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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Morgan: Birth: 22 FEB 1783.

  2. George Morgan: Birth: 1804 in North Carolina, USA.

  3. William T. Morgan: Birth: 1806 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 1853 in Wilcox County, Bethel, Alabama, USA

  4. James C. Morgan: Birth: 1825 in Alabama, United States of America.

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  9. Elizabeth Morgan: Death: 1850

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Page:   Descendants 2-22-2006
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Page:   Moore County North Carolina

a. Note:   ng Nathan Morgans line the greatest part of it on the north side of Cabin Creek and the young bay horse that is called his & a sorrel filly with a blaze in her face and one feather bed & furniture that is called his & a saddle & bridle likewise. Joseph settled in the Pine Hill area.
Note:   John Morgan willed his son Joseph Morgan 200 acres of land lying joini
b. Note:   rgan.
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