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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Minor: Birth: 18 Sep 1756 in Pennsylvania. Death: in Canada

  2. Anna Christina Miner: Birth: Abt 1758 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 1826 in Hamilton Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada

  3. Elizabeth (Betsy) Miner: Birth: Abt 1761 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 31 Jan 1836 in Nelson Twp., Halton Co., Ontario, Canada

  4. Abraham Minor: Birth: 7 Jun 1762 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 7 Dec 1849 in Burnaby, Wainfleet Twp., Welland Co., Ontario, Canada

  5. Isaac Minor: Birth: 1767 in Pennsylvania. Death: 10 Apr 1839 in Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada

  6. Sarah Miner: Birth: 23 Jun 1769 in Monroe Co., PA.

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Note:   (Research):1. JACOB MINOR (also Miner, Mohner) was possibly the one who was born on 8 January 1727/8 in Zschernitzsch, Thornigen, Germany, son of Andreas Mohner and Christina Rauch. He married 17 September 1751 with Katharine KAYSER in Philadelphia, PA. He emigrated to Canada in 1788, and died in 1812. ------------------ ---------------------------- Jacob Minor (also Miner, Mohner), arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1743 from Germany, possibly on the ship Loyal Judith. He emigrated to Canada in 1788. 1743 Loyal Judith Captain: James Cowey From: Rotterdam By Way of: Cowes Arrival: Philadelphia, 2 Sep 1743 (the ship stopped at Coweson its way. Cowes is a port near southern England on the Isle of Wight.} Jacob M�ohner, 18 (munner) --------------------------------------- Recent information found on that Jacob Minor is buried in Morgan's Point Cemetery. ------------------------------------- "On the corner of this alley, on the site where the present Opera House stands, was erected the first pretentious house in the town. It was the residence of Jacob Miner. Jacob, at a very early period, became infatuated with the grandeur of Wyoming Valley disposed of his Easton residence,'and finally it became the home of Louis Gorden* (*Gordonwas the first Attorney in the new county, prior to which, he was employed as a clerk in the office of Rev. Richard Peters. Peters was Secretary of the Govenor's Council in Philadelphia and was instrumental in having William Parsons appointed Prothonotary of the new county in 1752, and then sent Louis Gordon as a check on Parsons. Louis Gordon was an upright, conscientious man and was popular with all his neighbors except Parsons. Considerable friction existed between these two. Gordon, becoming disgusted, moved to Burlington, NewJersey where he opened an office as Attorney-at-law. Here he remained until the death of William Parsons, when he returned to Easton and purchased the residence of Jacob Miner." source:"Historic Easton from the window of a trolly" ------------------------------------- "" First Reformed Church of Easton." And as for the schools-it is recorded that, in order to make effectual Easton's portion of the Schlatter School Fund, on the 31st day of July, 1755, the following "do hereby engage and agree to and with William Parsons, James Martin, Peter Trexler, Esqr., John Lefebre, Lewis Gordon and Peter Kichline, deputy trustees, mentioned and appointed by the trustees general of the said charitable scheme, that each of us will pay the sum of money, and do and perform the work, labor, and service, in building and erecting a school-house, which may occasionally be made use of as a Church for any Protestant Minister, to 'our names hereunto respectively set down and aflixed "- "William Smith, in behalf of the Proprietor and Trustees� 30; William Parsons, �5; Nicolas Scull, �3; Nathaniel Vernon, �3; Peter Kichline, �2; Christian Rinker, �1; Jacob Bachman, �1; Jacob Miner, �1; Adam Yohe, �1; Lewis" source: "The First Settlers of the Forks of the Delaware"; Henry Martyn Kieffer 1902 The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster, PA Chapter The First German Settlers pg. 7 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.