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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Maness: Birth: 1780 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: Deceased

  2. Daniel Maness: Birth: 1784 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 1825

  3. John Wesley Maness: Birth: 1 FEB 1788 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 16 JAN 1862 in Moore Co. NC USA

  4. Sarah Maness: Birth: 1 FEB 1789 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: Deceased

  5. Henry B. Maness: Birth: 1802 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: Deceased

1. Title:   County Heritage, Inc. PO Box 34 Waynesville, NC 28786 Copyright 2005 The Moore County Heritage Book Committee County Heritage, Inc.
Page:   Family of Wiley Reynolds & Hattie Lee Hunsucker Maness
2. Title:   New Hanover Public Library Wilmington, North Carolina Electronic Resources
Page:   1820 Moore County
3. Title:   Researched and Compiled Rev. Don McCaskill PO Box 1486 Biscoe NC 27206 My Personal Family History Library
Page:   Fourth Genetation Page 4

a. Note:   .
Note:   She was born about 1762 in Southwest Pennsylvania-was formerly Virginia
b. Note:   755-1765 in South West Pennsylvania. According to the History of the Williamson Family by Isaac Walter Williamson "John V" lived to be 106 years of age. His will is recorded in the Moore County Register of Deeds Office. He had been totally blind at least three years and had palsy so bad he could not have written his will even if his sight had been good. So he dictated his will to Joseph Care his Great Grandson by his daughter Elizabeth who married a Sheffield. One of her daughter married Briggart Care and their son Joseph wrote the will. Joseph made some errors in spelling and dictation but the dictation for a man nearly 106 years of age was remarkable." The Will of Jonathan "John" Williamson V Father of Nancy was signed 5-5-1789 and probated in 1790. It reads "Bequest Son-William "Jonathan" Williamson All my land property except the tract of land that I give to my Daughter Nancy Manus-Maness. Nancy Manus: Tract of land and tract land she and her Husband Daniel Manus lives on. Daughter Elizabeth: One whole share of 1/3 of all my movable property: Rest of my moveable property-Son: Wm. Williamson-John Williamson-Briggart Care-Sarah Shuffle-Sheffield-Jimmy and Jenny Medlin-Nancy Manus-Maness. Testator: John Williamson Senior V Date Signed: 5-5-1879 Probated: 1790 Executors: Nicholas Nall and Joseph Care Signature of John-his mark Williamson Sen R (Seal) Witnesses: Nicholas Nal and Polley Nall
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