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Marriage: Children:
  1. Celia Wallace: Birth: 1788 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 1862 in Moore Co. NC USA

  2. Nicolas Wallace: Birth: 1790 in -1794 Moore County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 1830 in Henderson County, Tennessee, USA

  3. Joseph Wallace: Birth: 1792 in -1798. Death: 1870

  4. John Wallace: Birth: 1798 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 1878 in Bibb County, Alabama, USA

  5. Nathan C. Wallace: Birth: 1800. Death: 1881

  6. Isham Wallace: Birth: 6 MAR 1801 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 12 JAN 1882 in Moore Co. NC USA

  7. Josiah Wallace: Birth: 1807. Death: 1880

  8. Elizabeth Wallace: Birth: 1808 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 1860 in McNaire County, Tennessee, USA

  9. Enoch Wallace: Birth: 1808 in -1815. Death: 1880

  10. Manda Wallace: Birth: 1810.

  11. Franey Wallace: Birth: 1814 in North Carolina, USA. Death: 1880 in Moore Co. NC USA

  12. Susannah Wallace: Birth: 1815.

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1. Title:   Maxine Williams McNeill The Williams Family Descendants of Noah & Mary "Polly" Williams 1725 - 2000. (Harris Printing Co., Inc. Seven Lakes, North Carolina, USA) First Edition.
Page:   Chapter VI Page 277-287
2. Title:   New Hanover Public Library Wilmington, North Carolina Electronic Resources
Page:   1790 Moore County Fayetteville District

a. Note:   Catherine was born circa 1770.
b. Note:   e book. Catherine can only be found on a Tax Record from 1846 unfortunately no record has been found to suggest what Catherine's maiden Name might have been. There has been much speculation but none that offer any substantive proof.
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