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  1. Henry Maness: Birth: 1737. Death: 1830 in Moore Co. NC USA

  2. William Maness: Birth: 1738 in Bedford County, Virginia. Death: 1832 in Moore Co. NC USA

  3. Isaac Maness: Birth: 1739.

  4. John Smith Maness: Birth: 1739.

  5. Lydia Maness: Birth: 1739.

  6. Ambrose Maness: Birth: 1740.

  7. Arthur Maness: Birth: 1740.

  8. Seth Maness: Birth: 6 FEB 1762 in Bedford County, Virginia. Death: 1852 in Hawkins County, Tennessee

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1. Title:   Researched and Compiled Rev. Don McCaskill PO Box 1486 Biscoe NC 27206 My Personal Family History Library
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a. Note:   igrated to Cumberland County NC-present day Moore County from Pennsylvania about 1765. William I settled between Bear Creek and Deep River.
Note:   William Maness I came to America and settled in Pennsylvania. He then m
b. Note:   William I was born circa 1715 and was a son of John Maness.
c. Note:   ry where William II 'Billy' was later buried.
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