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  4. Blanche Luther: Birth: 1924 in Montgomery County, Eldorado Community, NC, USA. Death: 1968

  5. Wallace McDonald Luther: Birth: 25 JAN 1927 in Montgomery County, Eldorado Community, NC, USA. Death: 6 MAY 2000

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1. Title:   Published by: Montgomery County Historical Society, In Cooperation with Hunter Publishing Company, Winston Salem, North Carolina Second Printing 1993 by Delmar Printing Charlotte, North Carolina All rights reserved ISBN o-89459-153-3
Page:   Dan & Carrie Cranford Luther Page 285
2. Title:   New Hanover Public Library Wilmington, North Carolina Electronic Resources
Page:   1920 Montgomery County Eldorado Township

a. Note:   nity of Eldorado-gold was the promising element and area men were making a living washing out the river banks or creek beds and tunneling under ground in search of glittering nuggets. One such miner was Charlie Cranford who had moved from Randolph County NC in 1910 to farm the fertile Uwharrie fields and later found work in the mine. One of his children Carrie born in 1895 in Randolph County the second of nine children married Dan Edward Luther in 1912 who also toiled underground in the Coggins Mine. The mine had been in operation since 1886 and a central community-with shared well-black smithy-country store and hotel-flourished under the mine's good yield. Mining was a way of life as well as death-in 1914 tragedy struck and three men died-Neal Klass-Charlie Cranford-unrelated to the above Charlie Cranford and Walter Sanders whose relatives still reside in Eldorado. Two years later Griff Parrish was added to the list of mining casualties. Mining remained the livelihood for Dan and Carrie Luther as they raised their family of eight. In a home whose foundation still stands adjacent to Coggins Mine. Later as mining became less profitable the family moved to a home on Highway 109 where Dan traveled to seek work in High Point NC while Mrs. Luther her father Charlie and the children remained. The four-room house remains "home" today. All eight children were educated in Montgomery County attending one of the many county high schools of the time. Robert-Loyce and Wallace served in the Military and saw active duty in WW II and the Korean Conflict where Loyce returned with a Purple Heart Medal of Honor. Jack the youngest served as pastor of the Eldorado Macedonia Methodist Church 1971-1978. Fourteen grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren have come from the marriage of Dan the Eldorado gold seeker and his wife Carrie who lives today in the rich memories of mining yester-years.
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