co. with post office address of Liberty, Tioga Co.; She is daughter of Elizabeth Neal; knew Elizabeth was widow of John Neal, soldier in the War of 1812; Elizabeth died at Margaret's farm located about one mile and a half from Liberty post office; Elizabeth died of paralysis and was buried in what is known as the Universalist Burying Grounds in Lycoming Co. about two miles from Margaret's home; Margaret states the certificate of pension is in the hands of Isaac Whelden, Justice of the Court at Liberty *Elizabeth Neal's birth year and date of death are inscribed on her husband's headstone in Union Church Cemetery, Liberty Twp.* Deposition of William F. Wideman, dated the same as Margaret's - he is age 63, practicing physicain of Elizabeth and John Neal; he was their family doctor for at least 25 years before Elizabeth's death; she died of paralysis, the result of old age.
1918 - On death certificate for John Jr.'s son, Samuel, it is listed that John was born in Ireland and that Elizabeth was born in Germany; birth places have not been validated.
1925 - Reunion article found in the Wellsboro Gazette dated Thurs., Sept. 24, 1925 - copied exactly as it appeared in the paper: - HARTWELL REUNION HELD AT LIBERTY - Last Sunday - Seventy-Six Descendents Present - Enjoyable Time Reported. - A reunion of the descendents of Samuel Hartman, a pioneer of Liberty township, was held at the old homestead and is under the management of C. A. Wheeland. Samuel Hartman was the son of Jacob Hartman, who was born in Berks Count y in 1751, married in 1787 and died in 1811. He served in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in both legs at the battle of the Brandywine, for which he received a pension, beginning March 4, 1789. Samuel Hartman was born in Berks County and came to Liberty in 1819, cleared up a farm and in 1840 built a large barn which still stands and is in a good state of preservation. Old settlers say this barn for many years was used as a church, services having been held there regularly. The reunion was held Sept. 20, and the number of descendents present was 76, and considering the short notice, distance travelled by many to attend and the threatening weather early in the morning, the success of the reunion was remarkable. C. A. Wheeland kindly placed tables on the large barn floor and every detail was carefully looked after. When the 76 guests were seated it resembled a metropolitan dining room. The only disappointing feature was the shortness of time each could spend shaking hands and getting acquainted, as many met relatives they had never seen before . Unfortunately, this event could hardly be repeated as we might possibly never be able to get such interest manifested again, except by the greatest energy exerted. Those attending from Wellsboro were descendents of Daniel Neal, whose mother was a sister of Samuel Hartman. The following is a list of relatives and visitors invited: Millard Dunkelburger, wife and daughter, Madaline, Berwick; Harry W. Dunk eburger, wife, Catherine Dunkleburger, William Dunkleburger, John Dunkleburger and wife, of Shamokin; Ruth and Joseph Dunkleburger, of Bloomsburg; Nancy L. Bowman, Delmar, N. Y.; Edward and Martin Dunkleburger, of Sunbury; Jacob Dunkleburger and daughter, Anne, of Mt. Carmel; Fred Harer, Frank Harer, Rhoda Harer, Mrs. Harry Rice, of Linden; Mrs. Nancy N. Smith, LeRoy Smith and wife, Eleanor, and Kenneth Smith, Mrs. Angie Lewis, Edith Lewis, Mrs. E. W. Mack, Neal Mack, Robert and Jean Bower, of Wellsboro; Daniel Fessler and wife, William Fessler and wife, Clyde Vollmer, Dorothy Vollmer, Phyllis Vollmer, Helen Vollmer, Betty Vollmer, Ruth Fessler, of Williamsport; Harry W. Reeder, Sue and Gladys Reeder, Mitchell Younken, and wife, Molly Younken, of Newberry; Arthur G. Everitt and wife, Julia Everitt, of Unityville; H. W. Lush and wife, William G. Lush and wife , S. L. Lush, Harry L. Lush, R. Otto Lush, Dorothy Lush, Chas. H. Lush, of Galeton; David Lush, Thomas Lush and wife, and David Lush, of Salladesburg; Mrs. Maggie Volmer, Katherine, Annie, and Margaret Vollmer, Daniel Vollmer, Emma Volmer, Ernest Dunkleburger, of Harrisburg. Visitors present: Mr. and Mrs. William Schartel, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wheeland, of Liberty; Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Thomas and family, of Salladesburg, and Willard Robinson and wife, of Newberry.
The following from family group sheet found in Hartman/Ridge file at Tioga County Historical Society, Wellsboro, PA: Jacob Hartman, born 1751, Bucks Co., PA, died 1811, Bernhill, Berks Co., PA, married on 12 May 1789, Tulpehoken, Berks Co., to Susanna "Peggy" Cox, born 1769, died 1853, Liberty, PA. After Jacob's death, Peggy married Jonas Hartzel, a judge. Jacob and Peggy's children - Samuel, m. Susanna Miller who died in Salladesburg, Lycoming County, then he married her sister, Margaret Miller. The Miller sisters were daughters of Jacob Miller; Elizabeth, who married John Neal; Daniel; Henry who married Juliann Gehrhart, Henry died in Williamsport, Lycoming County.
Another version: 1. Henry Hartman, d. 1768 in Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co., PA; was an innkeeper; m. c1753 in Montgomery Co. to Elizabeth Cressman who was b. c1732 in Trappe, Montgomery Co., PA; 2. Jacob Hartman, b. 1758 in Montgomery Co.; d. April 4, 1805 in Pottsgrove Twp., Montgomery Co.; was a carpenter and joiner in Montgomery Co.; m . Susannah Hirsch who was b. June 7, 1760 in Weisenberg Twp., Northampton Co., PA. 3. Henry Hartman, b. Sept. 13, 1788 in Montgomery Co., d. June 4, 1872 in Williamsport; m. Juliana Gehart; their child - Mary Jane Hartman - m. William H. Fink
Another version - with death date for Susannah Hirsch Hartman: 1. Jacob Hartman, b. 1758, d. April 4, 1805; m. Maria Susannah Hirsch who was b. June 7, 1760, d. Oct. 17, 1846
2. Elizabeth Hartman, b. Dec. 17, 1795, m. 1819 to John Neal; From DAR #127678 of Angelina Neal Lewis; Jacob Hartman enlisted in Capt. John Douglass' Co, Col. Hampton's Regt, PA Line. In 1838, he applied for pension and received it, died in Berks County, PA. (some genealogists believe this is the wrong Jacob Hartman; there is no definite proof which Jacob Hartman is the right one but our Jacob did die in Berks County. From a Hartman researcher: Elizabeth Hartman was born Dec. 17, 1795 in Montgomery Co., PA; baptized March 27, 1796 in Upper Salford, Montgomery Co. in Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran; dad was Jacob Hartman, b. 1758 in Montgomery Co.; mom was Maria Susannah Hirsch, b. June 7, 1760 in Weisenberg Twp., Northampton Co., PA. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.