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  1. James Pleasant Morgan: Birth: 1780 in Moore County, Cabin Creek Area, North Carolina, USA. Death: 26 JUL 1848 in Moore Co. NC USA

  2. Joseph Morgan: Birth: 22 FEB 1783 in Moore Co. NC USA. Death: 25 JAN 1857 in Wilcox County, Bethel, Alabama, USA

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Page:   Moore County North Carolina
3. Title:   Stella Mae Sanders Morgan 11-9-1995 Other sources: Family Tree by Brett Porter Morgan Baltimore Maryland Moore County Vital Statistices Colby S. Morgan Memphis Tennessee Cochran Family History by Ketchel-1990 Doug Kirkpatrick Mississippi-1997
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a. Note:   fter their Father's death in 1800. They settled in Wilcox County Alabama as squatters while waiting for the land to become opened for settlemant by the US Government. Once opened they staked claims in today's Wilcox County.
Note:   John's four sons James-George-William and Joseph started moving west a
b. Note:   nd state of NC being sick and weak in body but of perfect sense and memory do make this my last will & testament, first I recommend my soul to God that gave it and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner and as for my worldly goods to be distributed as follows. I give and bequeath to my wise beloved son Joseph Morgan 200 acres of land lying joining Nathan Morgans line the greatest part of it on the north side of Cabin Creek and the young bay horse that is called his & a sorrel filly with a blaze in her face and one feather bed & furniture that is called his & a saddle & bridle likewise. I give & bequeath unto my beloved daughter Angelina Morgan 50 acres of land lying on each side of Cabin Creek joining Joseph Morgans line and to my beloved daughter Mary Morgan I give & bequeath 50 acres of land lying on each side of Cabin Creek joining Joseph & Angelina's line & a sorrel mare named Blaze and 1 mans saddle & one feather bed & furniture. And to my son James Morgan I give and bequeath 200 acres of land with the Mannes plantation thereon and my riding horse Tim and the sorrel filly that I bought of Angelina & my riding saddle & the feather bed & furniture called his & my rifle gun & shoot pouch & unto my beloved son William Morgan Junior I give & bequeath 10 shillings & unto my daughter Lavina Allin I give & bequeath 10 shillings likewise to my beloved son Nathan Morgan I give & bequeath 10 shillings & to my beloved daughter Elisha Dunn I give & bequeath 10 shillings & to my beloved daughter Libby Smith I give & bequeath 10 shillings and unto my beloved son George Morgen I give & bequeath 10 shillings and 100 acres of land called the Spevay Place and the one gray mare. I desire to be sold & be divided among all my children a now the remainder part of my living not to be sold but to be equally divided between Joseph Morgen, my son and Angelina Morgan my daughter & Mary Morgan my daughter & James Morgan my son which now I will mention all the cattle & hogs belonging to me & my crop of everything mad to support the stock & my working tools & the remaining part of all my household furniture & not I do hereby declare this to be my last will & testament this 15 th day of December one thousand seven hundred & ninety nine. I also choose and appoint my trusty & well beloved sons William Morgan Jun. & Nathan Morgan executors to this my last will & testament. George Morgan and Richard Holland were witnesses.
Note:   In the name of God Amen whereas I John Morgan of the county of Moore a is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.